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Keep your little one safe & sound with a digital audio baby monitor. Source all the best baby devices, including audio, video and smart features, from your one-stop online baby shop.

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Everything you need to know about audio baby monitors

Audio monitors are a simple, reliable and safe way to maintain contact with your little one. If you're looking for an affordable option that offers the basics without all the complex tech features, then an audio monitor is ideal. A walkie-talkie-style monitor connects your baby unit to a parent unit. Sound indicators ensure you’ll hear any noise your baby makes, including sounds as soft as breathing. Some devices offer 2-way communication to let you chat with bub in the cot or bassinet.

Brands you know and trust

Browse the curated collection at Metro Baby to find the best baby monitors on the market. We source the most reliable and trusted brands and do the critical research, so you don't have to. Metro Baby offers everything from the latest tech to simple, efficient, value-for-money options. Shop from renowned Australian and international brands, including Vtech, Oricom and many more.

The pros and cons of audio baby monitors

Audio monitors may not include all the bells and whistles of smart tech devices. Still, these simple monitors are sufficient for many parents. Some pros include:

  • Ease of use with no complicated technology to learn.
  • Audio systems are much more affordable than smart devices.
  • Listen to every movement with clear sound.
  • Good battery life and rechargeable batteries included.
  • Two parent units can be paired with one baby unit.

Of course, all products have cons. Some things to consider include:

  • No video component means you won’t be able to view your baby.
  • Audio devices don’t offer as many sophisticated features as smart monitors.
  • Your parent unit will only be used within the house, with no remote access.

Discover different types of baby monitors

If you feel that you need a little more peace of mind that an audio system offers, there are many other styles of devices with impressive features, including:

  • Wifi baby monitors

    The most significant advantage of a Wifi monitor is that it offers long-range remote access. Connect and watch or chat with bub from your workplace or whilst running errands using your mobile phone.
  • Video baby monitors

    LCD video monitors give you a crystal clear colour display. Use pan and tilt video and zoom technology to ensure you capture every moment. Some devices include infrared night vision to give you a perfect view without disturbing the baby.
  • Smart baby monitors
    Smart baby monitors send a video feed through radio signals, wifi or mobile networks, allowing you to move freely, keeping one eye on the cot or bassinet through your device. Pair multiple devices like tablets and smartphones.

Keep your newborn safe & sound with an audio baby monitor

Audio baby monitors have been the trusted way to keep tabs on the nursery for decades. Combine your parental instinct with some technological support, and you can rest assured your newborn is safe and secure in the cot. Our favourite products include:

  • BM2150 Audio Baby Monitor by Vtech

Dect technology offers a secure connection and clear sound transmission. The monitor consists of a temperature sensor, two-way talk, night light and pre-programmed lullabies.

  • Secure330 Dect Digital Baby Monitor by Oricom

Enjoy high-definition crystal clear sound and zero interference with a range of up to 300m (in ideal conditions) and an out-of-range alert. Comes with two-way talk. 

Simply Zen Baby Monitor by Beaba

Features zero wave emissions in ‘night mode’. Secure connection, night light, two-way talk.

The main differences between a video baby monitor and an audio baby monitor

Video and audio-only monitors can often share many great features like high-definition sound, room temperature sensors, night lights and pre-programmed lullabies and white noise. However, audio-only monitors do not offer the visual aspect of cameras. They do not provide Wifi, Bluetooth or several other smart features like pulse detection and sleep analytics.

Add an audio baby monitor to your gift registry

Baby monitors are a new parent essential that any friend or family member would love to gift to you. Audio monitors are affordable and practical and will benefit the family for years to come. Add this must-have item to your wishlist and let a loved one pick it up. Monitors come with a warranty, and we deliver throughout Australia. Remember, you can also buy excellent baby shower gifts, presents for one year old, or gift cards for other expecting friends.


What is the difference between a video and audio baby monitor?

Audio baby monitors allow you to listen to the baby’s every move with high-definition sound. Video monitors have an additional camera feature so you can also keep an eye on your baby. Discover different baby monitor options at Metro Baby.

How much does an audio baby monitor cost?

Audio baby monitors are affordable and start at as little as $41. Select an audio device to add to your gift registry and let friends buy you this clever, inexpensive, valuable gift.