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      Your baby will sleep more soundly on organic cotton cot sheets and bedding. Give your little one a comfortable start with comfy and cozy bassinet sheets, mattress protectors and other high-quality baby bedding from Metro Baby.

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      Finding the best cot sheet for your baby


      Whether you're designing an elaborate nursery or simply putting a baby cot in your bedroom, shopping for organic cot sheets at Metro Baby is fun. Your little one deserves the best at the right price. After all, a cot or bassinet is where your baby will be spending a lot of time during this important stage of growth and development.

      Newborns can sleep up to 18 hours a day, so it's important to make the space as comforting and attractive as possible. This is where the Metro Baby collection of cute and comfy cot sheets comes into the picture.


      Softness to make your baby comfortable

      Fitted cot sheets made of natural soft cotton are the most popular choice among parents. Cotton is breathable, long-lasting and non-allergenic, making cotton baby cot sheets a good option, particularly for children with sensitive skin.

      During colder months, flannelette fitted cot sheets are a great choice. Flannelette is breathable, retains heat, and is soft to the touch. If your priority is protecting your baby and mattress, waterproof fitted cot sheets are another option worth adding to your Metro Baby wishlist.

      Ease of washing is the key

      Cot sheets, cot bedding and baby comforters are small, easy to clean, and machine washable. Quality cot sheets are pre-shrunk and can be washed in hot or cold water. Babies spend a lot of time in contact with cot sheets, so it's advisable to wash with mild anti-bacterial detergents to get rid of harmful germs or bacteria.

      Natural sunshine is a great drying option as it delivers anti-bacterial disinfecting drying for all sorts of baby gear such as pyjamas, pillow cases, quilt covers, swaddles and other baby sleep items. Using a clothes dryer generally fine also, and baby sleep products are small items that will dry fast. Metro Baby products are made from easy-clean natural fabrics that offer optimal protection and comfort for your little ones.


      Safety - making sure the cot sheets fit correctly

      Most cot sheets have fitted corners to keep them secure. Metro Baby sheets are made of soft and breathable fabrics that include organic cotton, lightweight flannel, and muslin cloth. It's worth measuring the cot dimensions prior to purchasing sheets to ensure they fit correctly, without being too tight or too loose and bunchy. Always follow manufacturers guidelines at laundry time to ensure your fitted cot sheets remain in good condition.


      Why fitted sheets make life a little easier

      Fitted baby bed sheets are a must-have to make your life easier and your baby's sleep more comfortable during the day and at night. Advantages of fitted cot sheets made from natural cotton include:
      • Preserving the longevity of the cot mattress
      • Breathability
      • Warmth
      • Comfort
      • Protection of sensitive skin
      • Safety



      Cot sheet sets available

      The extensive collection of Metro Baby cot sheets has something for everyone. Here are just a few of our most popular products available.
      • Fitted Cot Sheet - Whale by Snuggle Hunny Kids
      • Fitted Cot Sheet - Lullaby by Snuggle Hunny Kids
      • Classic Cot Junior Bed Cot Sheets by Leander
      • Baby Tuck Sheet by Ergopouch
      • Junior Fitted Sheet - Botany by Garbo and Friends
      • Muslin Junior Fitted Sheet by Garbo and Friends


      Designs and colours available to fit your décor

      Every new parent wants the very best for their little ones, and Metro Baby delivers in style. A nursery room or crib corner should be a welcoming, comforting space where your baby feels loved and protected, so we showcase every style of cot sheets to satisfy all parents and newborns.

      Choose from classic and contemporary baby cot bedding from a wide range of designs and patterns that can include:
      • Australiana
      • Safari
      • Cloud Chaser
      • Sunflower
      • Wonderlust
      • Rainbow Baby

      Whether you are looking for a Star Wars type theme, Disney-style animals, or a classic Australian pattern, you have come to the right place at Metro Baby. Our collection is constantly evolving, so make sure to check back for new arrivals and special deals, all available online.


      Accessories you may want to consider when setting up your cot

      The cot and fitted cot sheets are just the start at Metro Baby. We have thousands of baby products available from well-known manufacturers. Firstly though, it's worth adding a dash of colour or pattern to the room with paint (non-toxic) or wallpaper. Mums, dads, and guardians need a comfy space too, so it's worth investing in a comfy rocker with plenty of cushioning and space for you and your little one.

      Choices for the nursery are only limited by your imagination. However, it's worth remembering that many wooden toys, stuffed toys, rattles and other accessories should remain outside the cot at unsupervised times as they may be a choking or health hazard. Keep mobiles, hangings and other decorative items out of reach also. Consider practical shelving for toys and accessories to keep the nursery area clean and tidy.


      Making sure it fits your cot

      Your baby will spend many hours every day in their cot, so make sure it meets Australian safety standards. Fitted cot sheets are made-to-measure to ensure the best baby sleep possible. Here are a few safety hints for your new cot or bassinet.
      • The mattress must be a snug fit, with no gaps where the baby's head can get stuck.
      • The bars must be smooth and securely fixed. The bars should be no more than 6.5cm apart.
      • The cot and cot legs should be sturdy.
      • All moving parts should work in a way that doesn't allow fingers to get trapped.
      • Never leave clothes, bibs or anything with ties in the cot as they are a choking hazard.

      Brands we know and trust

      Metro Baby partners with well-known baby brands that prioritise health and safety. We understand that being a new parent or guardian presents a lot of challenges; many of which you may not have even considered. We are here to assist with baby gear that is sure to delight and inspire in a vast array of patterns, colours and fabrics.

      We are here with you every step of the way as your baby grows, supported by brands we know and trust. Metro Baby is your one-stop-shop for sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, nappy's, backpacks, car seats, prams, swimwear, cotton jerseys and a whole lot more. Explore our amazing collection, with free delivery anywhere in Australia for orders over $99.00.


      Buying your cot sheet online with Metro Baby

      Shopping is lots of fun at Metro Baby. We have an unbeatable range of baby gear at prices regular Australian's can afford. Simply make a wishlist, add favourite products to your virtual shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for convenient payment options and speedy product delivery to your door. If gift-giving is your thing, consider a Metro Baby gift card. It doesn't get any better than that.




      What sheet do you need for a cot?

      Your baby's cot should include a made-to-measure mattress, breathable sheets, and quality cot accessories. Choose several sheet sets for all-season warmth and comfort. Your cot sheets should be made of natural fabrics and be easy to clean.

      Do cot sheets fit all cots?

      Many Metro Baby cot sheets are made to measure (133 x 77 cm) for all standard size cots and bassinets, including Boori. Explore the Metro Baby range for the perfect fit.

      What sheets are best for newborns?

      Every newborn responds as an individual to their sheets, blankets and swaddles. That's why Metro Baby offers a complete range of baby bedding and accessories. Soft cotton cot sheets are very popular, and it's worth also considering tuck sheets and baby sleeping bags for the perfect fit for your little one.

      How often should you change cot sheets?

      Like baby clothes, cot sheets should be washed and changed daily. Your baby will be spending a lot of hours on their sheets, making cleanliness a priority for creating a healthy and happy nursery environment that babies and parents will love.