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      For those on a limited budget, Metro Baby offers a variety of gifts for $50 and under around Australia. Our selection of affordable sets, toys, breast pumps, and other accessories allows you to purchase quality products at a reasonable price.

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      Metro Baby has you covered if you are looking to buy a baby gift on a budget!

      While big ticket items like baby carriers, strollers, rockers and car seats are fantastic, enormously generous baby gifts, there are so many budget-friendly baby products available that no matter how much you have to spend, you are guaranteed to find a gorgeous, thoughtful baby gift.


      What gift to take to a baby shower

      From everyday essentials like baby clothes, swaddles, nappies and baby blankets to pricey items like car seats, cots and prams; functional gifts like fitted sheets and nappy bags; and fun items like play mats and rattles, there are a wide variety of gift options to take to a baby shower.

      Often parents-to-be sign up for a registry, helping you take the guesswork out of buying their most wanted gift.

      Popular baby gifts for newborns

      As a newborn baby goes through an enormous amount of onesies, wipes, nappies, swaddles and bibs, these can be incredibly helpful items to stock up on for a new parent. Additionally, gift sets that have multiple versions of the same items, are affordable and sensible buys.



      Recommended baby gifts for toddlers

      Thinking ahead to gift ideas for a toddler is a great idea when buying a baby gift, as sometimes parents are overwhelmed with newborn gifts but have fewer items for when their little one becomes a toddler. Here are some toddler gifts to consider:
      ● Sensory toys
      ● Stacking cubes or cups
      ● Building blocks
      ● Activity toys
      ● Bath toys
      ● Felt food, animal or cars toy set
      ● Toy musical instruments
      ● Non-toxic finger paints and crayons; Books


      Memorable gifts for boys

      Long gone are the days when gifts are appropriate for just a baby boy or a baby girl, however here are some memorable gift ideas suitable for boys:
      ● A stuffed toy of his favourite animal, vehicle or food.
      ● A baby book personalised just for him.
      ● A truck, car or animal walker toy.
      ● Clothes themed from his favourite character (whether that’s Elsa or Spiderman).


      Popular gifts for girls

      Popular gifts for girls tend to be clothing (dresses, sets, costumes), headbands or hair bows, soft animals, books and activity toys.

      Remember that while one girl might love to dress up, another might love to play with a toy drill set instead, so it’s best to tailor your gift to personality rather than gender.

      Gifts for the new mums

      The best gifts for mums or any new parent are presents that help make life easier. Here are some ideas for the perfect gift for mum:
      ● Books on babies or parenting.
      ● Hospital birthing kits.
      ● Pampering treatments like a voucher for a massage, pedicure or manicure (along with offering to babysit!).
      ● Comfortable clothes.
      ● A healthy food delivery service.
      ● Paying for a cleaner to come by once a week for the first month.



      Neutral baby gifts for a birthday

      By the time a baby’s first birthday arrives, you’ll probably have a better sense of the types of items the baby you are buying for might enjoy. If you’re unclear on their personality and what they would be drawn too, stick with easy unisex gifts like soft animals, books, toys with wheels, rocking toys, activity stations and block puzzles.

      Baby toys and soft toys you can’t go past

      For babies, any toy that is colourful, soft, textured and makes a sound is a guaranteed hit. Sophie the Giraffe has long been a baby toy classic, as are rattles, soft plush toys like animals or dolls, stacking cups and building blocks, wooden block puzzles and role-playing toys.

      What you can add to a gift box for baby

      Small items like bibs, teethers, pacifiers, stuffed animals, a hair brush, nappy rash cream or nail clippers are easy items to add to a baby gift box.



      Care products as memorable presents

      Finding non-toxic, gentle (on the environment and bub!) skincare products are really important to protect a baby’s delicate skin. A thoughtfully curated collection of a few soft muslin washcloths with a selection of cleansing gels, shampoos, bubble baths, nappy creams and bath oils makes for a beautiful baby gift. Embroider baby’s name on a hooded bath towel or engrave their initials on a silver-plated hair brush for a truly memorable present.

      How to beautifully present your baby gift

      Either wrap your present with gift wrap and ribbon, create a gift basket or cleverly use another present (like a tote, diaper bag, baby tub or even car seat) to hold baby items!



      Which brands to look out for

      Quality brands like Skip Hop, Wee Gallery, Done by Deer, Plantoys and Baby Bjorn are a great place to start when looking for inexpensive gifts. If you’re unsure of the best brand or item to buy, consider giving a gift card.

      Buying baby gifts online at Metro Baby

      With quick and free shipping on orders over $99 AUD and international shipping available from $30 AUD, buying a baby gift online at Metro Baby is a fun and easy process.



      Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Gifts For Under $50:


      What is a good baby gift for under $50?

      From baby clothes to bibs to toys to stuffed animals, there are plenty of great and affordable baby gifts under $50. If you’re not sure of the best way to spend the money you have for a gift, consider giving a gift card and let mum or dad pick their most wanted baby product.

      What is the most useful baby gift?

      It’s easy to select the most useful baby gift by buying from a gift registry. By purchasing an item you know the parents want, you ensure your present will be greatly appreciated and needed.

      What is a unique baby gift?

      Keepsakes, personalised and diy gifts are a special way to ensure your baby gift is one-of-a-kind. Scrapbook kits enable parents to capture important moments in their child’s life (like baby’s hand and foot prints), baby books crafted especially for the little one in mind are very unique and a photo frame with space for photos from the first 12 months of bub’s life is also a very personalised gift. Search our brands for more ideas of unique baby gifts.

      What are some unique baby shower gifts?

      A truly unique baby shower gift is one that considers mum! Create a personalised survival kit for the first days of being a mum, a recovery kit for mum for post delivery or maybe a stroller organiser. If you happen to know the name of the baby on the way, you can buy some onesies from our clothing sets/packs section and embroider them with bub’s initials.