10 Tips For Jogging With Your Baby

Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you have to hang up your running shoes; it just means you’ve gained a new jogging partner! Jogging with your baby can be a rewarding experience. However, hitting the trail with a stroller in tow does require some adjustments to your usual routine. That’s why we’ve put together this guide filled with expert tips to help you navigate the joys and challenges of jogging with your little one.

The Benefits of Running With Your Baby

Running with your baby can offer a range of benefits, not just for you but also for your little one. Here are some of the key advantages:


For Parents

  • Physical Fitness: Jogging is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that helps improve stamina, muscle tone, and overall physical health.
  • Mental Well-being: Exercise releases endorphins, which can help combat postpartum depression and stress, improving your mental health.
  • Convenience: Having a baby often disrupts regular gym or exercise routines. Running with a stroller allows you to incorporate fitness back into your daily life without needing a babysitter.
  • Weight Management: Regular jogging can help with postpartum weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Increased Energy: Regular exercise can boost your energy levels, which is especially beneficial when dealing with the demands of parenting.
  • Quality Time: It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with your baby while doing something beneficial for yourself.
  • Role Modeling: You’re setting a good example of a healthy, active lifestyle for your child from a young age.


For Babies

  • Sensory Stimulation: Being outdoors exposes your baby to different sights, sounds, and smells, aiding in their sensory development.
  • Fresh Air: Spending time outside can be refreshing and beneficial for both you and your baby.
  • Routine: Babies often find the rhythmic motion of jogging soothing, and it can help establish a nap routine.
  • Social Skills: If you’re running in a public place like a park, it exposes your baby to different people and environments, which can be good for their social development.
  • Bonding: The shared experience can strengthen the emotional bond between parent and child.

10 Running Tips For a Smooth Jog with Your Baby

Jogging with your baby can be a fantastic way to combine fitness, fresh air, and quality time with your little one. Here are 10 practical tips to help you achieve a smooth and enjoyable jogging experience.


Consult Your Pediatrician

Before embarking on your jogging journey, it’s crucial to consult your pediatrician to ensure that your baby is at the right developmental stage to enjoy the ride safely. Discuss your jogging plans with your pediatrician, covering topics such as route safety, duration, and your baby’s physical readiness.

  • Age Appropriateness: Babies should generally be able to sit up unassisted and have good neck control before joining you for a jog. This typically happens around 6-8 months.
  • Health Check: Schedule your training plans to align with your baby’s feeding and naptimes to avoid disruptions.
  • Postpartum Considerations: For mother runners, wait until you’ve fully recovered from childbirth, which usually takes at least 6 weeks for vaginal births and longer for C-sections.


Choose the Right Gear

The stroller you pick can make or break your jogging experience. Research and read reviews for jogging strollers that have safety certifications and test different strollers, if possible, before making a purchase. Look for these features in your jogging stroller:

  • Safety First: Always check for manufacturer recalls, especially if you’re buying a stroller secondhand. Make sure the stroller has a wide base to prevent tipping over.
  • Safety Harness: A 5-point harness system is essential for keeping your baby secure during the jog.
  • Wheel Type: Some strollers have a fixed front wheel, while others allow you to lock and unlock the front wheel. Lock the front wheel during jogging to prevent tipping.
  • Additional Features: Look for a safety wrist strap for added security or air-filled tires for better shock absorption.


Prioritize Safety Features

Safety features on strollers and other jogging equipment are specifically designed to keep both parent and child safe during physical activities. Here’s what you need to focus on:

  • Five-Point Harness: Essential for securing your baby safely in the stroller.
  • Hand Brakes: For better control during your run.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: Makes it easier to steer the stroller for taller joggers
  • Lockable Front Wheel: For added stability during jogging.
  • Visibility Features: Reflectors or LED lights for low-light conditions.


Dress for the Weather

Dressing appropriately for the weather is not just about comfort; it’s also about safety and making the jogging experience enjoyable for both you and your baby. Make sure your baby is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. Don’t forget to pack an extra change of clothes in case the weather changes or if you’ll be out for an extended period and the temperature drops.

  • For summer jogs: On hot days, sun hats and sunscreen are essential. Lightweight, breathable clothing is also key.
  • For winter: In colder weather, dress your baby in layers to easily adjust to changing temperatures. For rainy days, consider a stroller rain cover.


