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Mix, match and save with Metro Baby’s stylish collection of baby clothing sets for newborns and babies. Our cosy, unisex sets are essential additions to your baby boy or girl’s wardrobe.

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Cute and Stylish Baby Clothing Sets and Packs

Clothing sets and packs make fantastic gifts for both parents and babies. From a grow suit and hat pack to a newborn hospital pack, to packs of multiples, clothing sets are an easy and cost-effective way to dress your baby, whether you have a singleton, twins or more!



What clothes you need for a newborn

It’s tempting to go overboard when it comes to dressing an adorable newborn, especially if it’s your first-born child, grandchild, niece or nephew. Most newborns spend a lot of time at home or bundled up in their pram or cot, so having multiple outfits isn’t practical or necessary. In general, a selection of basics like bodysuits, onesies, singlets, t-shirts, long-sleeved and short-sleeved tops and leggings, is all newborns need. Add oodles of socks and one or two special outfits and your newborn’s wardrobe is complete.

How many sets of baby clothing do you need?

How many baby clothing sets you need is entirely dependent on how often you (or baby) goes through clothing, as well as how often you do laundry. Roughly 6-8 outfits are a good place to start to cover you for days when your little one is particularly messy or for rainy days when laundry is difficult.



Clothing sizes explained

Generally, baby clothes are sized by age (i.e. 0-3 months) or number (i.e. 0000 for newborns or babies under 4kg), however, it is always a good idea to ensure you are getting the correct size by checking the weight and height corresponding to the specific brand’s size.

Kinds of clothes you need for your child

When buying clothes for your baby girl or baby boy there are a dizzying array of options. Here are just some:
● Bodysuits, rompers, jumpsuits, playsuits and coveralls
● Hoodies and cardigans
● Leggings, track pants and bloomers
● Dresses and pinafores
● Singlets, sleeveless tops, t-shirts and long sleeve tops
● Pyjamas and other sleepwear
● Accessories like beanies and headbands, and even fun items like tutus!

You can go wild buying every article of clothing you know your little one will look cute in, however, once you have the basics covered, try to resist buying too many items at once as babies quickly outgrow clothes.



Benefits of buying clothes in packs

Once you know the best style and fit for your baby, buying baby clothes in packs is a cost-effective, easy way to have multiple versions of the same item. Buying a pack, like a newborn baby hospital pack, can also be a great way to get everything needed for a particular occasion, in just one purchase.

How to make sure your newborn baby is warm

Layers are a good way to make sure your baby is kept warm. Keeping in mind that babies lose heat up to four times faster than adults and often lose the most heat from their extremities, beanies, socks and sometimes mittens are good options.

Clothing checklist for your newborn and toddler (summers vs. winter)

Once you have the essential, foundation pieces of your baby’s wardrobe (like onesies and basic tops and bottoms), it is easy enough to add items for different seasons. In summer, choose lighter fabrics like cotton and linen and dress your baby in short sleeve tops, shorts and dresses. Winter is the time for warmer fabrics like wool and adorable knitwear like cardigans, beanies and booties.



Fabrics to look out for

Natural fabrics like organic cotton are great for softness and breathability, while products containing synthetic fabrics like lycra offer the stretch to help keep babywear in good condition, for longer.

Quality and longevity of quality clothing

It’s important to find the right balance between buying a brand that offers quality while also finding clothing that is sturdy enough to withstand frequent washing, scrubbing and stain remover application.

Washing baby clothes

Due to a baby’s sensitive skin, it’s best to wash baby clothes separately from others and with baby laundry detergent. At the very least, you should use a gentle, non-scented detergent that contains fewer chemicals and dyes.



Brands we recommend

There are a variety of brands to choose from when buying baby clothes. Metro Baby’s collection of brands like Purebaby offer beautiful, high quality and timeless essentials for your little one.

Baby clothing sets – the ideal gift

Clothing sets are the perfect present whether it’s for a baby shower, birthday, welcome home gift or “just because.”

Purchasing baby clothing sets at Metro Baby

Our curated collection of baby clothing sets help makes buying an outfit set easy. Shop Metro Baby today to find new arrivals, best sellers, gift sets and a variety of gifts from $50 to $200 AUD.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Baby Clothing Sets:


What is the best website to buy baby clothing sets?

Metro Baby’s selection of baby clothing sets has been curated to take the guesswork out of finding the best clothing sets for your bub. Shop our extensive range of baby clothes to find the best clothes for your baby girl or boy.

What are good baby clothes brands?

The large array of baby clothes on the market can sometimes make shopping for your baby a bit overwhelming. Depending on what you are looking for, there are many brands that offer good quality clothes. Our collection of brands have been carefully selected to make choosing easier.

How many clothes do babies need?

In general, babies need enough clothes for about a week (6-8 outfits). Add items to your wishlist to help others know what you need to build your baby’s wardrobe.

Why are baby clothes important?

Baby clothes are important to keep your baby warm, protected and happy. As babies grow quickly, a gift card is a thoughtful way to help mums in their never-ending need for more baby clothes!