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Australia’s best teething toys for babies in 2024 are available from Metro Baby. Our collection of teething toys and teething rings features ergonomic designs made from non-toxic silicone and natural rubber, designed to safely soothe a teething baby.

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Help reduce the pain of teething with baby teething toys

Making way for new teeth is an important, exciting but uncomfortable process for all babies. There are a wide variety of teething toys, mitts, bibs, blankets and rattles available to help alleviate the pain, giving you and your baby much needed relief.


Choosing the best baby teethers and teething toys

Choosing the best teethers, soothers and teething toys will help ease your little one’s discomfort as they grow 19 teeth any time from birth to 27 months. When looking for baby teethers, be sure to pick products that are safe, non-toxic, durable and easy to clean.

Benefits of teething toys

When a baby starts to teethe it is not uncommon for them to chew on whatever they can find to help alleviate the pain they feel as new teeth break through their gums. From sucking their own fingers or fists to keys, toys, blankets and corners of books, any item is fair game. In addition to babies putting things in their mouths to ease sore gums, it’s also a healthy sign of early child development. Teether toys are products made specifically to help babies through this time and benefit bub by:
● Providing a helpful distraction.
● Ameliorating some of the pain associated with teething.
● Serving as a safe, hygienic, non-toxic chewing surface.


How teething toys offer relief to your baby or toddler

Teething toys offer relief to your little one in a variety of ways. Teethers with bristles and textured areas are great for providing varying degrees of light pressure to help relieve sore gums, while toys cooled in the fridge or freezer help numb baby’s gums.

Entertaining teething toys

Teething toys that are brightly coloured, have different textures, rattle, make crinkly noises and are squeezable all offer entertainment that can help distract baby by combining pain relief with play.

Silicone and BPA free teethers you can go past

As teethers are placed inside bub’s mouth and sucked and gnawed on for countless hours, you want to ensure you are handing them safe products, like food-grade silicone teethers, and ones that are phthalate, BPA and PVC free.


Teethers which are easy to hold

An essential characteristic of a teether is that it’s easy for little hands that are still developing fine motor skills, to hold. All well designed teethers should be easy for bub to hold, with the below favourites being easy choices:
● Teething blankets with different textured surfaces to massage and stimulate baby’s gums.
● Teething bibs with a teething corner to chew on.
● Teething soft toys made from silicone or cloth, often shaped like animals, with arms, legs and tails for baby to hold.
● Toothbrush teething toys, which are precursors to a baby toothbrush, with nubbins to stimulate gums and easy grip handles.

If a baby is too young to hold a soothing teether, consider a teething mitten which is placed on baby’s hand as a wearable teething toy.

Natural teething toys

Teething toys made from natural materials are an easy and safe choice for parents as they are durable, sustainable, non-toxic and highly effective. Materials like beech wood are naturally antibacterial and natural rubber teething toys like Sophie the Giraffe do double-duty by also being designed to stimulate all five senses.


Teething rings

Teething rings are a classic option for soothing bub’s gums and the ring shape makes it easy for bub’s little hands to grab hold of.

Safety considerations

Keep your little one safe as they navigate teething pain by following these general guidelines:
● Choose teething products that do not contain liquid, batteries or small pieces that can be a choking hazard (i.e. teething necklaces).
● Ensure teething products are made from safe materials like food-grade silicone, are BPA and allergen-free and mould-resistant.
● Always supervise your baby while they are using a teething toy.

Dishwasher safe teething toys

Being able to place a teething toy in the dishwasher for safe, quick and effective deep cleaning and sanitising is hugely helpful to reduce the spread of germs and keep bub healthy while teething.

Brands to look out for

Shop quality brands like Haakaa, B.Box, Mushie, Matchstick Monkey, Comotomo, Sophie La Girafe, Oli and Carol and Hevea for excellent products designed for teething babies.

Buying baby teething toys online with Metro Baby

Metro Baby’s extensive range of baby products, including almost 100 baby teething toys, is perfect for baby gifts or to add to your own wishlist.


Frequently Asked Questions About baby teething toys:


What to look for when buying teething toys?

When buying teething toys, purchase quality and safe products from reputable brands. Remember that teething toys however are not the only product needed for a teething baby. With teething comes a lot of drooling so be sure to stock up on extras bibs to help keep baby dry and happy.

What is the safest teething toy?

The safest teething toys are ones that are non-toxic, easy to clean, have no holes to harbour bacteria and are one piece. As babies tend to put anything in their mouths, especially when teething, it’s important to make sure other items, like wooden toys, are also non-toxic.

What do you look for in a teether?

As the primary purpose of a teether is to offer effective relief to a teething baby, look out for products that entertain and distract bub, can be cooled, have varying textures to massage and soothe gums and are safe and durable. Keeping teethers clean is also incredibly important, so consider purchasing a steriliser with UV LED light technology.

Which type of teether is best for babies?

The best things for your teething baby will likely be a personal preference as not all babies respond the same to teethers. Through a process of trial and error, you’ll likely settle on the best teether for your little one. For any questions on teethers, please contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable customer service team members.