Best Baby High Chairs for 2024

If your baby is ready for solid foods and can sit up confidently on their own, a highchair can be used at meal times. The highchair you choose for your little one should be sturdy and safe and include features to make meal times easier, so choose from the best baby high chairs for 2024 at Metro Baby, and rest easy knowing your highchair is robust enough to handle at least two years of toddler treatment.

Top baby high chairs for 2024

The top baby high chairs for 2024 aim to please parents, caregivers and babies by providing plenty of feeding time options. The simplest additions such as seat cover, removable tray, cup holder or footrest will help you and your little one feel relaxed and comfortable at meal times.

Who needs a new highchair?

At Metro Baby, we understand that every family is different. The best way to find the perfect high chair for your baby is by exploring a complete range, online or in person, and here are four good reasons to choose a high-quality high chair for your young one.



There’s lots to consider and safety should always be the most important feature to look for when buying a child product. Features include:

  • safety harness
  • locking wheels
  • adjustable height
  • solid, stable construction and design




The high chair isn’t needed forever, but it should be a faithful assistant during infancy. Check out highchairs with features such as:

  • easy to get bub in and out of the chair
  • washable seat cushions and dishwasher safe dining tray
  • foldable for convenient storage or travel
  • rounded corners and ergonomic design




Quality matters when it comes to baby furniture. The choices are all yours for classic wooden highchair or modern high chair style with 5-point safety harness. Options include:

  • solid Beech wood high chair that will last for generations
  • ergonomic adaptable design with wide footprint for optimum stability
  • high chairs with better side and back support for your little one
  • Minimalist Scandinavian design with maximum functionality




Consider a quality brand that will last because high chairs, feeding chairs and boosters will be used for many months and possibly years of mealtimes, especially for parents of more than one child. Here are some great Metro Baby product options worth considering.

  • Stokke Tripp Trapp that will adapt with your child from infancy to toddlerhood.
  • Bumbo Multi Seat for babies who can sit up unaided; easily stowed away.
  • Evolu 2 New Born Seat Attachment + Cushion for the perfect introductory newborn set.
  • Infasecure childcare products and accessories for your little one.


Hook-on Highchairs – These highchairs are lightweight and small enough to attach to a chair or table, depending on the style. Hook-on high chairs can be stowed and transported with ease, making them the mothers choice for people on the go.

Favourite Metro Baby High Chairs for 2024

Customers have spoken, and here are some of the most popular baby high chairs for 2024 that you and your baby will love.


Intelligent design that grows with your child. This chair can fit close to the dining table so your little one can join the family at meal times.


Adjustable to two heights, with 5-point harness, safety bar and foot rest. At the kids table or dining table, the Evolu will ensure your child is the star of the show.


Ergonomic design at its best, the Leander High Chair is beautiful as well as practical. Use with or without safety bar as your child grows.


Toddlers know that high chairs are where meals are enjoyed, and the Stokke Steppe is where little ones head to climb onboard the gravy train. Solid dining at its best.


The patented Up & Down technology means a Beaba high chair can help your child participate in family action from 6 month up to 36 months.

There’s loads more high chair options at Metro Baby. Your baby will thank you for choosing a product purpose-designed to improve feeding times. While here, take some time to explore other toddler essentials for your home, such as bouncers, cradles, and booster seats by Charlie Crane.

Make feeding time easy

Feeding your little one can be a hectic time, but it should also be enjoyable. Make feeding time hassle-free with a trusty high chair that will keep your baby or toddler safe. Look for high chairs that offer adjustable heights and have machine-washable seat inserts. There are lots of options at baby product specialists such as Metro Baby, so you can choose a high chair that looks great as a furnishing that you and your baby will love.


Choosing the best high chairs for a special little one

A trusted high chair will keep your little one secure and comfortable while feeding. In fact, your young one will enjoy mastering their high chair for feeding time enjoyment. Toddlers get accustomed to familiar surroundings and comfortable baby products such as bassinets, cots, car seats, prams, baby carriers and toddler chairs. Set up the nursery area and dining chairs your way for best toddler training results.


Which brand to pick?

There are lots of companies making baby products. However, only the best manufacturers meet strict safety and quality guidelines in Australia. Of the best manufacturers, Metro Baby partners with well-known companies with a history of quality baby gear at the right price. By choosing a high chair from Metro Baby, you can pair your product with the same brand, or choose other well known Australian or international brands.

Your baby deserves quality, versatility, and style, so browse online for an extensive range of high quality baby gear from leading manufacturers.

Highchair with removeable seat

Many parents look for a high chair with a removable seat. It can help keep things hygienic and storage is easy. Removable padded seats that are machine washable are in demand with busy parents. choose a favourite colour or cool grey or slate style to match your other baby gear. Great options include the Evolu 2 High Chair Neoprene Cushion and the Tripp Trapp Baby Cushion in Nordic grey.


Portable baby high chairs

Portable high chairs are an important feature in many homes with babies and toddlers. The best highchairs are lightweight but sturdy, and designed to handle tough love. Explore the Metro Baby high chair range online and you are bound to get inspired. Highchair and booster cushions worth considering include the classic Leander High Chair with organic cotton cushion, the Evolu 2 New Born Seat and Seat Cushion, and the Tibu High Chair Cushion Kit by Charlie Crane, available in various colours.

High Chair extras

Metro Baby brands are baby product specialists. Many products are multifunctional and compatible with other gear. For example, a car seat capsule can attach to a pram or be placed safely on the ground while baby sleeps. High chair extras include dishwasher-safe removable trays, machine washable cushions, seat attachments, extra long legs, harness, safety bar and more to keep your baby occupied and satisfied while enjoying meal times.


Other accessories

It’s worth thinking of baby gear as a complete baby set. Every parenting style is different, but you will need trusty baby products on your side. If you’re a new mum or dad, your head might be spinning with ideas about baby priorities and essentials. Fortunately, Metro Baby is right here with everything you need to take care of your baby. If you want a cocoon mattress, nappy bags, a breast pump, bibs, rockers, strollers or anything else for your baby, simply make a wishlist and head to checkout for convenient payment and speedy delivery to your postcode anywhere in Australia.

Difference between high chairs and booster seats

At Metro Baby, we’re here to help choose the right product for you. We can show you the top brands of 2024 to look out for and all the features worth considering. Whether you want a high chair, a booster seat, or a comfy seat pad for your little one, we have exactly what you are looking for. Here are some differences between high chairs and booster seats.

High Chairs

  • Are stand-alone items of furniture used when feeding your little one.
  • Used for younger babies who are eating solids and need support to sit securely and upright.
  • Quality high chairs have multi-point harnesses and buckles to safely strap your child in.
  • Many high chairs have a front tray, often removable, sometimes with a drink holder.
  • Many high chairs are height-adjustable for use next to the dining table or kitchen counter.


  • A booster seat for feeding is different to a car booster seat and different to a high chair.
  • A feeding booster seat is designed to be strapped to a sturdy, hardbacked chair.
  • Boosters are used by toddlers who are able to sit independently with some support.
  • Can include a strap and belt, although not as secure as a high chair multi-point harness system.
  • Boosters are portable so can be taken with you when visiting friends or dining out.
  • Booster seats shouldn’t be confused with a floor seat which is actually a low chair.

Explore the Metro Baby range of high chairs, booster seats and more. Consider a gift card for a new Aussie baby gift and shop with confidence. Our purchasing power allows us to partner with major brands and pass the savings on to you, so lets go shopping!

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