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      Shop our wide range of safe and functional baby bath toys designed to add buckets of fun to bath time. Our range includes mould-free sealed toys for teething bubs, and for kids of all ages, browse bath books for toddlers, floaties, and kids fishing games, with delivery Australia wide.

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      Make bath time fun time with our child-safe range of water-play bath toys


      Best bath toys available for all ages

      Metro Baby offer a wide range of safe and functional bath toys designed with child safety in mind as well as bringing loads of fun to bath time. We aim to make bath time routine all about getting kids out the bath rather than into the bath! Our wide range of fun bath toys include popular bath toys from trusted brands including Done by Deer, Janod, Konges Slojd, Liewood, Oli and Carol, and Wee Gallery. All our bath toys meet the necessary child safety requirements for Australia and New Zealand.


      Mould-free bath toys make bathing fun and encourage parent-child bonding

      Bath toys encourage parent-child bonding and also help to develop bub’s play skills. Parents can have endless hours of fun games with little ones with role-play games and safe water play activities while getting kiddies clean. Bath time can be fun time for everyone! Besides the fun, parents also need to ensure bath toys remain hygienically clean because bath toys can easily develop mould from hours in the water and not drying out adequately. Especially since teething bubs love to put bath toys in their mouth. That’s why many parents opt for sealed mould-free bath toys to make bath time fun while keeping little ones safe from harmful mould.

      Making bathing fun with toys for babies and toddlers

      Bath toys are a great distraction for kids who don’t always love getting clean. Bath toys range in design and objectives. The most important feature is that a bath toy must be child safe. All Metro Baby’s products adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Other things to consider are sealed mould-free water toys for teething bubs, educational toys for curious toddlers and fun games for kids of all ages. Bath toys make bathing fun for kids of all ages.



      Features to look out for when purchasing new bath toys, from child safety to green toys

      Child safety: All child products, including bath toys, need to adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards and requirements. Always read the manufacturer’s label.
      Function: Bath toys may have a range of functions which include encouraging play skills, educating, stimulating baby’s senses, encouraging child-parent bonding, and/or soothing teething gums.
      Design: Bath toys should be designed for little hands to easily grasp (toys) and/or be soft and soothing (teethers).
      Mould-free: Bath toys that are sealed with no holes, especially teething toys, are designed to be mould-free which eliminates bacterial growth.
      Eco-friendly: Some bath toys are green toys made from biodegradable eco-friendly material, like 100% natural rubber or eco-friendly 100% food-grade silicone.



      Popular bath books for your baby’s bath time

      Bath books are a big hit for bubs and toddlers at bath time. Little ones love paging through bath books to see what happens next. Besides the fun side of bath books, bath books also encourage early learning. Quality bath books are durable and are designed to handle hours of bath time fun with the benefit of getting clean while learning. Metro Baby’s range of Wee Gallery Colour Me Bath Book encourages reading and curiosity by revealing a world of colour as each page comes to life when splashed by water. Make bath time a magical time with Wee Gallery’s range of safe, durable and fun bath books which includes themes on pets, dinosaurs, ocean, water, pond, and rainforest.

      Bath toys which help fine motor skills

      Bath toys are more than just a fun distraction for little ones. Bath toys also help develop fine motor skills as well as play skills, designed for little hands to hold and explore. Some fun bath toys available from Metro Baby that help with fine motor skills include Janod’s Ducky Fishing game where fun is doubled as kids play with cute little ducks in the bath and then pluck the little ducks out of the bath with the toy fishing pole. Liewood’s Knud Bath Toys are the perfect size for little hands to grasp and explore. Oli and Carol’s Cathy the Carrot is a baby teether that develops bub’s senses and also soothes aching gums. To mention just a few.



