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      From foam to inner spring mattresses, when it comes to deciding on a bassinet or cot mattress for your baby’s sleep, always look to buy the best quality. Browse our trusted range of mattresses available in a range of size options with innovative design, putting child safety first.

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      Finding the best cot mattress for bub’s sleep and child safety


      Finding the best mattress for your baby’s cot

      There are different types of mattresses available to buy for your baby’s cot or bassinet. What matters most is to buy the best quality for your budget. Other than the physical size and shape of your bassinet or cot, there are other things to consider. This includes buying a mattress that adheres to the necessary child sleep safety requirements; deciding on a foam or spring mattress; choosing a mattress that can be used as your child grows – some mattresses are 2-in-1 and can be flipped over to support your growing child. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on use, age and weight guidelines.


      Does size matter when buying a cot mattress?

      Yes. The mattress you buy needs to fit snugly in your baby’s bassinet or cot, with no gaps, for safety reasons. So size does matter when buying a cot mattress.

      Benefits of a deluxe cot mattress topper

      A cot mattress topper will not only add an extra layer of padding but also serves to protect your bassinet or cot mattress from mishaps -- which may happen often with a baby! A cot mattress topper will extend the life of your mattress by keeping the mattress clean and hygienic and without any lingering smells. It’s so much easier to clean a topper than a mattress! Many parents have two (or more) washable cot mattress toppers or protectors in their cupboard for quick midnight changes when needed followed by easy early morning washing.


      Finding a mattress good for infants and toddlers

      Safety, quality and comfort are the most important things to consider in finding a mattress that is good for infants and toddlers. Metro Baby’s range of mattresses ticks all of these important boxes. Some mattresses have the added benefit of longer use with each side designed for different stages of your child’s physical development, as your infant grows into a toddler. Leander’s range of cot mattresses, like the Classic Cot Comfort Mattress, has two different colours for each side, where each side is suited to different child weights. The white side with knobs is suited for babies under 12kg and the purple side with knobs is suited to toddlers over 12kg.

      Different shapes and sizes available

      There are many different sizes and shapes of cots and bassinets. This means that there are also many different shapes and sizes of bassinet and cot mattresses. Bassinets are smaller than cots so require their own range of mattresses. The cot or bassinet you own or buy will impact on your choice of mattress -- although there are some standard sizes across various brands of cots and bassinets. If you’re buying a new cot or bassinet, buy the mattress that is made for that cot or bassinet. If you're using a pre-loved cot or bassinet and only want to buy a new mattress, measure the dimensions of the cot or bassinet and buy a quality and trusted mattress that will fit snugly in the bassinet or cot.


      Breathable wetness protection, a feature you can’t go past for cots and bassinets

      Mattresses are meant to last so the more you protect your baby’s mattress the longer it will last and the safer for your child. If protected, your cot and bassinet mattress can last for your child’s entire stay in their bassinet or cot. This is why wetness protection is a feature that many parents want when considering a mattress. Leander’s Comfort Mattress has a zip-off breathable cover designed with in-built wetness protection, which is completely divisible. This means you only have to wash the soiled half making protecting your mattress super-easy.

      Benefits of purchasing a foam mattress

      There are many benefits of choosing to buy a foam mattress. These include:

      • Organic and eco-friendly: Besides being kinder to the environment than a spring mattress, foam mattresses are often hypo-allergenic. Leander’s Classic Cot Comfort and Premium Mattress are suitable for children with allergies.
      • Lightweight: This means it’s easier to physically handle, making changing sheets and linen easier.
      • Variety in firmness: Foam mattresses offer a wider range of firmness. Always ensure child sleep safety requirements are met by the manufacturer.
      • Budget friendly: Some foam mattresses are more affordable than other types of mattresses.


      Features to look out for when purchasing a cot mattress

      • Safety: If possible, avoid second-hand cot mattresses because of potential bacteria or mould build up. There's a researched link between SIDS and harmful bacteria build-up in cot and bassinet mattresses. Always only buy a bassinet or cot mattress that meets the necessary safety standards. All Metro Baby’s items adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards.
      • Fit: For safety reasons and to avoid bub being trapped between mattress and the edge of cot or bassinet, the mattress should fit snugly within the confines of the cot or bassinet with no space between the mattress and the inside edge of the cot or bassinet.
      • Foam vs spring: Consider the options in buying a foam or innerspring cot mattress. Each has pros and cons which includes weight of mattress, allergy considerations, eco-friendly, firmness, and durability.
      • Firmness: The mattress should be designed for babies to support their growing body, with a firm sleeping surface suited to a baby's needs, adhering to all required sleep safety requirements.
      • Materials: Foam mattresses are generally more hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly.
      • Years of use: Some cot mattresses can be extended into a toddler single bed mattress. Leander's Classic Cot Junior Bed Mattress Extension extends a baby cot mattress into a toddler mattress.


