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      Make sleep time easier with our beautiful bassinets and cosy cradles


      Finding the best bassinet for your baby

      Every baby is unique and every parent has a different approach, which includes sleep routine and co-sleeping. That’s why we offer lots of choice when it comes to finding the best bassinet for your baby, depending on your parenting style and preference.

      Sizes and designs available at Metro Baby

      Metro Baby’s beautiful range of baby bassinets and cradles combine quality, style and functionality. Our range includes:
      Troll’s Sun Bedside Bassinet from Sweden has a clean, curved, and airy design which allows optimal airflow. This birch wood bedside sleeper is available in three colours, priced affordably and manufactured with the environment in mind. Parents can use this stylish bassinet for co-sleeping and can be placed next to your bed. This range also includes a cot and dresser.
      Ergopouch’s Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is a lightweight (2.2kg) portable baby bed for newborn naps around the house or as a travel bassinet. This neat and nifty bassinet is also great for tummy time, play or outings. It also comes with a mosquito net. Suitable for babies who are not yet rolling or up to 9kg.
      • The Leander Cradle is a stunning addition to a nursery because of its gorgeous eye-catching design and can be suspended from the ceiling or from a stylish tripod. This cradle is a snug swaying nest with no sharp corners. Made from 100% cotton, machine washable and suitable for newborn up to about 6 months.


      Features to look out for when purchasing a bassinet

      Quality – Your baby’s safety always comes first. Always buy trusted brands that meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards (which is all items sold at Metro Baby). Also always read the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly, use and care.
      Size – Choose a bassinet that is suited to your baby’s size and weight. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance. You may also need to consider the physical size of bub's dedicated sleeping space.
      Design – Some bassinets have a side that drops down for easy access to bub from mum's bed. Bassinets on wheels makes them easy to move around if need be. Rocking bassinets are another option which some parents consider.

      • Style – Choose a bassinet that enhances your baby’s room and brings joy.

      Our top picks

      Metro Baby offer a wide range of trusted nursery furniture and quality accessories. Some of our top picks include:

      • Snuggle Hunny Kids bassinet sheets (80x48 cm) are versatile and multi-purpose because they fit a wide range of different bassinet mattress brands (usually 80x40 cm). This range of bassinet sheets can also be used as a change pad cover. Other reasons why we love the Snuggle Hunny Kids range of bassinet sheets are the nearly 20 exquisite prints in soft stretch cotton jersey.
      • The Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet makes nights easier for parents because it is a co-sleeper bassinet, while keeping baby safe in their own sleeping space. Its stylish design with birch wood wooden slat sides optimises airflow. The convenient lockable castor wheels add mobility when needed to tick all the important features of a trusted bassinet.
      • Linea By Leander’s Side by Side Bassinet Mattress Protector makes everyday spills and night time mishaps easy to handle. A mattress protector makes quick changes quick and hassle-free. Many parents keep a spare mattress protector (or two) in the cupboard for midnight changes to get everyone back to sleep as soon as possible. A mattress protector also keeps the mattress clean and hygienic, preventing mould build up in the mattress, making bub’s sleeping space safer.
      • Ergopouch's Easy Sleep Bassinet is a light and convenient portable bassinet for travel or outings keeping baby safe and comfy, whether asleep, tummy time or tree gazing. This clean cosy space for bub also comes with a mosquito net. This bassinet is suited for sleeping only until bub starts rolling (around 8 weeks) and then shouldn't be used for sleep. Always check the manufacturer's product guidelines on baby's development, weight and age suitability. Ergopouch is one of many Australian brands available at Metro Baby.

      Difference between a bassinet and cradle

      The main difference lies in the ability to rock. Cradles are rockers (usually manual), and can sway from side to side. Bassinets generally can’t sway from side to side. Bassinets usually also have breathable mesh sides or wooden slats for airflow. A cradle may have wooden slats for sides, although some modern design cradles are made from fabric. Both are suitable for newborn babies which they outgrow at around 6 months or sooner. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s guide on baby’s age, size and weight limit as this may be different across products and manufacturer.


      Finding the right waterproof mattress protector for your bassinet

      Finding the right waterproof mattress for your bassinet can be a game changer. Effectiveness, easy care and a good fit are what makes all the difference. Metro Baby’s range of soft quality bassinet waterproof mattress protectors include Leander’s Linea Side By Side bassinet mattress protector. This range is made from 100% organic cotton with satin weave cover and polyester filling. There's also Leander’s Cradle Organic Mattress Protector which is a machine washable quilted mattress protector with 100% organic cotton cover and 100% polyester filling.

      Bassinet sheets for baby

      Many bassinet mattress brands are a similar shape and size -- around 400x800 mm. This means you can shop different brands of bassinet sheets to fit various bassinet mattresses. For example, Snuggle Hunny Kids' range of gorgeous bassinet sheets are available in a selection of fun designs and can also fit the Boori or Tasman Eco bassinet mattress. Snuggle Hunny's range is also multi-purpose because besides being easy to care for, soft, lightweight and breathable, these bassinet sheets can also be used as a change pad cover. Another luxe range of bassinet sheets (also 400x800 mm) is Leander's Cradle Organic Sheet Set made from 100% organic cotton. These super-soft fitted sheets come in a convenient pack of two and can fit similar dimension bassinet mattresses.


