Best Pram Strollers for 2024

Stepping out in style with a new baby pram is an exciting time for new parents. A pram or stroller is an essential purchase, and with so many features available, choosing the top pram strollers for 2024 can be as challenging as buying a new car, so let Metro Baby do the research for you while you and bubs bond and consider your options.


Prams for newborns and suitable from birth

You are an individual and so is your new baby, so now is the right time to consider pram design and function that suits you and your little one for use from birth until preschool. Safety will naturally be your first pram consideration, followed by practical features and style.

Lightweight prams

You will naturally want a relatively lightweight stroller. A pram that is too heavy will soon have about as much appeal as pushing a wheelbarrow full of cement. The best lightweight prams are easy to fold and compact when collapsed, while still featuring big stroller amenities such as storage basket, sun canopy and cup holder. A lightweight pram can strike the right balance between a traditional four-wheeler and modern umbrella style that can be quickly folded into a slender shape for storage or transportation.

4 Top pram picks for 2024

We are proud of our contemporary and stylish pram range at Metro Baby. Here are 4 top picks for 2024.



Compact, foldable, and suitable for taking on a plane. This stroller has four independent wheel suspensions for a smoother ride for you and your baby.

  • Pram can be put into most overhead compartments on the plane
  • Folds and unfolds in seconds!
  • Independent wheel suspensions allows your baby to relax more restfully
  • Can use 1 hand to fold and unfold the pram
  • Can be carried on the shoulder with the padded shoulder strap





A Smoother push and ride due to dual action suspension and rear suspension, plus larger front and rear tires, front wheel locks with visual indicators and lots more innovations.

  • New improved toddler seat to have a higher back, longer leg rest and deeper footrest
  • No thread harness making it easy to adjust as your child grows
  • Spacious canopy which provides extra coverage with zip out fabric and mesh panels
  • Smoother push and ride due to dual action suspension and rear suspension
  • Larger front and rear tires for navigating rough terrain





The ultimate all-terrain stroller that is perfect for urban strolling and fun exploration. This high-quality pram is comfortable for children and ergonomic for parents.

  • Swivel front wheel that locks into place for jogging, and 16” rear wheels
  • One-handed, compact fold for easy storage and transportation
  • Integrated twist hand brake provides speed control on hilly terrain
  • Multi-position canopy with side-ventilation windows ensures your child is comfortable
  • Reclining seat – convenient one-handed recline





A higher back, longer leg rest, deeper footrest and special canopy which provides extra coverage with zip-out fabric and mesh panels.

  • Five-point, no-threaded harness
  • Dual-action rear suspension
  • Large easy-access basket with added storage pockets, holding over 13kg
  • Front wheel locks with visual indicator
  • Full-size reversible Toddler Seat



Compact prams for travelling

Your family is a package deal, including the car you drive and the pram you use. It’s worth measuring the dimensions of your car boot to make sure your new pram will fit in when folded. Same goes for pram storage at home, especially if your home has limited storage options. The width of your pram is another consideration. Can it be easily manoeuvred to get where you need to go around the house or while outdoors?

Prams to fit car capsules

An infant capsule has a connected base and tether strap for times when your baby is travelling by car. When you arrive at your destination, simply disconnect the capsule from the base. The capsule can then be carried independently with your baby in it, or securely connected to the pram for the next phase of your journey.

Features to look out for

You will probably already have preferred pram features in mind. It’s a good idea to make your own checklist of pram priorities while exploring Metro Baby products. Here are some important considerations.


A very important consideration, especially if you need to stow the pram often or have to guide it up the stairs regularly. A lightweight pram is also the smart solution for moms and dads who like to jog with their little one.


Large wheels are better on stairs, while inflatable tyres absorb bumps. Swivel front wheels assist manoeuvrability, while lockable wheels keep the pram stable on rough terrain. Brakes activated by a single linking bar are more convenient than having a separate brake on each wheel.


Innovations include an adjustable safety harness that meets Australian safety standards. A typical seat capsule will include shoulder straps attached to the backrest, plus waist strap and crotch strap that can be adjusted as your baby grows. Other safety initiatives include a tether strap so you can release your grip on the pram without it rolling away, and adjustable footrest so your growing baby doesn’t drag his or her feet on the ground or get them caught up in pram mechanisms.


A single or double pram with storage is a good investment. You will need to take baby and mom stuff along for the ride, such as a hat, nappies, or sunblock, and make sure they are on-hand and accessible when needed.


The ability of your pram to recline and adapt will be important. If you are a café goer, for example, you will probably want your baby to sit with you almost at your height. If your pram is a bassinet alternative for a newborn up to 6 months, you will need a seat that reclines as close to flat as possible. Growing babies are individuals, and yours may have a preferred riding position, so it’s great to have options.


Finding the best pram to suit your lifestyle

If you and your baby usually stick to footpaths and shopping districts, a basic stroller will probably be suitable. However, if you are into fitness and pound the pavement or journey in the countryside, a pram model with bigger wheels and suspension will provide a comfier ride for you and your little one. Additional features to consider include a lockable front wheel and hand-operated brakes for total all-terrain control.

Double pram

If you are blessed with twins or care for two children close in age, a double stroller makes perfect sense. Options include side-by-side prams with 2 seats next to each other, or tandem strollers with front and rear seats. Tandem strollers are often configured as a single-seat pram with removable second seat. Side-by-side strollers can be the right choice if your little ones enjoy each other’s company, although they can be a tight fit in supermarket aisles and through doorways.


Reclinable seat

Layback-style strollers are reclinable, making them suitable for newborns and toddlers. Check out prams and strollers with seats that can recline fully or partially to support your newborn until he or she can hold their head up unassisted. The best prams offer adaptable functionality, with configurations to suit all types of mums and babies.

Easy to fold

The perfect pram is simple and easy to fold and unfold, with mechanisms that your baby can’t reach, particularly the unlock-fold and brake mechanisms. If you are on the move often, consider purchasing a lightweight stroller that is easy to fold, lift, and stow in the boot of your car. A baby pram will be one of your most important and much-used purchases during your little one’s early years, so take time to check out product reviews and explore a variety of name-brand prams and strollers from highly-regarded baby product manufacturers.


Newborn to toddler

Do you want a pram that can grow with your baby? Are you looking for a model that will faithfully manage the transition over time? Will your new pram be big and strong enough when your little one weighs around 14kgs? Many prams come with an age and weight-range recommendation and are adaptable to the needs of your growing baby or toddler. Durability is also important, as your pram will be expected to ride smoothly on all surfaces and stand the test of time.


Which way to face – Advantages of a parent facing seat

Many modern prams are adaptable, including forward or parent facing seats, thanks to progressive engineering. With a parent facing seat, there’s no need to put the brakes on or stop walking and move to the front of the pram to see if your baby is ok. Many modern pram seats can be reversed to face forward or parent facing. Older toddlers may want to face forward, while littler ones often prefer having their parent or caretaker in sight. Reversing the position can also keep your child out of the glare and sunlight on particularly sunny days. There are lots of advantages of parent facing strollers, and here are just a few worth considering.

  • You can see and hear if your baby is happy or upset
  • You can have reversible seat options
  • You and baby can communicate while walking
  • It’s easier to notice if the blanket slips or booties fall to the ground
  • You can keep more to yourselves for a private strolling experience
  • You can enjoy quality time with eye contact and see their cute face
  • It’s easier to ensure the rain cover or sunshade is positioned properly
  • You will know when to access functional extras such as baby food, bonnets, or sunblock
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