ABC Lets Celebrate You & Me (ABC for Me) by Sugar Snap Studio

ABC Lets Celebrate You & Me (ABC for Me) by Sugar Snap Studio

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ABC Let's Celebrate You & Me presents 26 things-from A to Z-that make us special and that are worth celebrating! Kids can be big or small, be talkative or quiet, or wear their hair short or long or loose or in braids. They can run with their legs or zoom around in a wheelchair, speak one or two or more languages, be able to memorize facts or tell a good story, and so much more!

ABC Let's Celebrate You & Me presents a whole alphabet full of positive attributes kids can celebrate about themselves, including their bodies, skin, eyes, and hair, on the outside, as well as inner qualities, such as their choices, kindness, and respect. Pairing either a physical or character attribute with each letter of the alphabet.

Also, features colorful illustrations, as well as thoughtful text that gets kids thinking about who they are and how all people are unique, special, and worthy of love and happiness. A fun read for the whole family, not only perfect for teaching toddlers their ABCs, but also for encouraging kids to love themselves-and other people too-just as they are. With A is for Achievements, B is for Body, and C is for Confidence.