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      Metro Baby's wide range of baby gifts under $100 include newborn gift sets, toys, breast pumps, and other accessories. Find the perfect gift for newborns and toddlers online at Metro Baby.

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      Baby shower gifts which will stand out from the rest!

      A baby shower gift idea that distinguishes itself from all others is one that is thoughtful, unusual and perhaps personalised. Consider a gift set for mum, gifting one of your favourite baby books from childhood or go in with a few friends to afford a pricier item like a car seat, stroller, cot or rocker.


      Best gifts for newborn babies

      There are a wide variety of wonderful gifts available to choose from whether you choose to shop online or in person. Here are just some gift ideas that are perfect for newborns:
      ● Baby blankets, sleeping bags, swaddles and bibs
      ● Breast pump and bottles
      ● Nappy bags and totes
      ● Clothing
      ● Soothers like pacifiers or teethers
      ● High chair
      ● Play mat or activity gym
      ● Bath time items like a bathtub, towels, skincare products and muslin face washers
      ● Stuffed animals and other soft toys
      ● Changing table
      ● Changing pad
      ● Extra nappies and wipes

      What to get the baby who has everything

      A new baby often gets showered with presents, so it’s easy to quickly end up with a little one that has everything. For these situations, consider a keepsake item like a necklace or trinket that a baby can keep well into adulthood or gift a copy of one of your most-loved childhood books.


      Finding the perfect gift for boys

      If you’re looking for a gift for a newborn, you can’t go wrong with onesies, rattles, soft blankets and cuddles. For an older infant it’s easier as you know the child’s personality and have a better idea if they like toy trains, are lion-obsessed or love nothing more than bath time.

      Unique gifts for girls

      A unique gift for a baby girl could be anything from monogrammed baby clothes, a sleep doll, a special brush and comb set or a role play set.

      Quality gifts to spoil mum

      New parents, especially mums, appreciate anything that helps them through the early weeks of parenthood. Spoil mum by gifting a massage (and offering to take care of bub), hire a cleaning service to get the house and laundry in order or get healthy food delivered a few times a week so she nourishes herself without having to shop, cook or clean up. Other great gifts are comfortable clothes, robes and nursing bras, framed photos of mum and baby and a personalised necklace of bub’s name.


      Best baby gifts for clients

      There are many appropriate and considerate options to choose from when looking for a baby gift for an expectant client. Pick something just for her like a diffuser with essential oils; a practical gift like a gift basket of baby bath goodies or onesies, bibs and socks; or even a couple of gift cards from different baby retailers.

      Finding the perfect first birthday present

      After bub’s first year they will have outgrown some key items like their car seat, pram or stroller, so consider contributing to updating those items as a generous gift. Otherwise, special gifts that mark the first year of a baby's life like a personalised book of baby’s milestones from the first 12 months; a balance bike to help develop a toddler’s balance; a pull toy or toy car; a role play set or game; or a sensory development toy are all great first birthday presents.


      High quality gifts which are practical and Australian made

      There are a vast array of high quality, Australian-made products that are beautiful and stylish as well as practical. Here are some types of products to look out for:
      ● Furniture like cots, high chairs and change tables.
      ● Car seats and baby carriers.
      ● Baby clothing, bedding and swaddles.

      How to wrap and package your gift

      Package your present in a gift box or gift bag or use part of your gift itself as the wrapping (i.e. a nappy bag filled with goodies)!



      Which brands to look out for

      Keep an eye out for beautiful and well-made brands like Aden and Anais, Atelier Choux, Haakaa, Baby Bjorn and Pantoys.

      Buying baby gifts online at Metro Baby

      Buying baby gifts online at Metro Baby is easy, fast and super convenient. With an enormous amount of choice, Metro Baby makes buying baby gifts online easy, fast and super convenient, no matter what your budget!


      Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Gifts For Under $100:

      What is a good baby gift for under $100?

      From a new mum starter pack to a gorgeous swaddle or blanket, a collection of baby clothes or a baby dinner set, there are lots of great baby gifts available for under $100. If you’re not exactly sure of the best way to spend your budget, consider giving a gift card.

      What is the best gift for a newborn baby?

      Newborn babies need lots of everyday items like clothes, swaddles, nappies, bottles, bibs and more expensive items like car seats, prams, cots and change tables. Pretty much any newborn baby gift will be appreciated, however remember to ask if the parents have a wish list or gift registry to help guide you.

      What to get a baby who has everything?

      For the baby who has everything, more unique or personalised baby gifts (like keepsakes, scrapbooks or embroidered or engraved items) are likely your best option. If you live in Melbourne, search our gift section to buy hand wrapped baby gifts delivered straight to your door.

      What gifts do new mums really want?

      A new mum appreciates any gift that makes her life easier. Whether that’s a night light to help prevent her from stubbing her toe when getting up for a night feed, a comfy top that makes breastfeeding easy, a soother/pacifier that helps calm a fussy baby (and in turn, mum!), or a new mum starter pack to help with the transition to breastfeeding, any gift bought with mum in mind is a great present.