Best Baby Monitors for 2024

With the assistance of a reliable baby monitor, you can hear and see your baby while he or she sleeps. The best baby monitors for 2024 include audio baby monitors and HD video baby monitors that allow you to get on with other activities with peace of mind, knowing that you will hear if your baby calls.

Exploring best baby monitors

Keeping up with little ones is a full time job, so any assistance is welcomed by new moms and dads. Fortunately, baby product technology has moved with the times, such as digital wireless baby video monitors that can include wall-mount touchscreen control, movement monitor, wide-angle lens, Bluetooth and smart Wi-Fi connectivity.

Baby monitors come in handy if you have a large house or your baby’s room is some distance from the kitchen or main living area of the home. From precise tilt camera positioning to audio that can easily detect baby’s breathing, the best baby monitors at Metro Baby are a great way to ensure the health and safety of your little one.

Top picks for baby monitors for 2024

There are a lot of great baby monitor systems available and Metro Baby has the best high-quality remote access baby cameras, nightlights and accessories all in one place. Here are some Metro Baby top picks for baby monitors for 2024.


Kodak C225 Smart Baby Monitor

Stay connected and focused on your little ones with a camera that can tilt, pan and zoom using the Kodak Smart Home App. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you stream high-quality video and crystal clear audio directly to your device. Features include:

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Infrared HD night vision
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Two-way communication



Owlet Smart Sock 3 + Cam Monitor Duo

Along with the ability to see and hear your baby, the Owlet Smart Sock 3 also tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. Innovations include:

  • Pulse oximetry sensor
  • Real time readings and accurate information
  • Wall mounting kit and base station
  • Discreet, attractive modern design



Oricom OBG430 Smart HD Nursery Pal Baby Monitor

You will appreciate the convenience of remote access via smartphone to the direct camera feed of your little one. You can also track room temperature and even soothe your baby to sleep with your own voice or pre-loaded lullabies. Features include:

  • Baby-friendly night vision
  • Split-screen view for multiple cameras
  • Wi-Fi and FHSS digital wireless connectivity
  • Magnetic mount on camera base



Lollipop Smart Camera

Mount the camera on the cot, on the wall, or on any flat surface for an easy monitoring solution. The Lollipop Smart Camera is easy to set up and can be viewed on your phone. Innovations include:

  • App alerts for crying, noise detection and motion detection
  • Advanced night vision
  • 128-degree view for peace of mind
  • Up to 4 Lollipop cameras can be viewed at the same time


High definition monitor audio and video

The Metro Baby monitors collection showcases state of the art technology from progressive manufacturers such as Nanit, VTech, Oricom and other highly regarded baby sleep brands. Baby monitors fall into a few broad categories:


Simple walkie-talkie style communication between you and your baby’s room. Audio monitors have mostly been replaced by video systems.


A system that sends a video feed from a monitor camera to a tablet or smartphone via an app. These systems provide both audio and video monitoring.


Another name for video/audio monitor systems that send secured Wi-Fi connection directly to you phone or tablet so footage can be viewed from anywhere.

If your baby makes a noise or starts crying during restless sleep the microphone will pick up the sound. Some video monitors will alert you if movement is detected.

Baby monitor features to look out for

There are no hard and fast rules as to when you should start using a baby monitor. However, a video/audio monitoring system will come in handy the moment you start leaving your baby alone for any period of time. Some baby monitor systems support remote access outside the home so one parent can receive updates at work or elsewhere. Metro Baby highlights feature-rich baby monitors driven by state of the art technology with innovations that include:


  • Interconnectivity – add additional cameras and connect to Apple or Android phones.
  • Room temperature checker – maintain a safe and comfortable sleep temperature for your baby.
  • Motion and sound sensors – detect breathing changes, movements or crying.
  • Zoom ability – zoom in and out for a better view.
  • Night vision – infrared light that allows you to see your baby without the need to leave a light on.
  • Indicators – ensure Wi-Fi signal and connectivity is functioning optimally.
  • Night light – some baby monitors include an integrated night light.

How to use sleep tracking for best results

By understanding your baby’s sleep cycles, you will be able to organise your own sleep, work and relaxation routines. This is where baby monitors come into the picture, literally. With optimum monitor setup and regular monitoring you will soon be in sync with your little one. Here are a few sleep tracking tips.

  • Set the monitor up at a place and distance your little one can’t reach.
  • Make sure any cables are out of reach.
  • Avoid unnecessary objects on the bed, such as stuffed toys, blankets and pillows.
  • Avoid bright lights and reflections in the camera tracking area.
  • Place the crib away from areas that receive direct sunlight exposure.
  •  Avoid shadows on the crib caused by sunlight, curtains, etc.

Temperature and humidity sensors

We all know how sensitive little ones are to colds and sniffles. At such a young age, babies aren’t able to regulate their temperature the way an adult can, so it’s worth understanding how climate can affect your baby’s health and the ways a baby monitor can help.

