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Riding in the car with your baby – what you need to know

As a parent, protecting your baby is all that matters. This includes car safety. Choosing the correct baby car seat for your child’s age and height as well as safe car accessories can make riding in the car with your baby an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Buying high quality, trusted baby car accessories that meet the necessary Australian safety standards is essential in keeping travel time fun and your family safe.


Keeping a baby safe inside your vehicle and on trips

To help keep our little ones safe and protected on the roads across Australia, there are legal requirements that must be followed in choosing and fitting child car seats.
• Newborns up to 6 months need to be safely fitted in an approved rear facing car seat.
• For 6 months to 4 years, approved rear or forward facing car seats can be used.
• For 4 years and older, approved forward facing seats or a booster seat can be used.
• If a child is 145cm or taller, the child can use an adult lap-sash seatbelt.

Besides the essential safety requirements of a child car seat, there are other ways to keep baby safe inside your vehicle and on trips. This includes: ensuring your child’s legs, arms and head are always safely inside the car, whether parked or moving; activating child-proof door locks so that your child is unable to open the door from the inside; keeping loose items safely stored -- InfaSecure’s Deluxe organiser is great for this!; if pets travel with you, keep them refrained using a pet harness; and when parked and taking your child from the car, always remove your child on the pavement side of the car.


Secure installation

Secure installation of a child car seat is crucial for child safety. For safe and secure installation, it is important to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. As an added measure and to ensure that your new car seat is securely installed and safely secured, it is best to contact an Authorised Restraint Fitting Station for specialised and correct installation by trained fitters. There are hundreds of Authorised Restraint Fitting Stations across Australia, often based at garages, hospitals or councils.

How to make your car ride with your baby calm and easy

Staying calm while driving is important for your family’s safety. Here are just a few ideas to make car travel time with your baby calm and easy. Even though your little bub may not yet understand language, hearing your voice is in itself soothing for your little one. Chat about where you’re going, what you’re seeing on the way and what you’ll be doing when you get there. When all else fails, sing! Soft toys or fabric books can also keep little hands busy and minds curious. While keeping your child in view can also keep bub (and you) calm. This has never been easier with trusted products like InfaSecure’s Deluxe Fabric Mirror which attaches safely to most car headrests.


Soothing a baby when they are upset during a car ride

Keep comfort items close by, play music, sing or recite nursery rhymes, or try to open a window slightly (for fresh air and instant white noise). If these attempts don’t work and your child needs attention, safely pull over to the side of the road to attend to your child.

Car accessories for extra safety measures and precautions

As a start, when considering newborn car seats to buy, it's child safety first and foremost. Always choose an Australian approved car seat that meets Australian and New Zealand Standards. This is verified by the AS/NZS 1754 code on the packaging and printed on the car seat’s label.

Extra safety measures and precautions for child car seats includes side-impact protection, which is an important safety feature to minimise the impact in the event of a collision. Metro Baby's Cloud Q Capsule design includes Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection to minimise impact and redirect shock to the capsule in the event of a collision.

Window sun shades that attach to the car window are also useful to keep out bright, harsh sunlight, with a number of product options available from InfaSecure.


Car accessories for storage

Car accessories for storage not only keep your car neat and organised but also keep your car safer. (In the event of an accident, lose items may fly around which can harm passengers). So car accessories for storage ticks many boxes. Metro Baby stock a range of trusted brands which includes Skip Hop’s Backseat Organiser and InfaSecure’s Deluxe Organiser and Zip Up Organiser with Tablet Holder.

Size of car

In considering the all-important safety of your child in choosing a newborn car seat, you may also need to consider how the car seat will fit into your car, especially if you also have other child car seats, or older children seated and secured with car seat belts. In choosing a car seat, you’ll need to know its physical size and how it fits in with other car seats or regular passengers. Car seats range in width and depending on what other precious cargo you're carrying on board, car seats like InfaSecure’s Attain Premium convertible car seat is not only suited for rear facing for newborn to large 30 months, it is also a convertible car seat which is suited to large 4 years forward facing -- and it’s ultra compact and incredibly narrow.


Maintenance and cleaning your baby car accessories

Maintenance and ease of cleaning are also considerations in selecting your child car seat and baby car accessories. This may include fabric, upholstery and design.

Top baby car ride accessory essentials

For child car seats and for any attachments to your car seat, it is important to only use the accessories that come with your child car seat or only use approved accessories for that specific car seat.

Specifically for car seats when additional length is required to reach the vehicle’s upper anchor points/top tether straps, InfaSecure’s extension straps (various lengths) are a useful car accessory for extra length. Suitable for child restraints manufactured from March 1993 onwards that have a snap-hook connection.

Other top baby car ride accessory essentials available at Metro Baby include InfaSecure’s window shade protection covers that easily attach to a car window to filter out bright harsh sunlight, and sight mirror to keep view of your rear facing bub from the front seat.


Other accessories you may have not thought about

A backseat organiser keeps things neat and easy to find. Besides being incredibly practical with so many easy to access pockets, Metro Baby’s range of Skip Hop and InfaSecure are super-stylish and will blend with any car interior.

Other accessories you may not have thought of include suitable pram adapters like the UPPAbaby Minu Maxi Cosi adaptor to safely fit a baby capsule straight from the car into the Minu pram; and InfaSecure's Non-Slip car Seat Protector (seat cover) and Scuff Mat (kick mat) -- also worth considering in protecting your car seats for the longer term.

Safest brands to look out for and we trust

Metro Baby offer an extensive range of trusted baby products which adhere to Australian safety standards. These include Cybex, InfaSecure, B. Box, Medela, Cam, SKIP HOP, Frigg, Hey Doodle and so many more. Our best-seller ranges include prams, strollers, scooters, car safety, baby mirrors, bassinets, bouncers, high chairs, infant carriers, breastfeeding products, nappy and travel bags, bath time, nightlights, and baby clothing.


Buying online with Metro Baby

Metro Baby is Australia’s trusted online one-stop baby shop offering an extensive range of deluxe and specialty baby products from the most trusted local and international brands. We are careful in selecting the best quality baby products to cater for your baby’s many and changing needs. Our exceptional customer service includes easy checkout, AfterPay, Price Promise and gift cards to fulfil any new parent's wishlist.

FAQ About Baby Car Accessories:


What are the car essentials when you have a baby?

A safe and correctly installed baby capsule is essential when travelling in a car when you have a baby. Newborn babies until 6 months need a rear facing car seat with an inbuilt harness. In Australia, all newborn capsules and children’s car seats need to meet Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1754 (printed on the packaging as well as the car seat’s label).

What accessories are approved for a child's car seat?

For a child’s car seat, as well as for any attachments to a child car seat, it is important to only use the car seat accessories that come with your child car seat or only use approved accessories for that specific car seat.

What baby car accessories are important?

Besides the all-important baby capsule or car seat, other baby car accessories are important in helping to make traveling with bub easier. These include car sun shades to block out harsh and bright sunlight, a backseat mirror to be able to view rear-facing bub, and a backseat organiser to keep things safely in place.

What are the most popular baby car accessories?

Depending on your child’s age, needs change over time. But popular baby car accessories that remain useful for years ahead include trusted car seats, headrest car mirrors, sun shades, backseat organisers, seat protectors, scuff mats, and adjustable extension straps.