Best Baby Baths for 2024

If you are a new parent or caregiver, you will quickly find out that giving your baby a bath can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. You’ll surely worry about water temperature and the possibility of your precious newborn slipping under the water, but the solution is a simple one – a safe and helpful baby bath tub. So let’s get on with exploring toddler bath solutions and the best baby baths for 2024.

Great options for bathing your baby

Bath time is healthy, safe and fun time with the right baby essentials on your side, but knowing the difference between essentials and fad gimmicks can be confusing for new mums and dads. Metro Baby is here to help you choose the right products for you and your little ones.

Bath time is bonding time, where closeness is welcomed and rewarded with baby tub fun. Good hygiene and healthy habits are developed during formative years, so it’s worth establishing the best baby bath time routine for your newborn.

Our top baby baths

Our baby baths have been given the thumbs up from parents and their kids. Here are some of the best baby baths for 2024, courtesy of Metro Baby.


Bath With Plug

Stress-free bath time fun for parents and babies. Suitable for newborns and little ones up to 12 months. This Shnuggle bath includes a clever bum bump for safe and secure bathing. Features include:

  • Foam back rest
  • Rubber feet for stabilit
  • Uses only 2 litres of water
  • Fits inside most kitchen sinks
  • Plug for easy emptying



Moby Recline & Rinse Bather

An all-round winner for convenient bathing. This bather has a contoured shape that cradles baby in a comforting position and can be used in various places around your home. Innovative features include:

  • Three ways to use: tub, sink or countertop
  • Two different comfort recline positions
  • Water control plug for filling and releasing
  • Non-slip treads
  • Folds flat for storage



Moby Soft Spot Sink Bather

This is the ideal supportive sink bather for newborns and infants enjoying their first baths. Made with soft and inviting terry material and cushioned design to protect baby from head to toe, this is the most fun you can ever have in a kitchen sink. Features include:

  • Plush whale shape that supports baby from head to toe
  • Quick-drying material
  • Fast draining action
  • Machine washable
  • Velcro loop to hang dry



Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby Tub

This tub grows with your baby through three stages of growth, making it the only baby bath you will need. Includes ergonomic positions for full-body or seated support. Securely cradle your baby for a healthy, happy bath time. Special features include:

  • Suitable for newborns, infants and sitting toddlers
  • Mesh Smart Sling with Comfort-Edge support
  • Non-slip texture
  • Swivel hook for hanging when not in use
  • Convenient drain plug


No bathtub or no desire to bend awkwardly while bathing bub? No problem. Consider a baby shower bath chair or folding bath stand. If you are relaxed and comfortable, it's more likely your baby will be too.

Baby baths that prevent slipping and sliding

It can be too much of a challenge to wash your little one in a full size bathtub. Soapy babies are slippery, and you only have your two hands to work with while bending over the tub, squirting shampoo, handling the washcloth, and keeping balance of you and baby. A much safer alternative is a portable baby tub, but which type to choose? Here are five types of newborn baby tubs and some features to look out for.


The no frills and minimal spills option. Tubs for newborns are small enough to be placed in the sink, and many are contoured to ensure your baby is bathed while in a comfortable, slightly upright position.


This style will grow with your baby. Convertible baby tubs are adjustable for newborns, infants and toddlers, making this a great one-size-fits-all toddler bath option.


Collapse the tub for convenient storage when not in use. This is a great option for parents and caregivers in smaller apartments and units where space is limited and innovations are welcome.


Another space-saving idea for storage and travel. If occasional baby bath time tub inflating/deflating isn’t a problem for you, it won’t be for baby either.


If your sink isn’t a practical baby bath tub location, consider a sturdy bath stand that eliminates the need for bending or stooping. Your back will thank you.

Brands we know and trust

Your newborn is the most precious little person in the world, and Metro Baby agrees. That’s why we support baby product brands we know and trust. If you are on the lookout for baby bath time equipment and accessories, take the time to browse specially designed baby gear made by dedicated professionals with a commitment to safety. Our specialist baby brands include ShnuggleSkip HopNobodinozHaakaa and Beaba, to name just a few.


Bath seats vs bath tubs

A baby bath seat is a type of chair for your little one, so he or she can sit safely while partially submerged in the bathtub water. A bath seat supports bub’s head and back in a comfortable position, leaving you hands-free for undertaking a thorough soaping and cleaning.

