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      Travel safely, comfortably and easily with a pram to suit your lifestyle


      Deciding on and buying a pram is one of many big decisions you will need to make before the arrival of your little one. Take the stress out of finding the pram that best suits your lifestyle, budget and needs, with the below guide.


      Types of prams and strollers available

      Here are some of the most common types of prams and strollers available:
      Prams: With a flat bottom that allows a newborn to sleep safely, prams are suitable for younger babies.
      Four wheeler: The traditional four wheeler stroller is popular for its stability, lightweight construction and range of choice.
      Travel system: Allows you, with the right adaptors, to use a baby capsule as both a car seat and a carry cot that can be easily moved from car to stroller.
      Three wheeler: For more active parents who want to cross different terrains with their stroller, a three-wheeler allows for more flexibility and range of motion.
      Travel or umbrella: Lighter, more portable and compact, but with less features, a travel stroller is best for travel or as an additional stroller.
      Double: For parents with more than one child (of either the same or different ages), a double pram is the perfect solution when on-the-go.

      Brands to look out for that we trust

      Well-known brands like Babyzen, Uppababy, Joolz, Mima, Cybex and Baby Jogger all manufacture trusted, safe and leading edge baby prams and strollers.


      Benefits of four wheeler prams

      A four wheel pram, compared to one with three wheels, is an affordable, lightweight, easy to fold and compact option that offers unmatched stability.

      Adding a capsule to your pram

      Extend your pram’s life by using it as part of a travel system by purchasing one that is compatible with a car capsule.

      Safety needs to be number one

      As with all things relating to your little one, safety is of primary importance. Make sure whatever pram you choose adheres to Australian safety standards and has features that maximises your baby's safety while keeping them comfortable and snug.


      Pram safety checklist

      Here is a checklist of some of the most important safety measures to follow:
      ● Only buy products that adhere to Australian safety standards.
      ● Ensure your stroller has a five-point harness that secures your baby.
      ● Purchase a pram that is suitable for your child’s age and weight.
      ● Buy a pram that easily folds and unfolds properly and has a strong parking brake that you use whenever you stop.
      ● Make sure no straps, blankets, toys or bags are dangling out of the pram or close to the wheels.
      ● Don’t hang bags on the handles of the pram, as this may cause the pram to tip over.
      ● For additional safety, use a tether strap around your wrist.


      Practical features to look out for when buying a pram

      The below features are good to consider when purchasing a pram:
      Folds easily: Allows quick and easy (and even one-handed) folding and unfolding.
      Forward or rearward facing: Ability to transform from rearward facing for a newborn or forward facing for an older infant or toddler.
      Fits a capsule, bassinet attachment: If you want to use a capsule and/or bassinet attachment, ensure your pram is travel system compatible.
      Size matters – fits in your car boot: A sometimes overlooked consideration, check your pram will easily fit into the boot of your car(s).
      Easy to steer: Test out steering and turning radius for ease of use.
      Has storage for those extra items: Items like cup holders, underneath storage for nappy bags and a phone holder attachment are very useful.
      Weather protection: Rain covers, sun shades and footmuffs offer a variety of protection for different weather conditions.
      Has an attachment for a toddler skateboard: If you have more than one child to consider, a toddler board can be a lifesaver.
      Adjustable handle: Allows for taller or shorter mums and dads to adjust the handlebar to a height that’s comfortable for them.
      Wheel size for uneven terrains: If you’re planning on taking your stroller when you go on hikes or runs, a wheel size that allows for all-terrain movement is essential.


      Portable prams to take when going on a holiday

      A travel pram is a compact stroller that is portable, easy to open and close (often with just one hand), lightweight enough to bring as carry-on luggage and neatly fits into a travel bag.

      Exercising with your pram

      Three wheel strollers are especially useful when exercising as they have wheels that offer a smoother ride over different terrains, are easy to push one-handed and offer better maneuverability.

      Prams easy for your baby to sleep in

      Depending on the age of your child, you will either need a pram a newborn can lie flat in or, if you have an older infant or toddler, you’ll want to buy a stroller that reclines to allow bub to sleep (like the Uppababy Cruz V2).

      Prams suitable for a newborn baby

      Prams that allow a newborn to lie flat safely, like the Uppababy Vista V2 or the Babyzen Yoyo2 stroller, are both suitable from birth to toddler with the right inserts.


      Making sure your pram fits your lifestyle

      Your lifestyle will play a big role in the type of pram you choose. Whether you want a stroller that allows you to take baby on your morning run, want a stroller with room for a luxe organiser, or need to attach a second seat to your pram to make room for your toddler, there are so many options available.

      Different prams for different kids

      Each family’s pram needs will be different based on how many children they have and their ages. While a newborn needs a pram that lies flat, a toddler needs a stroller in which it can sit upright. Growing families might need a twin pram for a newborn and a toddler or a stroller that can accommodate a toddler board or seat.

      Buying online with Metro Baby

      Metro Baby’s large selection of rockers and bouncers, prams and strollers, change mats, high chairs and everything in between, makes it an ideal one-stop shop for stylish, safe and modern baby products.


      Frequently Asked Questions (faqs) About Single Prams:


      What is a pram vs stroller?

      While the terms are often used interchangeably, a pram’s body lies flat, which makes it suitable for newborns, while a stroller allows for an older baby to sit upright or recline. If you have any further questions about prams or strollers, please contact us to speak with one of our helpful and knowledgeable customer service team members.

      What do you need to know before buying a pram?

      Before buying a pram, you need to consider how you will use it (i.e your lifestyle), your budget, what bells and whistles are most important to you, its ease of use and how long it will last through the stages of your baby’s life. Once you have decided on the best pram for you and your soon-to-arrive baby, add one to your baby shower gift registry.

      What features to look for in a good pram?

      When choosing a pram, make sure you buy one that’s designed specifically for the age and developmental stage of your baby or toddler (and consider if you want one that will grow with your baby); is easy to unfold, fold and lift into your car; adheres to Australian safety standards (and includes a five point adjustable harness and tether strap); has enough storage space to keep your handbag, nappy bag and any other essentials and is easy to maneuver. Once you know the pram you’re buying, browse our selection of pram accessories for cup holders, adapters, pram straps, pram liners and more to keep you organised on the go.

      What is the best pram to buy in Australia?

      As long as you choose a reputable brand (like Babyzen or Uppababy) that meets Australian safety requirements, is well designed and made to last, you will ensure you are buying a quality pram. The style, functionality, features and extras you choose after that is dependent upon your personal needs and budget.