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      Shop our range of trusted baby walkers to build confidence for your little one’s first steps and beyond, as they learn to walk. With delivery Australia wide, our range of baby walkers also double up as developmental activity toys with blocks and games for your curious on-the-go toddler.

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      Help bub develop independence with an activity baby walker


      Best wooden baby walkers and wagons

      If you’re looking for the best walkers and wagons to help your independent little one as they take their first steps, browse our range of fun, safe and functional baby walkers from trusted brands. Our wide range includes baby walkers made from sustainable products and non-toxic water-based paint featuring a mix of gears, flaps, blocks, fun themes and handles that can be adjusted to different heights. The perfect activity centre for on-the-go toddlers.


      Baby walkers which include an activity station

      Many of our baby walkers are designed to not only build confidence as your little one starts to walk but also include an activity station for hours of extra play value! Janod’s ABC walker features 30 colourful wooden blocks with letters and numbers and an abacus. Tender Leaf Toys’ baby activity walker focuses on open-ended play value, education and fine motor skills with spinning gears, bead run and mirror. Le Toy Van’s petitlou activity walker is designed with 10 different play features including peekaboo flaps and gears.

      Activity walkers to keep your baby entertained

      In between bub’s hours of walking and exploring, our range of baby walkers are also designed to keep your baby entertained. Your little one can take a play break and spend many hours fiddling with all the fun toys, clever gadgets and activity blocks built into many of our baby walkers.

      Features to look out for when purchasing a baby walker

      • Safety: All Metro Baby’s products and brands, including our baby walkers adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards.
      • Design: Rubber grip wheels, sturdy design and adjustable height make bub’s experience easy and safe.
      • Activities: Many walkers double up to give bub hours of fun and play time with developmental and educational activities.
      • Material: Look out for ethically produced and sustainable products, and ensure paint is non-toxic.


      Helping your baby learn to walk

      Every child’s development milestones will be different and walking journey unique. In general, babies begin to take their first steps from before their first birthday, others after their first birthday, at around 14 months. Most little ones start by being able to pull themselves up (around month 9 or 10) and cruise holding onto something – from your hand to a couch to coffee table. With this type of support, bub walks holding on. Many of our walkers are recommended for 12 months and up and are wagon push walkers with a handle (not sit-in walkers). Please read the manufacturer’s guidelines.

      Movement and play ideas to help your baby’s motor skills

      Our baby walkers are designed for bub’s movement and also feature a range of play ideas to help develop your baby’s motor skills. Some of the play ideas include an abacus, which encourages counting, sorting and concentration as well as develops fine motor skills. Spinning gears and bead runs also encourage fine motor skills. A mirror helps bub explore and learn to recognise their own face. Building blocks also help develop fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, dexterity and problem solving and basic language and math skills if marked with letters and numbers.


      Different baby walker designs to look out for

      Our range of baby walkers are wagon walkers designed for bub to push along as they learn to walk independently. Many of the designs in our range include fun play and educational activities. Our walkers are designed with a handle, some adjustable, with a sturdy base and solid wheels. Besides fun activities to develop motor and play skills, some of our walkers also come with wooden blocks to add extra hours of play fun for your little one. Our range of different baby walker designs to look out for include:

      • Janod’s Cocoon walker with blocks has an adjustable and removable break system to match your child’s stage of development with features to assist in early STEM learning. Suitable for 12 months and up.
      • Tender Leaf Toys’ baby activity walker has a strong focus on child development and open-ended play. Suited to 18+ months.
      • PlanToys baby walker is made from sustainable and organic material, suited for 10 months plus with an adjustable handle for different heights.


      Popular colours and styles of walkers

      Our range of baby walkers are popular wagon walkers with a handle for bub to push and use as support as they learn to walk more confidently. Wagon walkers are different to traditional sit-in baby walkers as wagon walkers allow bub to walk in their natural standing position and bub is able to see their feet and develop a sense of balance. Our range of wagon walkers are available in brightly coloured wooden designs as well as softer colour palettes, including fun themes and ideas to develop bub’s play and motor skills.

