Best Baby Cots

A cot will be your newborn’s bed for the first couple of years. Metro Baby showcases the best baby cots and cotbeds (junior beds or toddler beds) so you can enjoy life while bonding with your new arrival.

Stylish cots for your little one

Everyone appreciates quality sleep, and your baby is no exception. In fact, getting adequate comfortable sleep is fundamental to the health of newborns and toddlers. The cot (crib) you choose will play a crucial role, but how do you know which one is right for you and your baby?


Baby cot: A traditional cot or crib design with solid cage-like structure, suitable for newborns up to small toddlers


Port-a-cot: Another name for a travel cot used by parents and caretakers on the move.


Cradle: A baby bed mounted on rockers for creating a soothing sleep-inducing motion.

Our Top 5 Picks

Building and creating a nursery can be quite overwhelming for new parents. Even knowing the difference between a cot, crib, bassinet, or toddler bed can be a challenge during this busy and sometimes stressful time. There are lots of baby cot options available, and much to consider, so here are 5 top cot picks for 2024, courtesy of Metro Baby.



This contemporary and stylish cot is classic Scandinavian design with curved edges and made from European birch wood. The Sun Cot has 2 base positions and can be converted into a junior bed.




This cradle is a reassuring cocoon design with minimalist and contemporary lines for a stylish nursery. The Kumi cradle is ideal for use during the first month of your baby’s life until he or she can sit, crawl, or stand up.




The perfect combination of classic and modern style. The Luna is expertly handcrafted from high quality European plantation beech, with two adjustable mattress heights for converting to a toddler bed without the addition of a conversion kit. Meets Australian and New Zealand safety standards AS/NZS 2172.




This bassinet doubles as a co-sleeper that can be placed next to your bed so baby is by your side during the night. The Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet has an open, airy design, and includes castors for manoeuvrability and a drop-down side for easy access during feeding and settling.




The lightweight portable baby bed solution for naps around the house, on the go, or overnight when travelling away from home. This comfy baby sleep option weighs only 2.2kg, includes a mosquito net, and can easily fit in a suitcase or overhead locker on a plane.




The Lua bedside crib offers a safe and convenient solution for keeping your baby close. Its adjustable side and removable bassinet provide easy access for comforting your baby, while mesh panels and a breathable mattress ensure comfort and visibility. Its sleek, minimalist design blends seamlessly into your home, and its safety has been validated by real parents.


Trending cot designs in Australian homes

Cots usually have fixed sides or one drop-side, and are a natural fit for smaller spaces in your bedroom or nursery. It’s important to have options so you can choose a cot that suits your home and lifestyle, so here are some popular cots Australian parents are considering.


Practical Cot

These cradles are popular due to their functionality and versatility. Practical cots are an all-round solution for busy mums and dads, with features that can include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Doubles as a small playpen
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Can be utilised as a changing area
  • Waterproof mattress



Oval Shaped Cot

This shape can be the perfect fit for snug spaces in your home. Oval shaped cots are often smaller than standard cribs.

  • Can be manoeuvred between tight spaces
  • Are suitable for use in smaller rooms
  • Can include wheels or castors
  • A unique and attractive nursery design
  • No sharp corners or edges



Drop Side Cot

This cot style includes an adaptable drop-down rail on one side so you can bond with your baby at nap time.

  • Better access when laying down your baby.
  • Avoid back strain when lifting your little one
  • Situate the cot directly beside your bed
  • Adjustable height to align with your mattress
  • Enjoy bonding and snuggling without disturbing your sleeping baby



Compact Cot

For Australians living in smaller units and town houses, a compact cot is a sensible space-saving purchase.

  • Fit through a standard doorway with ease
  • Small enough to fit in a corner of the parent’s bedroom
  • Castors or wheels for manoeuvrability
  • Suitable for newborns and young babies
  • Some compact cots have adjustable base heights


Classic cot advantages

The classic wooden cradle we are all familiar with has advantages that Australian families appreciate. These cots are safe, comfortable, and sturdily built for a long lifespan – ideal if you plan to have more than one child. Some classic cots also have removable bars for easy conversion into a toddler bed, plus wheels for repositioning the cot without waking baby up.

Co-Sleeping cots for closeness

These cots have fixed handrails at the back, feet, and on one side. The side without a handrail faces your bed. This is an ideal cot for keeping close contact with your baby, without sacrificing your own comfort or rest. The best co-sleeping cots can be securely attached to your own bed, and the height can be adjusted.

Innovative functional cot

This space-saving cot design includes drawers under the cot for storing baby essentials. These are a great idea in smaller homes and apartments. Easily and tidily store clothes, diapers, toys, and change tables without sacrificing valuable bedroom space.


Handy travel cots

These are ideal for busy parents and babies on the move. They can be quickly assembled for use and dismantled for storage. Different styles include bassinet-style cradles that are lightweight and easy to carry, and traditional-style cots designed for fast and convenient assembly in only a few minutes.

Cots which change to a junior bed

Convertible baby cots are a great option for new moms and dads. They can grow with bubs and be converted from a bassinet to a baby cot, and then to a toddler bed, junior bed or even a sofa. Some convertible baby cots are easily reconfigured without the need to purchase additional parts. The perfect convertible baby cot is a sustainable solution that will last for important milestones of your child’s growth during their early years.


Cots for newborns and older babies

Choosing nursery furniture is fun and just a little daunting. You will want to select the right size, style and colour baby furnishings and accessories without breaking the bank, so it’s important to make the right choice first time. As your little one grows, they will soon learn to roll, sit, and stand, so it’s worth investing in a quality cot that adapts to accommodate your child’s milestones so you can all rest easy and sleep well with peace of mind.

Brands to look out for in 2024

Your baby’s health and wellbeing is the top priority during early life. It’s important to purchase baby gear that meets best cot Australian safety standards from a baby product specialist. That’s where Metro Baby comes into the picture. Explore highest quality baby products online from major baby brands such as Snuggle Hunny Kids, Baby Bjorn, Stokke, Cocoon, Babyletto, Charlie Crane, Troll, Incy, Ergopouch and Leander cots.

While here, check out other nursery furniture and baby gear such as high chairs, change tables, prams, mattress bases, toys, and bath time fun for your precious little one.

Features to consider in a modern designed cot

With baby on the way, it’s time to start planning your sweet and playful nursery design, even if it’s just a corner of your own bedroom. Although classic old-school cribs have the charm of yesteryear, they may be missing important features that modern parents are looking for. Your baby cot details and nursery furniture checklist for 2024 should include the following:

  • Cot size
  • Comfort
  • Safety and Security
  • Adaptability to your home environment
  • A cot that can grow with your baby
  • Cot construction and quality
  • Colour and style
  • Price

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