      Trending bath toys and brands

      Metro Baby’s popular bath toys are bestsellers because they combine quality, functionality and safety. Browse our trending bath toys and brands for all ages to enjoy.
      Oli and Carol’s fun fruit and veggie inspired range of baby teethers are designed to stimulate senses and sooth little gums. Made from natural rubber, this sensory play toy is also safe for little mouths because it is sealed, made from one piece with no holes so remains mould-free. Other fun products by Oli and Carol include the World Ball, shaped like the earth for some early learning geography, as well as Elvis Small Monochrome Ducks -- a gorgeous playset of cute little bath duckies.
      Wee Gallery’s clever range of bath books are designed for curious kids who love turning the pages to see what happens next. This range of bath books encourages reading with gorgeous colours appearing as pages get wet. Safe and durable, themes include pets, dinosaurs, ocean, rain forest and more.
      Liewood’s range of super-cute animal bath toys are a plastic-free green toy playset made from 100% natural rubber. This fun range of bath toys float perfectly on the water and are easy to grab and hold. Choose from cat and bunny combo pack or ellie and croc. Other fun products from Liewood include the 5-pack Gaby bath toy squirters, made from 100% silicone and rubber 3-pack boat set.
      Janod’s fun fishing game, with carry bag for storage, is great to play with in the bath as well as fun after bath time where your little munchkin gets to pluck the duckies out of the bath with play fishing rod. Cleaning up has never been so much fun!
      Done by Deer’s bath time activity toys include neoprene Wally and Jelly fun ocean themed cute characters.
      Skip Hop Zoo Bath Fill-up Fountain Bee has easy to hold handles and fun bright bee design. Submerge in water to fill up and watch the waterworks cascading effect, helping bub learn about cause and effect.



      Popular colours and styles of bath toys available

      Metro Baby's wide range of bath toys are available in a selection of gorgeous colours and different styles. From bright popping coloured teethers in green, pink, orange, red and yellow, to earthy safari themed colours like rose, mustard grey and green, to monochrome toys in nude, white and mint. Whatever your colour scheme or kiddie preference, our variety of bath toys in different shapes will delight in a range of colours.

      Keeping your bath toys clean and hygienic

      Even though bath toys spend a lot of time in the bath, this doesn’t mean they’re necessarily clean and hygienic. This is why many bath toys are sealed and without holes, to prevent a build-up of harmful bacteria. For all bath toys, wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap to keep hygienically clean and air dry in between use. Do not leave in direct contact with sunlight.



      Other accessories to consider when bathing your baby or toddler

      Besides getting clean, staying safe and having fun in the bath with a fun range of kids’ bath toys, there are a number of other bath time accessories to consider when bathing your baby or toddler. These include baby care products like Haakaa’s baby nail care set, Pure Baby’s goats’ wool hair brush, and Oricom’s infrared thermometer. Bath tubs and accessories like Skip Hop bath mat and Schnuggle baby bath with plug. Hooded bath towels and washcloths from Garbo and Friends, Susukoshi and Liewood. Laundry detergent from Pigeon. Nappy bins and nappy bags from Ubbi, Skip Hop nappy caddy organiser and Medela wipes. Potty chair and step stool from Baby Bjorn. Oral care silicone toothbrush, finger toothbrush and oral care sets from Haakaa and Mushie. Skincare products include bestsellers like nappy cream and body wash from Weleda and Lovekins, plus Bert’s Bees baby nourishing oil.



      Brands we know and trust

      Metro Baby offer an extensive range of trusted baby products which adhere to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Besides favourite bath toy brands, other trusted brands across a wide range of baby products include Leander, PlanToys, Cocoon, Aden & Anais, Bumbo, Haakaa, Atelier Choux, Disney, Globber and many more. Our bestsellers include nursery essentials like baby cots, bassinets, change tables, bouncers, sleeping bags, swaddles, baby monitors and nightlights. Other popular products include prams, strollers, car seats, breastfeeding products and bottles, backpacks, nappy and travel bags, ride-ons, high chairs, clothing, play gyms, cog and wooden toys, baby toys, rattles, and so much more.

      Buying bath toys online at Metro Baby

      Metro Baby is Australia’s trusted online one-stop baby shop offering an extensive range of deluxe and specialty baby products including fun and functional bath toys from trusted local and international brands. We are careful in selecting the best quality baby products to cater for your little one's many stages of development, from comforters to trike scooters to trampolines. Our exceptional customer service includes easy checkout, Price Promise, and gift cards to fulfil a parent's wishlist.


      What is the most popular bath toy?

      The most popular bath toys add fun to bath time but are also child safe, top quality and designed to last. Popular bath toys include quality child-safe teething toys, activity-based water play toys as well as toys that float and toys that squirt. All these make staying in the bath as much fun as playing outside the bath.

      What are some types of bath toys?

      Bath toys include teething bath toys, bath toy sets that develop play skills including floating toys, bath squirter toys, water-friendly wall stickers and bath crayons, as well as water toys designed for little hands to develop fine motor skills. Metro Baby’s range of bath toys includes a wide selection of many types of fun bath toys.

      Why are bath toys popular?

      Bath toys are popular because they add fun to bath time and can help develop your little one’s play skills as well as encourage bonding between parent and child. Bath toys are also popular because they distract bub while getting clean -- because not all kiddies love to bath! Bath toys can also help develop fine motor skills.

      What is the purpose of bath toys?

      To make bath time fun time while getting clean.