Babies are very sensitive to room temperature and humidity. If humidity is too low, for example, your baby’s eyes and nose can dry out and start feeling uncomfortable or itchy. Although individual comfort levels vary, a healthy temperature range for little ones in a crib is around 16-20C, with humidity levels around 40-60%.

A smart baby monitor tracks temperature and humidity in your baby’s room with an inbuilt thermometer while you get on with other things. If climate readings exceed your set thresholds you will be notified on your smart device. Here are some simple and practical tips for tweaking temperature and humidity.

  •  Open a window to let fresh air in if humidity levels are too high.
  • Make sure your little one isn’t overdressed or underdressed.
  • Consider using an air conditioner to create consistent temperature and humidity.

By tracking your baby’s progress you will be able to determine what room temperature works best. With newfound peace of mind and the occasional sneak peak on your little one, you can rest easy in harmony with your baby both day and night.

Photo/video saving and sharing

The uses and functions of baby monitors have expanded dramatically from early audio-only models. Today’s progressive baby monitors available at Metro Baby include the ability to create, save and share videos of your little one. If a baby monitor system is on your wishlist, here are a few more features to look for.

Using as a video monitor: View in real time and check all previous activities such as last noise registered and time asleep. Your monitor can capture a photo or short video when motions or sounds are detected. Videos can be saved to a device and shared with family and friends.

Soothe with night light and lullabies: Some babies fall asleep better with white noise, soft music or a lullaby playing. The best baby monitors include features that soothe and comfort your baby for a more relaxed sleep and everything can be controlled from the parent unit wherever you are.

Comfort your little one remotely: You can’t be by bubs side 24/7, but you can use the baby camera monitor system to comfort your baby from a distance. Some baby’s respond positively and fall back asleep after being reassured via baby monitor camera and audio.


Your baby is only little once, so make sure to catch all the best moments in LCD full colour on a high quality baby monitor video camera courtesy of Metro Baby. Features definitely worth considering include:

  •  Two-way audio
  • Remote pan and tilt
  • Zoom function
  • Clear night vision
  •  Safe power connections and adapter
  •  Contact sensors, heartbeat monitoring, movement monitoring, ability to detect slight sounds.

Potential drawbacks when using Wi-Fi smart systems

Although the latest hi-tech monitor might seem a tempting and practical addition to your parenting arsenal, there may be some drawbacks in using a power-hungry monitor system. Here are some challenges that can be encountered.

  • If your internet speed is too slow the video stream will be choppy, laggy or unreliable. Consider lowering the definition on your camera or device to lower the data usage.
  •  Use of a baby monitor can dramatically increase data usage and Wi-Fi streaming. Consider an unlimited data usage program for your home internet service connections.
  • If you lose your internet connection you may also loose connectivity to your baby monitoring system. Explore baby monitoring systems that avoid this issue and help you stay connected.
  •  If yours is an old phone, consider purchasing a new one with better battery life. Streaming a live video and audio feed takes a lot of battery power.

The choices are all yours at Metro Baby for a traditional baby camera with parent unit or a Wi-Fi only option. For best all-round practical use, look for a baby monitor with far range and long battery life, or wireless smartphone monitors that will deliver a high definition colour video stream wherever you are.

Additional considerations

It’s important to choose a baby monitor that suits your household and lifestyle. Choose a monitor that delivers suitable:

  •  Battery life (if battery operated)
  •  Camera quality with high resolution pictures or video image
  • Range the monitor can be situated from the parent unit for optimum performance
  • Portability for moving the monitor to a different room if needed

Brands we know and trust

Metro Baby is the favourite baby product retailer Australia-wide for all the right reasons. We partner with popular and trusted baby brands that customers love, and we pass the savings on to you. Our purchasing power means we can stock highest quality products from well-known manufacturers for the best available price.

Our popular baby monitor brands include Lollipop, Kodak, Owlet, Oricom, VTech, Beaba and Nanit, so you can shop with confidence for great products such as the RM7754HD Baby Monitor by VTech.

What other baby products will I need?

Although not an essential item, many Australian families rely on the assurance and assistance a baby monitor can provide. At Metro Baby, we hand select every product for quality, materials, durability, safety, battery life, etc. to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

While here, explore the extensive range of Metro Baby products such as nursery gearpramscar safetyplaytime equipmentbath fun and clothing. From nappy bags and swaddles to high-tech strollers and baby monitoring products, we have it all available online for delivery anywhere in Australia. For a special treat, baby shower or birthday, give the gift of a Metro Baby gift card.

At Metro Baby, we’re proud of our best baby monitors for 2024. Explore best quality baby monitors along with everything else your baby needs for a loving and nurturing environment.


How do night vision cameras work on baby monitors

Night vision cameras work by using infrared light. You will be able to see what‘s going on but infrared light won’t brighten the room or disrupt your baby’s sleep.

How do you know which type of monitor you should get for your baby

Make a list of features that you’re looking for in a baby monitor. Then explore Metro Baby options to find a product that suits your needs for the right price. With so many great baby products to choose from, you’re bound to find what you are looking for at Metro Baby.

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