The Best Pram Toys for Teething

Looking for the best pram toys for teething to soothe your little one’s gums? Metro Baby’s selection has you covered. From soft silicone comforters to engaging activity toys, our range is perfect for Australian mamas looking for the best teething toy for their bubs.

Keep your baby happy and comfortable in their pram with top picks that are both fun and functional. Check out our favourites and find the ideal teething toy for your baby’s stroller today.

Why Do Babies Need Teething Toys?

Babies need teething toys for plenty of reasons. This includes:

  • Soothe Sore Gums: Chewing on teething toys provides relief from the discomfort of new teeth pushing through.
  • Gum Massage: The pressure from biting helps massage their tender gums.
  • Sensory Exploration: Teething toys introduce different textures and shapes, aiding in sensory development.
  • Motor Skills: Grasping and holding onto these toys strengthens their fine motor skills.
  • Safe Chewing Option: Unlike random objects they might find, teething toys are designed to be safe for babies to chew on, preventing choking hazards.
  • Distraction: A good teething toy can distract a baby from the pain of teething, making them feel better.
  • Promote Oral Hygiene: Chewing on teething toys can help clean the surface of the gums and emerging teeth, reducing bacteria.
  • Prepares for Solid Food: The act of chewing on teething toys can help babies get used to the idea of chewing solid food, easing the transition when the time comes.

Our Top Picks For the Overall Best Pram Toys for Teething

As Australia’s go-to for baby toys, Metro Baby’s range of stroller toys includes top-notch teething toy selections from some of the best brands. Here are some of our best sellers:


Matchstick Monkey Antimicrobial Animal Teether

The Matchstick Monkey Antimicrobial Animal Teether is designed to keep your baby’s oral health in check while ensuring hygiene and safety.

  • Antimicrobial Protection: With BioCote® Technology, it keeps germs at bay, making it a cleaner, safer option for your baby.
  • Perfect for Tiny Hands: Its ergonomic design means even the smallest hands can grab and hold onto it easily.



Jellystone Design Rainbow Stacker and Teether Toy

The Jellystone Design Rainbow Stacker and Teether Toy is a vibrant addition to any child’s playtime, doubling as an excellent teether. Here’s why it’s a hit with both parents and babies:

  • Multi-Purpose Fun: Beyond teething relief, it’s a toy that grows with your child, aiding in hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills through stacking.
  • Soothing Silicone Rings: Made from soothing silicone, these rings are perfect for sore gums, offering comfort and relief.



Done by Deer Activity Jelly

This multi-functional toy goes beyond just soothing gums. It supports your baby’s development and keeps them happy and engaged, whether at home or on the go.

  • Easy to Attach: Whether it’s to a baby stroller or a play gym, Jelly can be easily attached using toy links, making it a versatile companion for your little one.
  • Engaging Sensory Play: With soft arms that crackle and a toy link that jitters, it offers a variety of sensory experiences to keep your baby entertained.



Jellystone Design 2-Pack Sensory Ball

The Jellystone Design 2-Pack Sensory Ball is a fantastic choice for parents looking to support their child’s development and soothe teething discomfort.

  • Dual Functionality: With one pack offering both a Fidget Ball and a Sensory Ball, it caters to a wide range of needs from soothing to engaging play.
  • Motor Skills Enhancement: Handling and playing with both balls encourage the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


The Best Silicone Teething Toys

Soothe your little one’s gums with the best silicone teething toys, designed for comfort and safety. Perfect for tiny hands to hold, these toys are a must-have for teething relief and sensory play.


Haakaa Silicone Teething Ball

Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, the Haakaa Silicone Teething Ball is free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates. In short, it’s the ultimate teething toy if you’re looking for safety, hygiene, and effectiveness.

  • Durable: Soft yet durable, it’s designed to withstand lots of chewing without wearing down.
  • Easy to Clean: With a one-piece design, there are no nooks for bacteria to hide. Plus, you can sterilise it by simply boiling it.



Haakaa Silicone Teething Ring

Combining functionality with safety, the Haakaa Silicone Teething Ring is a fantastic choice for parents seeking relief for their teething babies.

  • Designed for Comfort: Its soft silicone teething parts are thin enough for baby mouths, providing soothing relief without overwhelming them.
  • Gentle Rattle: Adds a layer of sensory play, stimulating your baby’s hearing and touch.


The Best Soothers/Feeders for Prams

Keep your little one content on the go with our top picks for pram soothers and feeders.


Bibs Pacifier

A classic design loved across Australia for more than 40 years, the Bibs Pacifier is a must-have in your baby’s pram essentials.

  • 100% Natural Rubber Latex Nipple: Soft, flexible, and gentle on your baby’s gums, perfect for teething relief.
  • Wide Colour Range: Available in a wide range of colours like pastel pink and baby blue, plus a glow-in-the-dark version for easy location at night.



B. Box Silicone Fresh Food Feeder

With its blend of safety, convenience, and developmental support, the B. Box Silicone Fresh Food Feeder is essential for your baby’s journey from teething to tasting.

  • Safe Self-Feeding: Allows babies as young as 4 months to explore melon, soft fruits, and steamed veggies safely, supporting their independence.
  • Innovative Design: The unique tripod stand is easy for little hands to hold and keeps the feeder clean and hygienic when put down.


