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      Your newborn baby will feel snug and comfy in baby booties made from natural, breathable materials. Shop Metro Baby for socks, shoes and booties in a range of adorable colours and patterns.

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      Finding the best baby booties for your child


      A bootie is a short soft boot or sock-like garment used for warmth or protection. They are also very cute and made from natural and knitted fibres to keep your baby’s feet warm. Babies don’t necessarily need to wear shoes until they are learning how to walk, but a pair of baby booties will keep little feet warm and cozy at home and while outside the house.

      These slipper-sock hybrids will also get your little one used to having his or her feet covered and protected as an introduction to wearing shoes. Booties are both practical and cute, so it's a good idea to choose a product that meets the guidelines of Australian paediatric doctors to ensure your baby boy or baby girl is happy, healthy and flourishing. At Metro Baby, you can have confidence in your purchase.


      Best baby booties for newborns and active kids

      Tiny feet grow fast and all beginner walkers have to start somewhere, even before they can stand. Here are a few baby bootie and footwear suggestions for your growing baby.

      • Newborn - From birth to three months your baby will be fully dependent on you. Although they won't require shoes, it's a good idea for your baby to wear booties when outdoors and for braving the cold. Allow your little one to go barefoot also when it is warm and safe to strengthen their feet and ankles.
      • Pre-walkers - Your little one will quickly develop strength in legs, feet and toes during the transition from shuffling and crawling to standing. At this time, your baby will also benefit from being barefoot at times to get the hang of balancing upright. In winter and on cold floors, flexible soft-soled bootie/shoe hybrids are baby footwear options that offer protection and support.
      • Walking - By now, it's time to get your little one some baby socks and baby shoes. High-quality breathable leather or natural material shoes are the best option. There's nothing cuter than baby clothes and baby shoes for tiny feet.


      Adorable baby booties

      Metro Baby booties are favourites Australia-wide. Our baby clothes new arrivals and best sellers include adorable products designed just for your child. We partner with trusted brands such as Purebaby and Snuggle Hunny Kids who are focussed on the best possible products and materials to encourage healthy and happy growth of your child.

      Materials to look out for when buying booties

      Australian parents naturally want the best for their babies and toddlers. That's why Metro Baby selects quality products made from natural materials such as merino wool and pure cotton. Here are some advantages that parents and babies appreciate.

      Merino wool - This soft, fine fleece material is an Australian and New Zealand success story. Merino wool offers loads of advantages that include:

      • Odour resistant
      • Quick drying
      • Wrinkle resistant
      • Washable
      • Non-itchy
      • Durable
      • Non-allergenic
      • UV resistant


      100% Organic Cotton - If avoiding potential skin allergies is your goal, organic cotton baby clothes are the answer. Advantages include:

      • Non-allergenic
      • No harmful chemicals added
      • Soft on the skin
      • Washable
      • Quick drying
      • More durable than conventional cotton


      Different designs and styles available

      Whether you are selecting clothing designs and styles for your little one, or searching for the perfect baby shower gift, you have come to the right place at Metro Baby. Appearances aren't everything, but who isn't enamoured by tiny feet all snuggled up in merino, cotton, or crochet baby booties. Here are some great choices available online, with fast delivery to your door anywhere in Australia.

      • Knitted Booties by Purebaby - These incredibly cute booties are the perfect gift, featuring a warm ribbed folded cuff and adjustable tie at the ankle. Made from 100% certified organic cotton.
      • Booties (various colours) by Purebaby - An essential bootie style at a very affordable price. Made from certified organic cotton and including a fold-over cuff for a secure fit. Ideal for growing feet from newborns to 3 months.
      • Merino Wool Bonnet & Booties by Snuggle Hunny Kids - The charm of handknit snugness from head to toe. This bonnet & bootie set is 100% merino wool. Handmade perfection for babies aged 0-6 months.


      Tips to make sure your baby booties fit correctly

      • Fit: Exact bootie fit for a baby who isn't at the walking stage isn't essential, particularly as little feet grow fast. However, your baby's booties shouldn't be tight or constricting, so it's best to purchase a pair with a little wiggle room.
      • Size: A baby bootie size chart will roughly correspond to the age of your baby. A size 3 bootie, for example, will fit most 3-month-old feet.
      • Soft soles: The best baby booties, available from Metro Baby, are made from natural organic cotton and merino wool. Soft fabrics allow little feet and toes to bend and flex comfortably.
      • Secure closures: Keeping socks securely on your baby's feet can be a challenge. Choose booties with fold-over cuffs and adjustable ties for a secure and comfortable fit.


      Other items to consider when buying clothes for your baby

      Metro Baby is your one-stop-shop for all baby clothes, toys and accessories. We are proud of our extensive collection of products from close to 100 famous baby brands. If your wishlist includes baby blankets, jumpsuits, hoodies, t-shirts, polos, sleeping bags, bibs, nappy bags and other essentials, it's time to start exploring. Your baby will often go through several outfit changes per day, so it's a good idea to have at-hand a range of:

      • Short or long-sleeved onesies, bodysuits and jumpsuits
      • Baby blankets, swaddles and bundlers
      • Cardigans, jumpers and other warm tops
      • Beanies, hats and mittens
      • T-shirts and polos
      • Leggings, tights and pants
      • Baby socks

      Newborn babies aren't too fussy when it comes to fashion. Keeping them healthy and happy is the higher priority. At Metro Baby, you get the best of both worlds where your baby will look exquisite while being looked after in the best way possible. Our natural products keep your baby boy or baby girl cool during summer and comfortably layered during cooler months.


      Brands we know and trust

      All Metro Baby products meet stringent Australian guidelines for health and safety. It's our pleasure to know that your purchase will encourage healthy and happy growth of your little ones. That's why we partner with only the best brands you know and trust, with all products offered at very affordable prices. If you are a parent, guardian, or gift-giver looking for healthy baby solutions, look no further than Metro Baby.

      Buying your baby booties online at Metro Baby

      At Metro Baby, we understand that looking after your newborn or toddler is a full time job. That's why we offer all products online for convenient purchasing. Simply make a wishlist, add products to your virtual shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for convenient payment options and fast delivery directly to your door. It doesn't get any better than that.



      Are booties good for babies?

      Booties are perfect newborn and young baby clothes. They keep little toes and feet safe from dirt, dust and infectious materials while also providing a layer of protection against scratches and knocks.

      Are baby booties the same as socks?

      Baby booties are the transition between socks and shoes, making them ideal to be worn with onesies and playsuits. If your little one is not quite ready for their first pair of walking shoes, baby booties are the answer.

      Why do babies wear booties?

      Booties offer protection against the elements and hard surfaces. Plus, for fashionable babies and parents, there's no denying that baby booties are some of the cutest clothing and footwear on the planet when worn with onesies or pants and leggings.

      What are the benefits of wearing booties?

      Booties ensure that your little cutie is warm and snug from head to toe during playtime and downtime. The best booties are made from breathable cotton or merino wool that provides moisture wicking qualities for regulating temperature and encouraging ultimate comfort.