Robby The Rocker
Robby The Rocker
Robby The Rocker
Robby The Rocker

Robby The Rocker

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Ever find yourself endlessly rocking your little one’s stroller, careful not to disrupt their sleep?

Robby the Baby Rocker lends you a hand, taking over the gentle rocking of the stroller so you can enjoy your coffee, squeeze in a workout, or accomplish some work. All while your little one keeps enjoying a peaceful nap….


  • Gently rocks your stroller so you can enjoy a coffee, workout or get some work done
  • Adjustable rocking strength suitable for big and small prams
  • Auto shut off. Gently rocks the pram for 40 minutes and then shuts off automatically
  • The cry sensor watches over your baby and automatically activates upon crying
  • Long lasting 8+ hours of battery life
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use