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In true French style, Atelier Choux blankets boast timeless elegance and luxurious comfort for babies. Delightfully whimsical Mattias Adolfsson designs in gender-neutral colours include Hot Air Balloons, Monceau Mansion, and Carousel.

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Exclusive Atelier Choux Baby Blankets

French-designed Atelier Choux blankets for babies are delightfully soft and snuggly and feature beautiful illustrations by renowned Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson. With pretty Atelier Choux cushions to accessorise your nursery, you can create a gorgeous cradle or cot with the most perfect baby blankets, fitted sheets and reversible quilts from this exclusive French brand.


Cashmere Blanket Features

So soft, warm and gentle, the Atelier Choux Hot Air Balloon and Monceau Mansion cashmere blankets are luxurious functional essentials for newborns, infants and toddlers.

These lightweight, warm blankets feature:
1. 50% cashmere and 50% wool composition
2. Printed with non-toxic, water based, baby safe inks
3. Simply stunning gender-neutral illustrations by Mattias Adolfsson
4. Designed in France, made in China
5. Generous 120cm x 70cm dimensions
6. Ideal in cooler conditions

Types of Baby Blankets Available

1. Cashmere Blankets
In cooler climates the Atelier Choux 50% cashmere and 50% wool blankets provide cosy warmth for baby. Dress your baby boy or girl in an Atelier Choux organic cotton onesie, wrap him or her snugly in a matching swaddle and add a super-soft Atelier Choux blanket on chilly winter nights.

2. Reversible Quilts
In warmer conditions the Atelier Choux Reversible Quilts (also called duvets) are lighter weight, crafted in 100% percale cotton fabrics with polyester fill. These gorgeous reversible quilts feature two timeless designs from Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson - Hot Air Balloons paired with Monceau Mansion, and Paris paired with Carousel. Our exclusive Atelier Choux quilts measure 130cm x 105cm.

Atelier Choux recommends their reversible quilts are used for children over 18 months old.

3. Swaddles as blankets
Atelier Choux versatile swaddles make beautifully light blankets or breathable coverings during warm weather. You can also use these GOTS certified 100% organic cotton swaddles for:
1. Swaddling, of course!
2. Laying baby on while changing a nappy,
3. Privacy screening while breastfeeding,
4. A tummy time floor covering,
5. Sun protection.

Machine washable Atelier Choux swaddles are available in two sizes, 70cm x 70cm and 100cm x 100cm.



Bestselling Unisex Blanket Designs

Atelier Choux cashmere blankets, reversible quilts and organic cotton swaddles are bestsellers and feature on new parents' wishlists for several reasons:
1. They impress discerning parents with stylish unisex designs and high quality comfort.
2. They are flawlessly finished with notable attention to detail.
3. The fabrics are naturally safe and non toxic baby safe inks are used.
4. Intricate and original designs include atelier choux carré hot air balloons, carousels, dollhouse and parisian themes which are gender-neutral, whimsical and perfectly suited to baby boys and baby girls.

Unique and Original Artwork and Designs

Exclusive to Atelier Choux, Mattias Adolfsson's creates detailed artwork which is distinctive and beautiful. Fine, intricate, French-inspired pictorials crafted in muted tones and baby safe inks include:
• Monceau Mansion - a Parisian-style building featuring whimsical animals
• Hot Air Balloons - a centre balloon surrounded by smaller balloons, each displaying finely crafted detail
• Paris - depicting iconic parisian scenes such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and others.
• Carousel - a cute carousel filled with delightful animal rides.

Mix and match beautiful Atelier Choux blankets, cushions, baby clothes, mini towels or both small bibs and large bibs to create a gorgeous gift set or gift box for newborn babies. If you can't decide what to purchase we have a range of gift cards available so the newborn parents can decide themselves when they place their first order.


Easy to Use and Washable

Busy parents need high quality baby blankets which are soft, safe, and easy to care for.
• Atelier Choux stylish swaddles and reversible quilts can be machine washed at a low temperature and tumble dried for quick and easy cleaning.
• We recommend low temperature hand washing your luxurious cashmere and wool baby blankets, or using a very gentle wool wash cycle on your machine. These beautiful blankets should be laid flat to air dry.


Frequently Asked Questions About Atelier Choux Blankets


What type of blankets are best for babies?

Baby blankets are everyday essential items for babies and children. Lightweight, super soft blankets made from natural fibres and designed using non-toxic, water based, baby safe inks such as Atelier Choux Paris baby blankets are best for babies.

Is organic cotton better for babies?

Organic cotton is a natural fibre, so it's always going to be better for babies than a man-made product. Cotton breathes, it is a renewable resource, and it is gentle on baby's delicate skin. Lightweight wool blankets are also good baby blankets.

Are breathable baby blankets safe?

Lightweight, breathable blankets are safer for babies than weighted blankets, which aren't recommended for little ones. Organic cotton is a good choice, and lightweight wool is another good option.

How many blankets does a baby need?

Babies need to be neither too hot nor too cold at all times, so you need different blanket weights to use for different temperatures.

In hot weather a light cotton swaddle or duvet is sufficient and on cold nights a lightweight wool blanket will keep baby warm. It is safer to layer lightweight blankets than use a heavier weighted blanket, which is not recommended for young babies. Also make sure you have that spare blanket on hand to throw into your diaper bag or in the car when you are on the go.