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IVI children's play rugs are loved by kids all over Australia! Mini City, Farm and Traffic designs feature in textured 3D polypropylene playmats providing interactive play, learning opportunities and hours of technology-free fun!

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Children love to use their imagination and the fun scenes on colourful IVI 3D play rugs offer endless hours of stimulating, interactive play for kids!

How do IVI rugs assist child development?

IVI interactive play rugs are cleverly designed to provide hands-on 3D play for young toddlers and children. Beautifully tactile and bursting with colour, IVI rugs' detailed designs create a platform for kids to use their wildest imagination - with no technology or video games in sight!

IVI rugs create opportunities for child development in the following ways:

  1. Unique 3D textured surfaces provide the tactile experience IVI interactive play rugs are famous for, while the farm, city and traffic scenes require hand/eye co-ordination using fine and gross motor skills to navigate through during active play.
  2. With potential games limited only by their imagination, children engage the creative side of their brain as they play alone or with others within imaginary worlds facilitated by their exciting IVI play rugs.
  3. Children develop decision-making and problem-solving skills as they navigate their way through a range of real life settings where anything can happen!
  4. IVI textured play rugs teach young children about colours, animals, city buildings, vehicles and nature, amongst other things.



Interactive learning with IVI 3D play carpets

Studies have shown that young children learn best through active play in safe environments providing sensory stimulation. The brightly coloured IVI play rugs depict a range of pictorials young children are excited to explore such as cityscapes, scenic farm settings and busy roadways.

By deploying toys of their choice the kids can have immense fun traversing the cityscapes, following roadways and exploring farmlands with many learning opportunities along the way.

What materials are IVI play rugs made of?

Available in a range of medium to extra large sizes, high quality IVI rugs are created using non-toxic inks and dyes on anti-static, 100% polypropylene rug fibres. In Australia polypropylene is a commonly used carpet fibre known for its resilience and durability having easy-to-clean, non-shedding fibres which offer excellent stain, soil and fade resistance.


Hypoallergenic, non toxic, anti-static and stain resistant

Let's face it, when the kids are playing quietly we don't want any interruptions! IVI rug creators specially chose polypropylene carpet fibres for their interactive floor rugs because polypropylene is hypoallergenic and won't irritate the airways of children with allergies or asthma.

Being highly stain resistant means the kids can play freely and parents don't need to worry about spills and stains! But when accidents do inevitably happen you can simply hose down your polypropylene IVI rug and leave it to dry in the sun.

How much does an IVI rug cost in Australia?

Durable, resilient and easy-care IVI rugs start from as little as $179.95 for medium rugs measuring 1.00m x 1.50m. Offering countless hours of fun, active play and built with the durability to pass from child to child as your family grows, an IVI rug is an excellent investment in your children's education and development.


Mini City Rugs

Available in medium, large and extra-large sizes, the 3D Mini City Rug features a vibrant cityscape bustling with colourful activity!

Sparking their imagination is a textured rug replicating an authentic city scene with diverse environments. The Mini City Rug invites children to explore a busy airport, local parks, city streets and buildings, a marina and more with all the planes, cars, buses, boats and people in their toy box!

Traffic Rugs

Kids love to mimic what adults do, and driving is no exception. Grab that overflowing box of toy cars and watch the kids zoom them around the 3D textured IVI Traffic Rug for hours! Complete with two-way roads, roundabouts, parking lots and pedestrian crossings, The IVI Traffic Rugs in medium and large sizes provide endless hours of zooming fun that kids never get tired of!



Farm Rugs

Set amongst rolling green farmlands peppered with lakes, trees, barns, farmhouses and lots of animals, the tactile IVI Farm Rug introduces little ones to fun on the farm! Let them pop piglets in a muddy pigsty, sheep into the grassy fields, horses into paddocks and bring the cows into the barn for milking... there is no end to the fun to be had on a 3D textured farm!

Inspire your child with opportunities for creative play

IVI rugs are perfect playmats for inspiring the naturally inquisitive minds of toddlers and young children as they explore the endless realms of imaginary worlds through the visual stimulation before them.

Three dimensional play rugs provide sensory stimulation to spark young ones' imagination using bold, bright colours, textured designs, tactile experiences and bustling pictorial scenes.


IVI rugs and playmats look good anywhere!

Practical and versatile IVI rugs are made from super easy to clean polypropylene carpet fibres. They make excellent floor rugs in your children's bedrooms, playrooms or nurseries and in predominantly green, blue and light grey tones they blend well into a family room environment.

If long term storage is needed, IVI rugs can be stored flat such as beneath a bed or rolled up and placed in a cupboard.