      Portable bassinets for all purposes

      Portable bassinets that are lightweight and easy to transport are great for a range of purposes. Of course, sleep first, whether bub's day time snooze or when needed for travel. And then there’s also tummy time. A portable bassinet is a safe, clean and contained space to play and build strength. Portable bassinets are also great for outdoor tree gazing! Ergopouch’s Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet does all this. Being lightweight, with a mosquito net option, this bassinet makes travel and outdoor time easy with bub.


      Bassinet on wheels

      When considering design features of a baby bassinet, many parents also consider a bassinet with wheels. Wheels on bassinets are also known as castors with a safety lock mechanism that keeps the bassinet immobile when not being moved. By unlocking the wheels, your baby's bassinet is easy to move around when need be. Some parents may keep the bassinet close to their bed through the night for easy access to bub to feed and soothe. During the day, you can choose to wheel the bassinet to bub's room for daytime sleeps. A bassinet on wheels -- like The Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet -- makes this flexibility and mobility possible and easy.

      How to keep your sleeping baby safe in a bassinet

      It is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance on assembly and suitability for baby’s age, size and weight. Babies grow fast and while bassinets and cradles are suited to newborns, they have a weight and age limit. For example, bassinets may be suitable for babies not yet rolling and/or up to a weight limit (kg) and/or approximate age in months. Please always read your bassinets' manufacturer’s instructions to be sure of the safety instructions that need to be followed for your selected product.


      Working out the best sleeping set-up for your new baby

      Every parent has a different approach and each child is different. In working out the best sleeping set-up for your new baby you may consider various options. This may include your newborn sleeping in their own room from the start or sleeping in your room, in a co-sleeper bassinet alongside your bed. A co-sleeper bassinet is often chosen by mums breastfeeding through the night, and also means bub is in arm’s length for settling and soothing if need be. Parents also consider a bassinet with or without wheels, or a rocker cradle. Each parent will work out what’s right for their family. Sometimes it’s a matter of trying one set-up and then another. It’s a journey.


      Other accessories to consider when setting up your baby’s bassinet

      Other than choosing a bassinet or a cradle, and which design works best for you and your bub, there are other accessories to consider. This includes selecting bassinet sheets, which can also sometimes double up as a change pad cover (like the Snuggle Hunny Kids range). There’s also a choice of bassinet mattress protector and TOG-rated Baby Tuck Sheet (from Ergopouch) to keep bub snug, comfortable and secure.

      Brands we know and trust

      Metro Baby offer a wide range of trusted baby products which adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. These include Leander, Purebaby, Atelier Choux, Medela, Cocoon, Bumbo, Haakaa, Shnuggle, B.Box and many more. Our bestseller ranges include nursery furniture and accessories like baby cots, bassinets, change tables, change mats and nightlights. Other top picks include breastfeeding products, bouncers, sleeping bags, play mats, swaddles, prams, strollers, car seats, backpacks, nappy and travel bags, high chairs, bibs and clothing.


      How to buy a bassinet online

      If you’re looking to buy a bassinet online, Metro Baby makes things easy. We are Australia’s trusted online one-stop baby shop and offer an extensive range of deluxe and specialty baby products from the most trusted local and international brands. We are careful in selecting the best quality baby products to cater for your little one's many and changing needs. Our exceptional customer service includes easy checkout, Price Promise, gift cards and a gift registry -- all designed to fulfil a parent's wishlist.



      How long should a baby stay in a bassinet?

      This depends on a number of factors. At around 6 months your baby may be ready to move into a cot, or if your baby is moving a lot at night or is getting too big or too heavy for a bassinet. To keep baby safe, always read the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines on baby age, size, development and weight suitability for all child products, which includes a bassinet or cradle.

      Why is a bassinet needed?

      Baby’s sleep in a bassinet and because it’s smaller than a cot it’s more snug for bub. This safe space for bub can make them sleep better. Bassinets are also easy to move so you can keep bub in your room in his/her first few months, close to you at night. This makes night feeds and settling easier.

      What is the best sleeper for a newborn?

      This depends on the newborn and a parent’s approach, of which there are many. This may include parents who choose a rocker cradle. Other parents opt for a bassinet which is also snug for bub but can’t be rocked. There are also Moses baskets on Moses basket stands, which are similar to bassinets. Plus bassinets with castor wheels which makes them easy to move when need be. To keep things tidy bassinets can also come with an under-shelf for storage. Other parents put baby straight into a cot in bub’s own room with a monitor. Some bubs co-sleep with parents, other newborns don’t. It’s a personal journey for each family to work out what is safely the best set-up for them.

      How much does a bassinet cost?

      Bassinets range in price. Whichever you choose, always consider quality and childcare safety, which is always on offer from Metro Baby.