Tooth Gel (50ml)

Tooth Gel (50ml)

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With extracts of organic calendula flowers to keep gums healthy, silica for thorough cleaning and natural flavours of fennel and spearmint, it makes cleaning teeth a happy ritual. There are no ingredients which could cause harm if swallowed – no fluoride either. It’s everything good you want for your child’s early teeth, naturally.

More features:

  • Gentle effective cleanser with pleasant-tasting, natural essential oils.
  • Silica gently cleans teeth to help avoid the build-up of plaque.
  • Fluoride-free. Free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, surfactants, synthetic preservatives, flavours, colourants, or raw materials derived from mineral oils.
  • No ingredients harmful if swallowed. Certified natural dental care developed with dentists’ advice.

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