Merries Nappies (Tape) - Size Medium (6-11kg)

Merries Nappies (Tape) - Size Medium (6-11kg)

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Merries is one of Japan's most popular nappies. From ultra soft to highly absorbent, Merries is the first choice of nappies for many mothers. 

More features:

  • Merries nappies are highly breathable for babies - this means that there is less moisture trapped inside the nappy
  • One of the main causes of nappy rash is too much moisture inside the nappy
  • Merries contain a triple layer air flow system - first layer contains a breathable, light and airy layer of mesh. The second layer is an absorbent layer where air and moisture passes through whilst pee is absorbed. The third layer is breathable and draws moisture and heat away from the pee
  • The wavy/recessed areas trap poo and prevents it from dispersing
  • The polymers in Merries nappies can absorb up to 200 - 300 times
    the weight of fluid relative to the nappy weight
  • The nappies have a colour changing wetness indicator - it turns from green to blue when the nappy is ready to be changed

Each package contains 64 nappies and is recommended for babies from 6-11kg.