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Avoid double trouble and make walking easy with a double pram!


If your family has recently grown, a double pram can make life much easier when you're out and about. Metro Baby have double strollers with bassinet combination by the best brands on the market, including UPPAbaby and Thule. Their innovative design and flexible features help you to juggle the little ones, from newborns to toddlers, as well as handbags, groceries, nappy bags, and more, so that travelling with the whole family is a piece of cake. Bubs are kept safe n sound, whether they're sleeping peacefully or sitting upright to soak in the sights on your morning stroll.


Types of Double Prams Available

With so many different types of double prams on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you and your family. Let's take a look at the 3 of the most common ones:

1. Side by Side - This pram is also called a twin pram. It features two seats that sit next to each other and are specifically made for parents with twins. Babies can easily see each other and be within arm's reach of Mum or Dad at all times.
2. Inline - This pram is also called a tandem stroller. It features two seats, one behind the other. The front seat is usually a toddler seat as it sits upright and cannot be fully reclined. The back seat is ideal for newborns as it can recline all the way back.
3. All Terrain - This pram is perfect for parents who love to jog or walk long distances over uneven terrain. They feature 2 back wheels and a front swivel wheel which is able to lock straight for stability when moving over different surfaces.


Double Prams for Growing Families

At Metro Baby, we have UPPAbaby duo strollers to suit any family lifestyle. The Vista V2 double prams begin as a single pram and can be adjusted to accommodate not just 2, but 3 children of various ages! They have a reversible toddler seat so that your little one can sit facing forwards, backwards, reclined, or upright. A ventilated canopy is attached to keep out the sun, as well as a handlebar for extra safety.

Each Vista V2 pram comes with a bassinet to transport your newborn easily. The Carrycot features a ventilated canopy to keep baby cool and comfortable and is also perfect for overnight sleeping arrangements. Even better, our double prams come with car seat adaptors and are compatible with several different car seat brands for ultimate convenience.

We also have Thule Urban Glide 2 Double for active families who need an all-terrain twin stroller. It's lightweight and compact with canopies, side-ventilation windows, reclining seats, and plenty of storage options.


Benefits of a Double Pram

If you have more than one child of a similar age, you'll know how much easier a double pram can make taking strolls or trips with your little ones! A double stroller can:
1. Keep your kids safe and comfortable while travelling
2. Come in different style configurations to suit your lifestyle with a ton of extra features to customise your selection
3. Make walking more convenient with storage options and adapters to fit car capsules so that transitioning from driving to walking is simple
4. Be very durable and adapt to kids as they grow bigger
5. Be lightweight and compact to save space in your home
6. More affordable than purchasing 2 single prams


Double Pram Vs. Single Pram

If you're struggling to manage 2 or more infants while out and about, a double stroller is a smart and cost-effective option. However, if you just have the one bundle of joy and don't plan on growing your family any time soon, a single pram can make more sense. We have innovative single prams by Babyzen, Cybex, and Mima. These prams are suitable for newborns upwards with plenty of special features, including reclining and reversible seat, extendable canopy, convertible carrycot option, travel system compatibility, and padded shoulder straps.


Ease of Use

When picking a double pram, one of the most important factors to consider is whether it's easy to use on a daily basis. Both our UPPAbaby and Thule duo strollers are expertly designed to make strolling with infants as convenient as possible. They include special features such as one-handed compact fold for quick storage and transportation, one-handed recline system, adjustable handlebars and canopies, and dual action front and rear suspension for a smoother ride that's easy to manoeuvre.

Cleaning and Maintenance Guide and Instructions

To keep your double pram like new, use a cloth or sponge with warm water and soap to gently wipe over the pram from top to bottom and remove stains, mould, and fingerprints. A 50/50 white vinegar and water solution is great for tough stains. Read your included instruction manual for information on how to properly clean individual components.


