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      A light weight, compact travel pram can be the perfect stroller solution for flying or any other type of travel. Our collection of the best, most trusted brands help minimise stress and make life easier when you're on the go.

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      Make travel as easy as getting from point A to B with a travel pram


      The benefits of travel prams are endless. They are super lightweight, portable, compact, often open and close with one hand and neatly fit into a travel bag. Whether your trip is a weekend or a couple of weeks; domestic or international; by car, plane, train or bus, these prams can be a lifesaver when travelling.


      What to look for in a travel pram

      A travel pram should be lightweight, foldable and accommodate the terrain of the travel destination (i.e. will you be using it on paved sidewalks, cobblestones or perhaps even grass). Considering your needs, lifestyle, destination and budget will help narrow down your choice.

      Something else to consider when traveling is that you'll likely need a car seat as well as a travel pram. A pram travel system allows you the flexibility of using an infant car seat (capsule) to clip straight into your stroller, eliminating the need for a separate stroller and car seat. A stroller like the Baby Jogger City Tour2, is lightweight and compact enough to be used as a travel or everyday stroller and can convert into a pram travel system (using car seat adapters).

      Best compact travel strollers

      Finding the best compact stroller for your needs when travelling is really important. The best options have a compact fold, are extremely lightweight, adhere to carry-on baggage requirements, have a sun shade, recline and of course, pass all safety tests.


      Flying with a travel pram

      Getting through airport security (much less onto a plane), with a baby, baby items AND carry on luggage can be a challenge at the best of times. A lightweight, easy to fold (ideally to lie flat), super compact travel pram helps make the process easier.

      Lightweight travel prams

      In general, a travel pram should weigh less than a normal pram to make moving from place to place easier and not exceed weight limits if you are flying. A lightweight pram can be stored in the overhead compartment of a plane, eliminating the risk of lost checked baggage and, as you can take it from car to gate, helps make travelling through the airport easier too.

      Does size matter

      Size always matters when it comes to travel prams as you want a compact, lightweight model to bring on board a plane, pack into a taxi or easily take on a bus.


      Features to look out for

      Reclinable seat: A multi-position seat enables your little one to sit upright taking in the sights or recline back for a much-needed nap.
      Shoulder strap: A carry strap is useful to transport a folded travel pram.
      Rain cover: An essential item to keep baby dry in wet weather.
      Safety straps: Keep baby safely nestled in its pram with a standard 5-point harness.
      Easy to use brake: Prevent runaway prams with an easy to use brake.
      Accessories to look for
      Cup holder: For baby essentials (a baby bottle) or yours (coffee)!
      Clip hook set: Keep hands free with clip hooks that hold everything from shopping bags to baby change bags.
      Pram organiser: Keep nappies, toys and wipes organised while on the go.
      Leg rest: Adjust to find the most comfortable position for your little one.
      Raincover: A great add-on to help keep rain away. Alternatively, a sun canopy is perfect for sunny days.


      Quality is always key

      Quality travel strollers often have features like a reversible seat, adjustable handlebar, solid rear wheel brakes and the wheel suspension to enable a smooth ride. While it's understood you trade-off some features when you buy a travel pram (rather than an everyday pram), you still want to ensure it is of top quality, safe, easy to maneuver and with enough features to make your life easier.

      Brands leading the market

      Stocked by Metro Baby, leading brands like Babyzen and Uppababy offer a selection of the best travel prams on the market.

      Purchasing online with Metro Baby

      With free shipping on orders over $99 AUD and delivery to most postcodes in Australia, buying online with Metro Baby is super easy and convenient.


      Frequently asked questions (faq) about travel prams:

      What is the best pram for travelling?

      The best travel stroller for you and your family will depend on your needs, budget, how often you plan on using it and the features you require. As travel prams are often "second" prams, and won't be used every day, they don't need to have as many features as your everyday pram. To help make travelling even easier, have a look at our selection of pram accessories.

      What pram can you take on a plane?

      You can take any pram on a plane as long as it adheres to the carry-on weight and size requirements for overhead compartments. If you have any more questions about travel prams please contact us today.

      What pram folds the smallest?

      According to the Guinness World Records in 2014, the GB Pockit is the world's smallest folding stroller. That said, there are many travel prams on the market that are extremely compact. In general, the more compact they are, the less features and functionality they have, so you'll need to find a balance between the features you want and how small you want to go. Metro Baby stocks fantastic baby travel prams, such as the Babyzen YoYo2 Pram, which folds up more compact than an umbrella stroller.

      What is the lightest pram?

      If your baby is 6 months or older, an umbrella stroller is one of the most lightweight strollers on the market and a fantastic back-up pram to take while travelling. While they are not appropriate for a newborn baby and lack some of the amenities found in traditional strollers (like sunshades, a shopping basket or storage baskets, a moveable footrest, have smaller wheels and might not have a fully reclining backrest), they more than make up for it in their lightness. Shop our collection today to find the perfect travel pram to add to your gift registry.