It's OK to Make Mistakes (Little Brown Bear) by Annelies Draws

It's OK to Make Mistakes (Little Brown Bear) by Annelies Draws

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Its OK to Make Mistakes is a charming picture book with important messages about perseverance and having growth mindset.

What happens when we make a mistake? As Little Brown Bear knows, making a mistake isn't something to be ashamed of, it's something to celebrate, because mistakes show that we are learning and growing. See how Little Brown Bear tries new things, keeps going even when he finds a puzzle tricky and always knows that mistakes are great - because they are how you learn!

Simple, poignant messages about being brave and trying your best are illustrated with Annelies' adorable vintage-style artwork. The lessons contained are appropriate both for young ones and the young at heart, as they encompass important truths about always learning, growing, and feeling confident in our own abilities.

Sweetly illustrated messages about perseverance and resilience for young readers. Vintage-style artworks feature a cast of cute characters to relate to. Helps build self-esteem and emotional intelligence for children aged 2-5

Developing a growth mindset where mistakes are something to be celebrated, rather than something to be afraid of, is proven to be key to children's wellbeing, as well improving academic achievement, so help your little one feel full of confidence and flourish along with Little Brown Bear.