      Keeping your baby walker clean

      Because wood is naturally microbial it means you don’t need to clean wood that often – compared to plastic. But because kids' toys can get dirty and dust can build up, if you want to keep your baby walker clean, either dust with a dry cloth to reduce dust build up or wipe over with a mild soap and water damp cloth, or even a mix of vinegar and water damp cloth.

      Other accessories to consider when your baby is starting to walk

      From around the time your child starts to pull up to taking first steps and walking, other products that match this developmental timeframe include some of the below, and are also great gifts.

      • Sippy cups help independent bub transition from bottle to cup. Browse our brands which include, Haakaa and Skip Hop.
      • Picture books encourage language skills, conversations and learning. Bestseller books include titles like ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, ‘ABC What Can She Be?’ and ‘Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes’.
      • Bath toys include sealed safe teethers for aching gums to fun bath books which encourage play skills and parent-child bonding. Favourite products include teethers from Haakaa and Oli and Carol, Wee Gallery bath books, and bath toys for fun role play by Liewood.
      • Sorters and stackers help develop imaginative play, hand-eye coordination and problem solving, for the whole family to enjoy. Evergreen favourites include Janod’s duck family stacker, Manhattan Toys brilliant bear magnetic stack-up, and Done by Deer’s stacking cubes.
      • Extra-large play mats for safe baby play with non-slip surface and soft foam layers in fun and educational designs are available from Dwinguler, IVI Rugs and Skip Hop.
      • Musical toys like maracas, xylophone and tambourine from Skip Hop, Baby Noise and PlanToys.
      • Alphabet activities including cards, wooden toy puzzles and books from Wee Gallery, Kiddie Connect and Janod.


      Brands we know and trust: Nursing chair rockers, prams, strollers and beyond

      Metro Baby offer an extensive range of trusted baby products which adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. These include Leander, Purebaby, Medela, Cocoon, Bumbo, Haakaa, Shnuggle and many more. Our best-seller ranges include baby cots, bassinets, mattresses, change tables, nursing chair rockers, bouncers, sleeping bags, baby carriers, swaddles, prams, strollers, car seats, playpens, change mats, breastfeeding products, bottle and food warmers, backpacks, travel and nappy bags, high chairs, ride-ons, scooters, baby toys, play gyms, activity learning centres, plush toys, rattles, and baby clothing.

      Buying a baby walker online at Metro Baby

      Metro Baby is Australia’s trusted online one-stop baby shop offering an extensive range of deluxe and specialty baby products from the most trusted local and international brands, including baby walkers. We are careful in selecting the best quality baby products to cater for your little one's many and changing needs, from babyhood and beyond. Our exceptional customer service includes easy checkout, Price Promise, and gift cards to fulfil any mum and dad's wishlist.



      What age should a baby use a walker?

      Metro Baby’s range of baby walkers are push wagon and/or activity walkers and many are suitable for ages 12 months and above. We also have some walkers suited to 18 months and above and 10 months and above. It is important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for age suitability for all baby and child products.

      Can a baby use a walker at 6 months?

      Our range of baby walkers are not suited for 6-month old babies. In general babies need to be able to be walking, even if assisted to use a wagon walker, which is usually around the 1-year old mark. Each child’s development is different. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on product use to keep your child safe.

      What are the benefits of a baby walker?

      Many of Metro Baby’s range of baby walkers also double up as an activity centre to help build a child’s independence as well as provide hours of fun activity, developing play skills and fine motor skills.

      What is the maximum weight for a baby walker?

      Metro Baby’s range of baby walkers are not sit-in walkers but rather push wagon walkers. Suitability for a child depends on their stage of development. Our baby walkers are suited to around 12 months and above (maybe slightly before or after), if your child is able to pull up and scoot around and starting to take their first steps. Please check the manufacturer's age guidelines.