The Best Sensory Toys for Teething

From soft textures to gentle sounds, here are some of the best sensory toys to soothe and engage your baby’s senses during teething.


Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Llama Activity Toy

Designed for multi-sensory fun, this teething soft toy is a must-have for parents looking to provide their little ones with engaging, safe, and developmental-friendly play options.

  • Easy to Attach: This adorable llama can be attached to a stroller, booster seat, bassinet, or infant carrier, making it perfect for entertainment at home or on the go.
  • Engaging Textures and Sounds: With multiple fabrics, a rattle ring, and crinkle details, it stimulates your baby’s senses, keeping little hands active and minds engaged.



Done by Deer Tiny Sensory Rattle

The Done by Deer Tiny Sensory Rattle is a perfect first toy for your baby, blending teething relief with sensory development.

  • Engaging Design: The adorable design and gentle rattle sound are sure to delight your little one, keeping them engaged and entertained.
  • Versatile Use: Comes with an elastic loop, making it easy to attach to play mats, strollers, car seats, activity centres, or even cots and high chairs.


The Best Rubber Teethers

Crafted for safety and durability, these chew-friendly favourites are perfect for soothing sore gums and supporting your baby’s sensory development.


Tikiri Rubber Teether with Muslin Comforter

Free from BPA, plastics, PVC, petroleum, and Phthalates, this beautifully crafted rubber teether is perfect for your little one’s teething needs.

  • Organic Certification: With OE100 certification, you can trust it’s produced to the highest organic standards.
  • Soothing Comfort: The soft muslin comforter offers an additional soothing touch, making it a comforting companion for your baby.



Hevea Natural Rubber Star Ball

Gentle on gums, the Hevea Rubber Star Ball provides relief for teething babies while being fun to squeeze and play with.

  • Natural Rubber: Made from 100% natural rubber, it’s soft, flexible, and perfect for chewing.
  • No Colouring: The natural colour of rubber eliminates the risk of ingesting harmful dyes.


The Best Wooden Toys for Teething

Ideal for soothing gums and enhancing motor skills, these top wooden toys are a hit with mamas and teething bubs alike.


Purebaby Birdy Teething Ring

Designed to be safe for babies, this wooden teething ring is a top pick for parents seeking a natural solution to soothe their little one’s teething discomfort.

  • Natural Beech Wood: Made from 100% beech wood, it’s non-toxic, chemical-free, and naturally antibacterial.
  • Engaging Design: Features a cute Purebaby bird in the centre for babies to play with and spin, keeping them engaged.



LexyPexy The Lola and Lucas Wooden Teether

Crafted from sustainable, rock-hard maple wood, this wooden toy is naturally antibacterial and safe for your baby.

  • Non-Splintering Design: With a smooth, hand-sanded finish, there’s no risk of splinters, ensuring a safe chewing experience.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Built to withstand the rigours of babyhood, this teether is a lasting addition to your baby play essentials.


Features to Look for in a Pram Toy for a Teething Baby

When choosing a pram toy for teething babies, here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • Safe Materials: Look for toys made from non-toxic, BPA-free silicone or natural wood, ensuring they’re safe for your little one to chew on.
  • Easy to Clean: Toys that are dishwasher safe or easy to wipe down make keeping germs at bay a breeze.
  • Sensory Features: Bright colours, different textures, and gentle sounds can captivate your baby’s attention and stimulate their senses.
  • Easy to Attach: A toy that easily clips onto the pram means it won’t get lost during walks.
  • Soft and Chewable: The toy should be gentle on sore gums, offering comfort as your baby chews.
  • Durable: It needs to withstand lots of chewing and tugging, lasting through your baby’s teething phase.
  • Engaging Designs: Look for fun shapes and patterns that will keep your baby entertained and engaged.

When Should I Start Giving My Baby Teething Toys?

Each baby has unique developmental timelines. So, some might show interest in teething toys earlier or later. But, in general, you can start giving your baby teething toys around 3 to 4 months old. This is when teething symptoms often begin, even before you see any teeth. It not only provides comfort from gum soreness but also develops their motor skills and boosts sensory development.

Other Pram Toys Ideal for Teething Babies

Aside from teething toys that they can gnaw on, teething babies can also benefit from other pram toys like:

  • Activity Gyms: Attachable to the pram, they offer a variety of textures and toys, including silicone teething elements, to keep your baby entertained and comforted.
  • Pram Garlands: These not only make great pram accessories but are also perfect for teething babies to gnaw on.
  • Musical Toys: While not directly for teething, the chimes and sounds can distract and soothe a teething baby, especially those with easy-to-grasp handles wrapped in silicone.
  • Fabric Books with Teether Attachments: Combine reading and teething relief with cloth books that have silicone teether corners, perfect for storytime in the pram.
  • Swaddles with Teething Corners: While swaddles are primarily for snug wrapping, those with teething corners provide a soft, chewable edge for babies to gnaw on, offering comfort and relief from teething discomfort.

Looking for the best pram toys to keep your teething baby happy and comfortable? Visit Metro Baby today! Our selection of teething toys, along with must-have pram accessories like nappy bags, organisers, and liners, are designed to make outings with your little one a breeze. Shop with us at Metro Baby and checkout everything you need for a smooth and joyful pram experience!

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