Test the Terrain

The terrain you’ll jog on can have a significant impact on both your experience and your baby’s safety and comfort. So before you take your baby on a run, familiarise yourself with the route. Some of the factors you need to pay attention to are:

  • Surface Smoothness: Look for a path that is smooth and free of potholes, roots, or large rocks that could jostle the baby or cause you to trip.
  • Flat vs. Hilly: A flat terrain is generally easier and safer for jogging with a stroller. If you opt for a hilly terrain, make sure your stroller has good brakes.
  • Entry and Exit Points: Make sure it’s easy to get the stroller in and out of the jogging area.
  • Bumpiness: Take a test jog to see how much the terrain jostles the baby. Some high-quality jogging strollers come with shock absorbers for a more comfortable ride.
  • Turns and Corners: Test how easily you can maneuver the stroller around any turns or tight spots.


Warm-Up and Stretch

Just as you would warm up for any workout, take a few minutes to stretch and walk before you start jogging. This is a good time to engage with your baby, letting them know that it’s time for an exciting adventure. Here are other things to keep in mind:

  • Stroller Safety: Use the warm-up time to double-check that the stroller’s safety features, like the harness and brakes, are in good working condition.
  • Plan the Route: Go over your jogging route in your mind, considering any potential challenges like steep hills or busy intersections.
  • Secure the Stroller: Make sure the stroller’s brake is engaged when you’re stretching to ensure it doesn’t roll away.
  • Pump before you run: If you’re breastfeeding, you might want to pump a little longer than necessary to ensure your breasts are as empty as possible.


Keep Essentials Handy

Jogging with a baby requires some extra planning and preparation to ensure both the parent’s and the baby’s needs are met. Here’s a list of essentials to consider:

  • Snacks: If you’ll be out for an extended period, consider bringing a small snack for yourself and your baby.
  • Diapers and Wipes: Always have a small supply for emergencies.
  • Extra Clothes: Weather can change, and spills or accidents happen.
  • Baby Blanket: Useful for added warmth or as a changing pad.
  • Baby Sunscreen and Hat: Protect your baby from sun exposure.
  • Pacifier or Teething Toy: Useful for comforting a fussy baby.
  • Baby First Aid Kit: Include basics like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and baby-safe insect repellent.


Observe Your Baby

Pay attention to your baby’s behaviour throughout the jog. If they start to look uncomfortable or begin crying, it might be time to slow down or take a break. Here are some signs to watch out for that may indicate your baby is uncomfortable:

  • Red or Flushed Skin: This could indicate overheating or sunburn.
  • Sweating: Excessive sweating may also be a sign of overheating.
  • Cold Hands or Feet: This could indicate that the baby is too cold.
  • Rapid Breathing: This may be a sign of distress or overheating.
  • Changes in Vocalization: If your usually chatty baby becomes silent, or vice versa, it might be a sign of discomfort.
  • Pulling at Straps or Clothes: This may indicate discomfort with the harness or clothing.


Stay Hydrated

Remember, if you’re thirsty, your baby might be too. Staying hydrated is crucial for both you and your baby when you’re out jogging, especially in warm weather or during longer runs. Here are some tips to ensure you both stay well-hydrated:

  • Electrolytes: For longer runs, consider bringing along a sports drink that contains electrolytes to help replenish lost salts and minerals.
  • Carry Water: Always carry a water bottle with you. Many running strollers come with cup holders or storage compartments where you can easily stash a bottle.
  • Pre-Feed: If possible, feed your baby before you go out, especially if you’ll be jogging for an extended period.
  • Cooling Mist: In hot weather, a spray bottle with water can help keep your baby cool. Make sure to test the water temperature on your skin first.
  • Shade and Ventilation: Use the stroller’s canopy to provide shade and ensure there’s a good flow of fresh air around your baby to help with natural cooling.


Enjoy the Experience

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the bonding experience and the beautiful scenery. Here are some tips to make the most of your time and enjoy the experience:

  • Quality Stroller: Invest in a good jogging stroller with safety features and a good suspension system.
  • Talk and Sing: Use this time to bond with your baby. Talk, sing, or point out interesting things along the way.
  • Start Slow: Especially if this is a new activity for you or your baby, start with a slower pace and shorter distance.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Wear moisture-wicking fabrics and supportive running shoes.

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