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      Browse the exclusive product range under $200. Find the perfect baby gifts or product sets from the extensive selection of change pads, night lamps, activity mats, and more. Shop baby gifts online and get products delivered across Australia.

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      Stylish and functional baby gifts for budgets up to $200

      Make mum and baby happy with a variety of gift options perfect for newborns to toddlers. From unique to trendy to bespoke gifts, to those perfect for a boy, girl or first time parent, there is an enormous amount of choice to ensure your gift is appreciated and utilised.


      Unique newborn baby gift ideas

      Finding a unique gift for a new baby is a thoughtful, special way to show your love for mum-to-be. You can easily turn a gift into a unique one by customising clothing with bub’s name or creating a gift basket full of items tailored just for bub. Other unique gift ideas are creating a personalised baby book or gifting a baby name necklace for mum.

      Baby shower gift ideas

      With a plethora of adorable and much-needed baby shower gifts available for under $200, it’s easy to stock up on cute onesies, bibs and swaddles, buy a breast pump or stroller bag or think big and join forces with a few friends to buy a more expensive baby shower gift like a pram, car seat or bassinet.

      Trendy baby gifts

      From knitted cardigans and beanies to designer baby moccasins to vegan leather nappy bags and totes, there’s no shortage of trendy baby gifts to keep you and your little one stylish.


      Baby presents for a girl which you won’t forget

      Here are some ideas of memorable presents for a baby girl:
      ● Dresses or clothing sets with her name embroidered
      ● A soft toy of her favourite animal
      ● Special items of clothing like a sparkly dress, tutu, headband or hair bow
      ● Personalised baby name wooden puzzle

      Presents perfect for that newborn little boy

      Thrill the little boy in your life with these presents for him:
      ● Blanket or cuddle with his name embroidered
      ● Ugg or Converse booties
      ● Baby gyms and playmats; Bandana bibs


      Gifts for first time parents

      New parents are very easy to buy for as they are likely to have very little baby items and need almost everything! Choose from a wide array of baby essentials from pacifiers, teethers and bottles; clothes, swaddles and sleeping bags; cots, prams and changing tables; and nappy bags, breast pumps and bath tubs. And if you’d like to give mum and dad a little bit of everything, a baby gift set of goodies is a perfect idea.

      Quality gifts for a newborn baby

      To make sure your gift lasts until baby outgrows it, choose a high quality, well-made brand. By purchasing a gift made of a durable material (cotton or bamboo clothing or a wooden high chair or block set), your gift might even last long enough to be handed down and enjoyed by another baby.


      Bespoke baby gifts for that special someone

      A custom keepsake is a truly unique present for a baby. Here are some ideas of bespoke baby gifts:
      ● Handprint or footprint maker kit.
      ● Baby memory scrapbook to capture milestones from ultrasound images to baby’s first haircut.
      ● A nameplate to hang in the nursery.
      ● Embroidered baby blanket.

      Gender neutral gifts everyone will love

      Gender neutral gifts are a fantastic option if you’re not sure of baby’s gender or if you know the parents of the baby you are buying a present for don’t want a traditional gender gift. Books, soft toys, animal night lights, block puzzles, swaddles and blankets are all great ideas for bub.



      Christening gifts to consider

      Traditionally, a christening gift is something silver like a necklace, bracelet or engraved spoon. Additional christening gifts to consider are personalised teddy bears, cushions, photo frames, money boxes, music boxes, keepsake boxes and nursery wall prints.

      Personalise your baby gift

      Personalise your baby gift by engraving a silver photo frame or hair brush, embroidering a blanket or piece of clothing or creating a custom-made book with the baby as the main character.

      Brands to look out for

      There are countless brands that make wonderful baby products suitable as gifts for all stages of babyhood. Liewood, Done by Deer, Shnuggle, Atelier Choux and Leander are just a few high quality, beautiful brands to look out for.

      Buying baby presents online with Metro Baby

      Finding a great gift online at Metro Baby is fun, easy and convenient. With frequent new arrivals and perennial best sellers, Metro Baby is your one-stop baby shop for the best baby products in Australia.


      Frequently Asked Questions About baby gifts under $200:


      What are the best baby gifts to buy?

      The best baby gifts are ones that are useful, cute (for bub) or stylish for mum and preferably all three! Essentials like onesies, bibs, blankets, swaddles, soft toys and books are easy favourites. For a more luxe present, the Atelier Choux collection of blankets, swaddles, bibs, pillows and cushions makes a great gift.

      What can you buy for a baby boy?

      There are just as many options when buying gifts for baby boys as there are for baby girls. No longer just “blue for boys” and “pink for girls”, a boy can be gifted a doll or a toy tool set just as easily as a little girl can be gifted a truck or a tutu. If you’re unsure whether to buy a unisex or a more traditional gift, buy from the parents’ gift registry or ask them for guidance.

      What can you buy for a baby girl?

      Baby girls, just like boys, can be gifted soft blankets, plush toys, animals, rattles, activity mats and books. If you’re unsure of the best gift for a girl, let mum or dad decide by giving a gift card.

      What are some educational baby gifts?

      Activity mats and cubes are fantastic baby gifts as they facilitate brain building playtime for bub. Sensory or interactive toys and identification flashcards all help stimulate senses, develop fine motor skills and teach baby about the world around them.