Essential Safety Features to Consider

The top priority of any pram is to ensure your little ones are kept safe during transport. You can help to increase their safety by making sure your double pram has a few key safety features. The first one is a foot brake to prevent your pram from rolling when standing still. The second is a head barrier, or canopy, to provide shade and comfort. The third is a 5-point safety harness for both the first and second seat to keep infants securely in place.


Practical Features to Look Out for When Buying a Pram

Our double prams come with many features and add-ons to make walking with your children safe, fun, and stress-free. Before you make a purchase, consider whether these factors are important to you:
• Folds Easily - For faster transportation
• Forward or Rear Facing - Newborns typically prefer to face parents while toddlers love facing forward to absorb the sights
• Fit a Capsule - To easily transition from car to pram
• Size Matters - It needs to fit into your car boot as well as at home
• Easy to Steer - A good pram can be navigated one-handed and turn tight corners smoothly with ease
• Storage for those Extra Items - Keep nappy bags, toys, handbags, and more safely stowed away in a cargo basket
• Weather Protection - A waterproof rain cover will shield babies from the rain, while canopies protect from the harsh sun
• Has an Attachment for Toddler Skateboard - Perfect for when toddlers want more freedom or are too tired to walk
• Adjustable Handle - This provides maximum comfort for parents and prevents back strain
• Wheel Size for Uneven Terrain - All-terrain wheel prams often have larger wheels for more cushioning over rough surfaces


Prams Suitable for a Newborn Baby

Newborns need extra padding and features to protect their bodies and make the ride smoother and less stressful. The UPPAbaby Carrycot can ease the transition between the cot and the pram. It has a long, padded removable mattress where baby can lie flat with room to grow. An extendable sunshade keeps the sun off baby's face while the canopy can unzip for added airflow. There's also a large basket underneath for storing nappy bags and other accessories. Add a second Carrycot to your Vista V2 for twin newborns!

Sleep Within a Double Pram for Babies

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 double pram comes with a convenient Carrycot for taking newborn bubs with you while travelling. With a super soft, padded mattress, extendable UPF 50 sunshade and ventilated canopy that can be popped out when needed, these cocoons provide the perfect solution for on-the-go naps or overnight sleeps. The bassinet is also detachable so you can take your sleeping baby wherever you need to go.


Extra Optional Double Pram Accessories

The best thing about modern double prams is that they come with the option of adding a ton of bells and whistles to make the stroller experience even more comfortable for parent and bub. Consider adding these special pram accessories:
• Footmuff
• Cup holder
• Carry-all organiser
• Bottle bags
• Snack trays
• Pram straps
• Pram toy chains

Buying Online with Metro Baby

Metro Baby stock the best double pram brands in Australia for on-the-go growing families. Check out our delightful range of UPPAbaby and Thule prams at fantastic prices that are lower than RRP in a range of trendy colours to suit everyone. Select your pram, add it to the shopping cart and checkout using an easy payment method with free delivery over $99!


FAQs About Double Pram


What is the Best Double Pram to Buy?

For twin newborns, a twin stroller is a perfect choice so that both babies can lie flat. If you have a newborn and a toddler, an inline pram allows the newborn to lie flat at the back while your toddler can sit upright at the front and enjoy the view. For active parents, an all-terrain pram offers stability over long distances. Browse our selection by UPPAbaby and Thule today!

What is a Double Pram?

A double pram is a pram that features two (or more) seats so that you can easily transport newborns and toddlers while you're out and about. They come in different types, including tandem prams or inline prams, side-by-side, and all-terrain for traversing uneven surfaces, such as the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double.

Do I Need a Single or Double Pram?

If you have twins or two young kids who travel with a pram, a double pram can certainly take the stress out of going places with the whole family! A single pram is a great option if you have a newborn and don't plan on expanding your family. Our single prams by Cyber, Babyzen and Mima can grow with your baby into toddlerhood.

Is a Double Pram Worth it?

A double pram is a fantastic investment that your little ones can grow with as they get older. They're also extremely durable which means they will save you money in the long run. Pair them with other baby essentials, including highchairs and booster seats, swaddles, bouncers, and bassinets.