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      Co-sleeper bassinets help make nights easier, safely


      Finding the safest and best co-sleeper bassinet for your baby

      Every family has their own unique journey, which includes all things related to baby sleep. Some parents may decide that their newborn sleeps in a cot from the start in bub’s room. Other mums may choose to have their new arrival in arm's reach in a bassinet next to their bed. If this is what you decide, then finding the best and safest co-sleeper bassinet for your baby is the next decision to make. Things for new parents to consider in choosing a co-sleeper bassinet include: adherence to Australia and New Zealand safety standards, a trusted brand, airy open design, fits close to your bed, and one side being able to drop for easy access to bub for settling and feeding.


      Co-sleeping bassinets to keep your baby close

      Co-sleeping bassinets are a choice made by many parents, especially for newborns for the first few months of bub’s arrival. Parents may choose a co-sleeping bassinet to keep bub close at night and in a safe sleeping environment. A co-sleeping bassinet also allows mum to get rest in her own bed with bub in arm’s length for settling and feeding.

      Making co-sleeping safe with our bassinets

      Metro Baby's range of co-sleeping bassinets includes the Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet from Swedish company Troll who have been making nursery furniture since 1994. Made in Europe from birch wood, the Troll Sun bedside co-sleeping bassinet has wooden slats, rounded corners and an open design to maximise airflow, with one side able to drop down which makes access to bub easy for settling and feeding.


      Benefits of a co-sleeper bassinet

      Parents who choose a co-sleeper bassinet may do so for a number of reasons. Some benefits include keeping bub close in a safe sleeping environment while mum can sleep in her own bed knowing bub is nearby if she needs to settle or feed. Another possible benefit is that co-sleeping can help further build the bond between mum and bub, with bub sensing mum nearby, from hearing her breathing to a cuddle. A co-sleeping baby may also go to sleep faster and sleep for longer if sharing a room with mum. Mums may also feel better rested by having bub in arm's reach because night feeds and settling is less disruptive with your little one nearby.

      Why parents are still clamouring for a safe co-sleeper

      Co-sleeping bassinets enable the benefits of mum and bub being close to each other through the night but while keeping bub sleeping safe in their own sleeping environment. To enjoy all the benefits of co-sleeping without the risks of sharing a bed with bub, there is great demand by parents for a safe and trusted co-sleeper.


      Comforting your baby with co-sleeping

      While co-sleeping has many benefits, it must be done safely. This is why a safe co-sleeper bassinet is popular for many parents because it combines all the benefits of being able to comfort bub through the night and as need be, while mum can rest knowing that bub is close in their own safe sleep environment.

      Popular mesh sides and portable baby bassinets available

      Metro Baby’s beautiful range of baby bassinets and cradles combine quality, aesthetics and functionality. If you’re looking for a light and great quality portable bassinet with breathable mesh sides, Ergopouch’s Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is a lightweight (2.2kg) portable baby bed for newborn naps around the house or as a travel bassinet. This neat and nifty bassinet is also great for tummy time, play or outings. It also comes with a mosquito net. Suitable for babies who are not yet rolling or up to 9kg.


      Features to look out for when purchasing a co-sleeper bassinet

      Quality – Your baby’s safety always comes first. Always buy quality trusted brands that meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards (which is all items sold at Metro Baby). Always read the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly, use and care.
      Safety – It is important to choose a bassinet that is suited to your baby’s size and weight, and make adjustments to sleeping arrangements when baby starts moving more, rolls over, gets heavier and/or grows. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance.
      Size - You may also need to consider the physical size of bub's dedicated sleeping space if you were to move the freestanding bassinet to bub’s room. Although bassinets are generally quite small in size compared to a cot or other larger nursery furniture.
      Design – Bassinets with a drop down side makes access easier to bub while co-sleeping to feed and settle. Also choose a bassinet that looks beautiful and brings joy. Because bassinets are an easily removable piece of nursery furniture, choose a bassinet that you also love for bub's nursery even if it spends a lot of night-time next to your bed.



      Height adjustable options available

      Some bassinets come with height adjustment options to suit a variety of beds.

      Other accessories to consider when setting up your baby’s bassinet

      Other than choosing your baby’s bassinet, there are other accessories to consider. To protect your bassinet’s mattress, there are mattress protectors like Leander’s Side-by-Side Mattress Protector. There’s bassinet sheets to consider, which can also double up as a change pad cover, like Snuggle Hunny Kids Bassinet fitted Sheet/Change Pad Cover. Other items may include the TOG-rated Baby Tuck Sheet from Ergopouch, to keep bub snug, comfortable and secure.



      Best bassinets and a range of baby brands we know and trust

      Metro Baby offer an extensive range of trusted baby products which adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. These include Leander, Purebaby, Shnuggle, Medela, Cocoon, Bumbo, Haakaa, BabyBjorn, and so many more. Our best-seller ranges include baby cots, cot sheets, bassinets, change tables, bouncers, rockers, sleeping bags, swaddles, foldable prams and strollers with swivel wheels, seat liners, car seats, breastfeeding products, nappy and carry bags, high chairs, bibs, pacifiers and halo clips, nightlights, playpens, activity centres, potty chairs, and baby clothing.

      Buying a co-sleeper bassinet online at Metro Baby

      Metro Baby is Australia’s trusted online one-stop baby shop offering an extensive range of deluxe and specialty baby products from the most trusted local and international brands. We are careful in selecting the best quality baby products to cater for your little one's many and changing needs, from babyhood and beyond. Our exceptional customer service includes easy checkout, Price Promise, and gift cards to fulfil a parent's wishlist.




      Can you co-sleep with a bassinet?

      Yes, that’s the reason behind the design of co-sleeper bassinets. So that bub has his/her own safe sleeping environment but remains nearby to mum through the night for easier settling and feeding. And mum can be more rested.

      What is the best co-sleeper in Australia?

      The best co-sleeper in Australia meets all the necessary Australian safety standards and is made with child’s safety as a top priority. All Metro Baby’s products adhere to the strictest safety standards.

      What is a bedside sleeper bassinet?

      A co-sleeper bassinet is a bedside sleeper bassinet which is a safe sleeping space for bub to place next to mum’s bed with a drop-down side for easy access to feed and settle through the night. A bedside sleeper is also sometimes referred to as a bedside crib. Bedside sleeper set-ups may also include baby furniture like a cradle or Moses basket. Although these are safe sleeping spaces, a cradle and Moses basket don't have the convenience of easy-access drop down sides.

      What are the benefits of co-sleeping with a bassinet?

      There are many benefits of a co-sleeping bassinet. These include bub having his/her own safe sleeping space but still being able to sleep in the same room as parents. Co-sleeper bassinets reduce the risk of suffocation and fatal sleeping accidents associated with bub co-sleeping with a parent in the parents’ bed. Other benefits of co-sleeping bassinets include mum being able to get more rest while still being close to bub through the night to settle and feed. For bubs that need a bit more settling, like reflux babies, being in the same room makes a huge difference for mum. Co-sleeping bassinet bubs may fall asleep faster and sleep for longer. Co-sleeper bassinets are also thought to promote breastfeeding because bub is more accessible and night feeds are quicker. Co-sleeper mode with a bassinet may also further develop the bond between mum and bub, especially in the early months of a little one’s arrival.