Baby bath tubs are complete all-in-one bather products for baby bath support. There are several popular varieties available for use in your bath tub, shower, sink, or special bath stand. Trusted brands include Skip Hop and Shnuggle Baby Bath products, and the choices are all yours at Metro Baby.


Baby baths with anti slip tubs available

Every day is sure to present new baby achievements and challenges. That’s where anti-slip tubs such as the Skip Hop Moby Bathtub come into the picture. Your little wriggling bundle of joy can be a handful, but this style of baby bath tub will grow with your baby. The handy sling locks into two safe ergonomic positions: higher for full-body support and lower for seated support.

The slings also adjust as a cushioned seat that supports babies as they learn to sit. Once your talented little one has mastered sitting the sling can be removed for convenient bathing in a spacious tub with no uncomfortable surfaces.


Baby baths which have collapsible bathtub

If you are into space-saving by design or necessity, a collapsible flexi bath folding bathtub might be the style for you. This type of tub can be stored almost anywhere and is always ready for bath time action. Here are a few advantages.

Easily transported

If your family travels often, a folding bathtub can travel with you to guarantee you always have the appropriate baby bather solution on hand.

Your home doesn’t have a bathtub

A folding bathtub can be placed in the shower for comfortable cleaning and splash-friendly bathing.

Store it for next time

Your toddler will eventually outgrow their baby bath. You can store the baby bath in your home without taking up space, just in case you plan to have more children.

Baby baths with an upright position

By sitting in an upright position, your baby can submerge in water up to their shoulders. These baby baths use very little bath water and the smaller surface area keeps water warmer for longer for a more comforting bonding experience.

The Shnuggle Baby Bath is a very popular style, available at Metro Baby. This innovative bather won the Mother & Baby Gold and Junior Design Gold awards, and is suitable for tiny newborns and babies up to 12 months. Don’t get uptight, try upright!


Reclining position bathtubs available

There’s lots to consider when bathing your newborn for the first time. Should you choose a sink or tub, washcloth or sponge, warm or cool water, etc? There’s no harm in trying out different bathing styles; after all, your newborn will let you know one way or another what he or she prefers.

Newborns are used to laying down, so a comfy reclining position bathtub could be the right option for you and your little one. The reclining position is stress-free for bubs who are yet to develop the ability to lift their head and move around freely. Why fight gravity when you can achieve best possible results with a baby bath that is perfect for bathing a newborn, such as a recline & rinse bather by Skip Hop.


Baby baths and seats for older babies

At around four to six months, your little cutie will be growing fast and may be ready to transition to a bath seat. These are designed for babies who have mastered the ability to sit unassisted. Simply place your baby in the tub and remain on hand to supervise and support your little one as they develop bath time motor skills.

Baby baths perfect for space saving options

If you require innovative baby bath space saving options for your home, look no further than Metro Baby. Along with foldable bath solutions, many of our products include handy hanging innovations for storage and drying. If you prefer being upright at your height while bathing bubs, consider a foldable bath stand and tub that can be conveniently stowed when not in use.


Baby baths that are PVC free and mould and mildew resistant

The health of your newborn is the number one priority. That’s why it’s important to purchase baby products from specialist manufacturers and retailers. Make sure to use a baby bath that is PVC-free and mould/mildew resistant. Check out our best seller baby bathtubs and shop with confidence at Metro Baby.

Tubs designed to fit your baby

Whether you are on the lookout for a budget-friendly newborn to toddler tub or a comfort deluxe tub, the tub should be designed to fit your baby. Water, soap, and a newborn can be a slippery and slightly scary combination for new parents and caregivers, but once you get the hang of it, sudsing up will be an enjoyable bonding experience.

During the first year, you can use a sink, bathtub insert, or specially designed baby bathtub as safer alternatives to placing your little one in the family bath tub. Take the size and age of your baby into consideration when choosing the right tub and bath accessories for your baby. Ultimately, the choices will be determined by your needs, preferences, and budget. You will be rewarded with special bonding time that will continue for years to come.

It’s also worth investing in bath time and baby products that make the entire experience even more enjoyable and satisfying. Ideas include:

  • Light up nappy caddy organisers and nappy bins
  • Skin care and lotion
  • Bath toys
  • Rinser
  • Bath mat
  • Washers
  • Change table and baby bathrobe
  • Bath thermometer

It’s worth checking back often for new arrivals and special deals as your baby grows. You will soon be needing a reliable potty, cot, pram or stroller, car seat and more, and getting maximum value for your spending dollar can be achieved with convenient online shopping and delivery to your door Australia-wide. Happy bathing!

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