Best pram toys in Australia

Make your strolls with your baby more enjoyable with pram toys. From plush bunnies for cuddling to clip-on avocados that rattle, we’ve got everything to keep your little one entertained. Metro Baby has curated a selection of must-have toys for bub on the go!

4 top toy picks for prams in Australia

These are our best-sellers that should be on every parent’s wishlist this year!


Alice Activity Cube by Lilliputiens

There’s something to see and do on every side of this activity cube with its many different patterns and textures. A source of inspiration and stimulation!

  • Multi-textured activity cube for babies
  • Attaches easily to pram, cot, or car seat
  • Includes wooden ball, mirror, and teething ring
  • Vibrant tactile fabrics encourage sensory play and movement
  • Eco-friendly, machine-washable stuffing
  • Size: 8cm x 8cm x 8cm
  • Age: 3 months+



Bashful Blush Bunny by Jellycat

Bashful Blush Bunny loves to snuggle, and her super soft peachy fur makes her the perfect cuddle buddy! This lop-eared lovely will make a wonderful addition to adventure times wherever you go!

  • Size: 31cm H
  • Age: Birth+
  • Colour: Peach
  • Jellycat soft toys are super soft & plush.
  • Perfect for snuggles and cuddles.
  • Every Bashful toy has beads inside to help it sit upright.
  • Internal plastic beads are enclosed within an inner bag for extra safety.



Activity Toy Lion by Mamas & Papas

The Activity Toy Lion is your baby’s perfect travel companion. Made with super-soft fabric, this lion toy comes with hidden chime sounds and various textures to stimulate your little one’s senses. It can be easily attached to your pushchair or carrycot, making it ideal for on-the-go fun!

  • Size: H 40 x W 20 x D 6cm
  • Age: Birth+
  • Features: Different sounds and textures
  • Great for stimulating the senses.
  • Includes a ring teether for soothing sore gums.
  • Easily attach to your pushchair for on-the-go fun.
  • Wipe clean only.
  • Made from super-soft fabric.



Skip Hop Farmstand Avocado Stroller Toy

Get ready to guac and roll with this adorable avocado stroller toy! Designed for little hands, the toy features two halves that open and close to reveal a peek-a-boo rattle “pit” at the centre. Made from plush, textured material, it’s a fresh and fun way to entertain your baby on adventures.

  • Age: 0+
  • Features: Two halves open and close
  • Clear rattle “pit” centre with colourful beads
  • Plush, textured material
  • Easily attaches to stroller bars and infant carriers
  • Phthalate-free
  • Coordinates with the Farmstand collection


Types of pram toys

These cute companions attach to pushchairs and baby prams so that your infants can take their toys with them wherever the two of you go. Pram toys come in shapes, sizes and styles to fit onto single prams, double prams, travel prams and more. Take a look at the most popular types of toys for prams you’ll find at Metro Baby:

  • Activity toys – These toys are designed to engage babies and stimulate their senses, from crinkling ears to squeaking tummies to rattling tails.
  • Soft toys – Plush toys are there to cuddle and comfort. Clip or tie them onto the stroller bar for baby to grab and hold onto.
  • Activity spirals – Spirals wind around the pram bar but can also be looped around cots, car seats or even mum’s arm!
  • Teether toys – These types of toys are made from silicone and are designed to soothe teething aches and pains. Babies can reach up and pull them down to chew on them.
  • Sensory toys – These cuties are made to stimulate a baby’s senses and help to develop their gross and fine motor skills. They typically feature high contrast colours and have different textures that encourage babies to explore and engage with them.
  • Educational toys – Toys for education are designed to teach babies a specific skill and inspire learning.

Plush toys to snuggle

Plush toys make beautiful pram companions for babies to hold onto during the ride. Our popular Jellycat Bashful bunnies come in cream, blush and blue and feature the softest fur and cutest lop-eared design for cuddling up to in the pram, in the car, in the cot or on any other adventure.

The Done By Deer Cozy Keeper collection is machine-washable and ensures the baby’s dummy is never too far away. With a velcro clip to attach them to the pram bar, use the elastic loop to secure dummies while keeping little ones entertained!


Activity toys to rattle, crinkle and crunch

Activity toys make excellent travel toys because they keep babies entertained for hours on end. These essential toys do more than just provide entertainment – they stimulate the senses and help to develop important fine and gross motor skills. From chimes, squeakers and velcro to rattles, mirrors and musical parts, these toys allow babies to explore different sights, sounds, textures and more in a safe environment.

Discover our most popular activity toys to attach to your stroller, including the Alice Hanging Activity Set by Lilliputiens, Celestial Dreams Musical Racoon Stroller Toy by Skip Hop and the Activity Hand Rabbit By Konges Slojd.

What Features make the best pram toy?

The best types of toys for prams will have:


Bright Colours

Bub will love the contrasting patterns and different textures

  • Visual Stimulation: Bright colours and contrasting patterns can captivate a baby’s attention, aiding in their visual development.
  • Tactile Experience: Varied textures encourage touch, an important part of a baby’s sensory development.
  • Engagement: The mix of colours and textures can keep a baby interested during pram rides, making the journey enjoyable for them.



Sound Elements

Babies love that crunch, rattle, squeak, music and more!

  • Auditory Development: Different types of sounds can stimulate a baby’s auditory senses, helping in the development of hearing.
  • Interactive: The inclusion of multiple sound elements like squeakers, rattles, and musical notes can make the toy interactive, promoting cause-and-effect learning.
  • Entertainment: Diverse sounds can entertain the baby and may even serve to soothe them if they’re feeling agitated.



