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      Ensuring your baby takes milk, formula or food at the right temperature is important. Metro Baby showcases the best bottle warmers for at-home and portable use to guarantee your baby is healthy, happy and totally satisfied.

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      Heating a baby bottle the right way with our bottle warmers


      Using a bottle warmer comes down to personal preference. Some parents (and babies) are satisfied with breastmilk or baby food that is slowly heated by placing the milk or food container in a bowl of hot water to slowly heat up.

      However, some babies are more picky, and not all parents have the patience to wait around during the slow-thaw process. A bottle warmer from Metro Baby is the answer, speeding up the heating process safely to deliver perfectly warmed and temperature-controlled food to your baby.

      Our bottle warmers meet stringent Australian health and safety guidelines to ensure a healthy heated drink or meal every time.

      Features and designs to look out for

      If you are on the lookout for the right portable bottle warmer for expressed milk or baby foods, we have some great products worth serious consideration. Metro Baby partners include famous brands such as Avent and Tommee Tippee that parents and their little cuties love. Here are a couple of our favourite bottle warmers.

      Perfect Prep Day & Night from Tommee Tippee

      Prep the perfect bottle stress-free in just 2 minutes. Features include:
      • Prepare the perfect volume and temperature fast
      • Silent heating action
      • Glow night-light for making night-time feeds easy
      • Digital display bottle prepping
      • Works with most bottles and formula brands
      • Comes with 1 x anti-bacterial filter, 1 x 150ml feeding bottle 0m+ with slow flow teat, and 1 x milk storage lid

      Electric Bottle and Baby Food Warmer from Avent

      Express milk and baby food the Philips Avent fast and safe way. Warms 125ml/4oz milk at room temperature in around 4 minutes.

      Additional features:
      • Just add water and select the setting
      • Fits all Avent Bottles, Magic Cups and food jars
      • Heats gently and evenly with no hot spots

      Choosing the best baby bottle warmer for breast milk

      Breastfed babies are used to drinking their milk warm or at body temperature. If your little one is particular about temperature, a bottle warmer is a must-have. A reliable bottle warmer is the quick and safe way to guarantee uniform heating of a chilled bottle, freezer bag, or even refrigerated baby food so it can be enjoyed right away. Bottle feeding at the perfect temperature has never been easier with Metro Baby.


      Warming baby food in a bottle warmer

      Some babies are relatively easy-going when it comes to eating cooler food. Other little ones protest when their food is delivered at the wrong temperature. Breast milk is naturally warm, leading some babies to develop a preference for a warmer food. If you are in the process of introducing your little one to foods at different temperatures, it may be worth opting for warm foods in general, with the addition of one colder item to gently introduce different taste sensations.

      Expose your baby to the variation gradually. It can take more than a dozen attempts over several weeks for your baby to adjust to different food temperatures. In a short while, your child should start enjoying the temperature variety of their favourite foods.

      How long you can leave a bottle in a warmer

      While many babies prefer their milk at close to room temperature, it's usually fine to serve it cold if they prefer. With Metro Baby on your side, it's as easy as using a travel bottle warmer with thermostat control.

      Be careful not to leave the bottle sitting idle in the bottle warmer for more than 10 minutes, particularly if you are using prepared formula instead of milk. When left too long in a warmer, harmful bacteria can grow. Place a few drops on your inner-wrist if you need to test the temperature. It should feel just a little warm and will be safe for baby to drink.


      What to expect from your bottle warmer

      A bottle warmer isn't an essential baby item, although it can make life much easier for busy new parents. While some parents choose a minimalist approach, others like to plan ahead in anticipation of their needs. A bottle warmer is definitely a nice-to-have baby accessory.

      The best bottle warmers available from Metro Baby act as a sterilizer and milk bottle warmer all-in-one. Warm milk is a baby milk favourite, and a bottle warmer can save you loads of time. If your little one is breastfeeding and you want to store expressed breast pump milk for later use, a bottle warmer from Metro Baby is the convenient solution.


      Tips for warming your bottle

      The goal with an electric bottle warmer is to warm the milk or food to a temperature that is safe for your baby to enjoy. Exposing milk to higher temperatures will destroy beneficial enzymes and immunizing properties. Here are a few tips.
      • Gently raise the temperature to match typical body temperature.
      • Don't warm bottles in the microwave. Heating is uneven and can burn a baby's mouth.
      • Use glass bottles or bottles manufactured without bisphenol A (BPA).
      • Don't keep the contents of the bottle warm for more than 10 minutes before use.
      • Only use products that are certified as safe by Australian health authorities.
      • Test the milk temperature before use with a couple of drops on your inner-wrist.
      • If concerned about tap water quality, use a bottle warmer with inbuilt steriliser.


      Other accessories to consider when buying a bottle warmer

      Bottle warmers are just the start of the innovative and practical accessories range at Metro Baby. Our extensive product range includes pouch warmers, baby food jars, pacifiers, cots, blankets, clothing and gadgets that mums, dads and babies love.

      If your wishlist includes highchairs, strollers, nursery furniture, car seats, bath accessories and toys, you will be right at home with Metro Baby. Explore highest quality products at prices Australian mums and dads can afford, and bring a smile to your little one's face.


      Brands we know and trust

      Safety is the number one priority at Metro Baby. That's why we partner with established Australian and international baby brands. Our baby products are second-to-none, and we are proud to be Australia's favourite store for all baby products, clothing and accessories. We work with brands we know and trust so you can have confidence in your purchase, with free delivery Australia-wide on orders over $99.00.

      Buying your bottle warmer online with Metro Baby

      Bringing up your bundle of joy has its challenges, so Metro Baby aims to make your purchasing experience fun and convenient. For starters, we have a huge range of products designed for every type of family. If you are looking for a bottle warmer that heats warm water and milk bottles accurately, look no further.

      Explore bottle warmers that include auto shut-off to avoid overheating, plus defrost setting for hands-free warming while you take care of your baby. Then add favourite products to your virtual shopping cart and proceed to checkout for convenient payment options and fast product delivery directly to your door.




      Which is the best bottle warmer?

      The best bottle warmers heat bottles quickly and accurately to ensure your little ones enjoy their milk and food to the max. Check out our specially chosen products such as the Tommee Tippee Closer and other baby nursing and feeding products designed for safety and functionality.

      What are bottle warmers for?

      Bottle warmers are for busy parents and guardians who want the best for their little ones. Our famous baby brands include Beaba, Baby Bjorn, Ergobaby, Leander and Bumbo. From nappy bags to beautiful bassinets, we have it all at Metro Baby.

      How do you safely use a bottle warmer?

      The best bottle warmers, food warmers and food processors available at Metro Baby include safety-first features such as automatic cut-off when your baby bottle reaches the perfect temperature. Our Tommee Tippee model even includes digital display that illuminates at night for safe baby feeding 24/7.

      How do you clean your bottle warmer?

      This will depend on the type of bottle warmer you use. You can wipe surfaces using mild detergent and a soft sponge. Never immerse electric bottle warmers or any other electric appliance in water. Follow manufacturers instructions for safe use at playtime, bedtime, and every time in between.