      Protecting and maintaining your cot mattress

      Protecting your baby's cot mattress is important for bub's health. Research has shown a link between SIDS and harmful bacteria that can harbour in a cot mattress. So, to maintain hygiene and safety of your mattress, it’s worth investing in a mattress protector because baby spills and mishaps can happen at any time and for no reason. Mattresses are very hard to clean, mattress protectors are much easier to clean because they're washable. Some mattresses come with built-in protection, like Leander’s range of mattresses, but some parents also choose to buy an additional mattress protector or mattress topper (or two!) for added mattress protection which also makes midnight linen changes much quicker and easier. Mattress protectors can also help protect from dust mites.

      Other accessories to consider when setting up your baby’s cot

      From nursery furniture to accessories, there are other items to consider when setting up your baby’s cot for comfort, safety and convenience. These include some of the beautiful items listed below, available from Metro Baby.

      • Leander’s Organic Classic Cot sheets: These organic cotton sheets are available in a range of colours and come as a sheet-set pack of two.
      • Atelier Choux’s Fitted Sheet: Designed and made in France, and known for their elegant baby bedding and nursery items, this organic cotton fitted cot sheet is available in a variety of gorgeous prints and designs.
      • Linea by Leander’s Cot Bumper: Made from soft and durable high quality cotton, this beautiful cot bumper fits the Linea by Leander® baby cot. This is a half size bumper only covering half of the cot to allow proper airflow.
      • Slumberpod Fan: Adds airflow and is multi-speed, compact and versatile and can make hot summer sleeps more comfy for bub.
      • Linea/Luna Cot Canopy: This light and elegant canopy forms a protective enclosure for your cot and is available in three colours.


      Brands we know and trust

      Metro Baby offer an extensive range of trusted baby products which adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. These include Leander, Purebaby, Medela, Cocoon, Bumbo, Haakaa, BabyBjorn, and many more. Our best-sellers include baby cots, bassinets, change tables, and rockers. Beyond nursery furniture, our range extends to prams, strollers, car seats, breastfeeding products, bottle warmers, backpacks and nappy carry bags, high chairs, bibs, plush toys, play mats, quilts, baby clothing, sleeping bags and more.

      Buying your cot mattress online at Metro Baby

      Metro Baby is Australia’s trusted online one-stop baby shop offering an extensive range of deluxe and specialty baby products from the most trusted local and international brands. We are careful in selecting the best quality baby products to cater for your little one's many and changing needs from babyhood and beyond. Our exceptional customer service includes easy checkout, Price Promise and gift cards to fulfil a parent's wishlist.




      What is the difference between a cot mattress and a crib mattress?

      A cot is a crib and both are a place where a baby sleeps safely in their own space. A ‘crib’ is a term used more in the United States whereas the UK, Australia and other English speaking countries use ‘cot’. So a cot mattress is a crib mattress although each cot and crib mattress may differ in size depending on the manufacturer and brand. Similar to the terms swaddles and wraps, also often used interchangeably in baby talk.

      How much does a cot mattress cost?

      Prices range for a cot mattress. Foam cot mattresses are sometimes more affordable than inner spring cot mattresses but prices will vary even within these two categories. Because a cot mattress can last for years and is used for many hours every day in the early years of bub’s arrival, quality and safety are of prime importance, which is what Metro Baby offer across all our brands and products.

      What is a cot mattress?

      A cot mattress is usually rectangle in shape which is inserted into a cot so baby can sleep comfortably and safely. Cot mattresses may be foam or with innersprings and may be rectangle or rectangular with rounded edges.

      What is the size of a cot mattress?

      Cot mattress sizes vary, if only by a few centimetres or by a lot -- from standard cots to compact cots to cot beds. That’s why it’s important to always measure your baby's cot or bassinet prior to buying a new cot mattress so you buy a cot mattress that fits snuggly into your cot or bassinet, with no gaps for baby to get trapped. Knowing your cot mattress size is also important when buying cot sheets and mattress protectors. Product quality and childcare safety are top priorities in deciding on what cot mattress to buy.