Anti Mosquito Wipes - 12 wipes

Anti Mosquito Wipes - 12 wipes

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A DEET-free, microbiologically tested insect repellent to protect your skin against mosquitoes for up to 6 hours.

No spraying required, just wipe gently on the skin.

Suitable for babies 12 months+, for babies under it is recommended to do a test patch before use.

The active ingredient in Pigeon Anti-Mosquito wipes is a product called Ethyl butylacetylaminopropriate. It is a synthetic amino acid that messes up the insects sense of smell. It has been used in Europe for 30 years where it has established an excellent safety record. The French Ministry of Health has recommended it for use by pregnant women and children and is one of only 4 repellents recommended by the CDC for protection against mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.*