A baby cot, along with a stroller and car seat, is one of the first and most important purchases for newborn babies. Browse our collection of safe, durable and stylish cots, cradles and bassinets to find some of the best products in Australia.

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Finding the perfect cot for you and your baby is an important decision that takes time and a bit of research. Long gone are the days when there were just a few cots to choose from. Whether you want a sleigh cot or an oval cot, baby cots now come in a plethora of different shapes, sizes, models and materials, giving parents all the choice they need to make the best decision for their precious one.


Tips to finding the right baby cot for you

A baby cot is an essential piece of nursery furniture that helps ensure your little one gets a good and safe night’s sleep. Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your selection to find the right one:
● Consider using a bassinet for the first few months or co-sleeping until you have an idea of yours and bub’s sleeping preferences.
● Ask friends for recommendations and do your own research.
● Most cots are only used for a year or two, so consider convertible cots to extend the life of your cot.
● Mattresses are rarely included with the cot, so factor in the price of one to your purchase.
● Think about what features are important to you: Adjustable mattress height? Wheels to help move the cot? Cots with the option of a teething rail add-on?
● Consider how much space the cot will take up in the nursery as well as what other furniture you need. When possible, find furniture that does double-duty, like a crib with drawers at the bottom.

Types of cots available

Baby cot: A traditional cot, or crib, is a solid cage-like bed suitable for newborns up to small toddlers.
Port-a-cot: A portable version of a cot, suitable for traveling.
Cradle: A baby bed mounted on rockers which creates a rocking motion that can help soothe a baby to sleep.

Things to consider before the big purchase

Ease of use: Make sure the cot is easy to get bub in and out of (dropside bed rails help, as well as being able to adjust the mattress height).
Placement: Position a cot close to the nursery door so you can reach your baby quickly and easily. Make sure to place the cot away from a window, shelving or any electrical cords and do not hang anything above the crib.
Longevity: As cots are expensive purchases, consider how much life you will get out of your cot. A convertible cot is an option that can be used as your child moves from babyhood to toddlerhood and beyond.
Safety: Protect your little one as they sleep by buying a solid, secure cot that conforms to Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

Look for adjustable mattress height

An adjustable mattress height helps you lift bub in and out easily by raising the height of the mattress, while lowering the mattress height when your baby can sit up reduces the chance they will be able to pull themselves up and over the guardrails.

Cots come in all different sizes – make sure you choose the best one to fit in your room

When choosing the size of your cot, you not only need to consider the age of your child, you’ll also need to factor in the size of the nursery to purchase a cot that’s an appropriate size.

Different designs and colours to match your room décor

With the array of styles and designs available, it’s easy to match your cot to your room decor, whether it’s scandi, forest, or animal-themed.

Bassinet or Cot – the decision is yours

Bassinets and cots offer different sleeping arrangements for your child.
● A bassinet, also called a co-sleeper, is ideal for newborns as they are smaller, cocoon-like, lightweight and can be attached to the side of an adult’s bed.
● A cot is an independent baby bed for newborns up to 1.5 to around 3 years old. A longer-term solution than a bassinet, a cot is generally solid and less mobile.

Features to consider

There are many features available when it comes to baby cots, so consider which are most important to you before purchasing.

Ease of use

A sometimes neglected consideration, how easy your cot is to operate, adjust or move is really important to any time-poor, sleep-deprived parent.

Safety is number one priority

● Buy new to ensure your cot adheres to current Australian and New Zealand safety standards.
● Rails, panels or bars are essential for keeping your baby safely inside the cot.
● Check cot is made with sturdy materials and non-toxic paints (teething babies can chew on sides of cots!).
● Get a mattress that firmly supports your baby and reaches all sides of the cot, with no gaps for the baby to get stuck in or fall into.


Cots which convert into an junior bed

A cot bed that can transform into a toddler bed, with a conversion kit, is an economical option for increasing the life of your cot.

A cot mattress is also an important decision

A firm cot mattress is crucial to a baby sleeping well and safely. Buying a mattress protector with your mattress is a smart way to protect and extend its life.

Accessories you may want to also consider

● Change tables and change mats
● Rockers
● Sleeping bags and swaddles
● Sheet sets and blankets
● Playpens

Brands we know and trust

Trusted and well-known brands like Baby Bjorn, Troll, Charlie Crane, Leander, Snuggle Hunny Kids, Cocoon, Boori, Stokke, Bebe Care and Tasman Eco are all readily available in Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Cots:

What age are cots suitable for?

Cots are generally suitable for newborns up to children 2 or 3 years old. As soon as your toddler can sit up, they will soon be able to pull themselves up and risk then being able to get out of the cot. While lowering the mattress height can help keep them safe, they will eventually get to a stage when they are climbing out of the cot and have definitely outgrown it! Shop our range of cot accessories to help get the most out of your cot while you have it.

Do cots come in different sizes?

Cots come in different sizes, as well as shapes, colours and materials, to suit all babies. Cots make perfect presents as well, so add a cot to your gift registry wish list today!

What is the best cot for newborns?

The best cot for a newborn will depend on you and your baby’s sleeping preferences. Visit Metro Baby to shop for cots and other nursery decor from night lights to mobiles to wall stickers.

Where can you buy baby cots online?

There are a plethora of places to buy baby cots online. Metro Baby prides itself on being Australia’s one-stop online baby shop, servicing all your baby product needs.