Clip or Ties For Pram Attachement

Let’s keep mum and dad’s life easier with toys that easily attach to the Pram so it doesn’t get lost

  • Security: A clip or tie ensures the toy stays with the pram, eliminating the risk of losing it during outings.
  • Versatility: Easily detachable clips or ties mean the toy can also be used in other settings like a car seat or crib.
  • Ease of Use: Parents can quickly attach or remove the toy, making it convenient for varying situations.



Baby-Friendly Materials

Ensuring toys are safe and non-toxic is a must!

  • Safety First: Materials should be non-toxic and comply with safety standards to ensure the well-being of the baby.
  • Soft and Chewable: Many babies will want to put the toy in their mouth, so it should be made from materials that are soft and free from sharp edges.
  • Easy to Clean: Given that pram toys will inevitably be drooled on or thrown around, they should be easy to clean for hygiene purposes.


Sensory toys to entertain and stimulate

Sensory toys awaken the senses in babies and toddlers, encouraging them to reach, grab, twist, pull and crinkle. We have a fantastic collection of sensory toys to attach to prams that are BPA-free and made with baby-friendly materials.

Shop activity spirals to wind around the bumper bar, like our ones from Done By Deer with cute critters like foxes, birds and hedgehogs. Additional features like bells, mirrors and horns keep the fun times going.

Discoverosity 3-in-1 Classic Stroller Toy by Skip Hop is an educational toy complete with high contrast patterns, bright colours and a wooden ring. This popular pram toy provides babies with endless visual stimulation and opportunities to develop their motor skills on-the-go.

The Farmstand Mushroom Baby Stroller Toy is another top pick that offers loads of sensory fun. With adorable mushrooms and acorns, babies can entertain themselves with rattle sounds, a grab ring and multiple soft textures for little hands to explore.


Why are baby toys so important?

Baby toys aren’t just fun – they give infants the stimulation they need to start developing important skills and building strength in their bodies. Activity toys and sensory toys in particular help babies to learn skills such as hand-eye coordination and grasping as they focus on the toys above them and reach up to take hold of them.

On walks, babies can get fussy if they don’t have something to focus on and play with. Stroller toys up the fun factor when out and about by dazzling little ones with pretty colours, interesting textures and new sounds to explore. Another bonus with these toys is that most come with a strap or a tie so that you can fasten them onto the stroller bar to avoid losing them when walking.


Teether toys to soothe and relieve

Teether toys are important for little ones as their teeth start to come through. Sore and swollen gums are a common side effect which can be uncomfortable for babies. Giving your child some teething toys when strolling can help take their mind off irritated gums and give them something to chew on instead for relief. Silicone is a top material as it’s safe for infants to put in their mouths and easy for them to bite down on. Silicone toys are also super easy to clean.

At Metro Baby, we have a great range of teether toys to take with you on your outdoor adventures. The Done By Deer Activity Jelly combines chewy rings with an adorable plush jellyfish with soft arms that crackle and jiggle when pulled. Another popular choice is the Silicone Teething Ring by Haakaa. Made from BPA-free silicone that’s hypoallergenic and food-grade, babies will love biting down on the soft shapes to cool and soothe aching gums. Simply tie the ring to the pram bar or attach it with toylinks.

Baby toys for every type of pram

The best thing about stroller toys is that they attach to any type of pram you have. From single prams to double prams, travel prams and jogger prams, all you need to do is clip or tie them onto the front bar so that they’re within easy reach of the baby and they can see them as you’re walking along. You can also keep the toys inside the pram with bub so that they can cuddle and play with them more easily.


Other pram accessories to consider

Turn your baby’s ride into a super stylish one by adding the latest pram accessories from Metro Baby. Designed to make travelling with little ones easy and fun for both babies and parents, our extensive collection of accessories has every step along the way covered.

We have everything you need to turn your pram into a seamless travel system with lower and upper adapters, car seat adapters, infant car seats, bassinets and baby carriers by trusted brands. Create a cosy haven for your child with the softest pram liners, footmuffs and pram blankets to snuggle into. Our sunshades and rain covers will have you prepared for any weather while little essentials like parent organisers, nappy bags, cup holders and snack trays make every stroll an easy and convenient one.

Other must-haves for the home

We’ve got Australian parents covered at home and away with products to make life with kids even more special. Give your little ones all of the love and support they need with must-haves like:


How do I keep my baby entertained in a pram?

Keeping your baby entertained in a pram is easier than you might think. Pram toys are a great way to do this. These toys are designed to attach to the pram and come in a variety of forms such as hanging toys, musical toys, and soft plush animals. They are often colourful and interactive, stimulating your baby’s senses and keeping them engaged during your outings.

Do babies need pram toys?

Pram toys aren’t a necessity, but they offer several benefits. They not only keep your baby entertained but also engage their senses, contributing to their developmental process. So, while you don’t absolutely need them, they can make your strolls much more enjoyable for both you and your baby.

What is the best pram?

The best prams of are ones that offer a mix of safety, comfort, and convenience. They come with features like adjustable handles, multiple reclining positions, and ample storage space. Some even offer modular designs that grow with your child, making them a long-term investment. For more details, check out Metro Baby’s guide on the best prams and strollers..

What is the best newborn stimulation?

For newborns, sensory stimulation is crucial for their development. Soft toys, rattles, and activity gyms are excellent choices. Toys with contrasting colours and textures are particularly effective. Musical toys can also be a good addition, as they stimulate the auditory senses.

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