Best Travel Cot 2024

Babies sleep a lot at home, on outings, and when visiting friends and family overnight, and won’t have access to their regular cot. You’ll need somewhere safe for your little one to sleep – that’s where travel cots (portable cots) come into the picture.

Safe baby bed options for peace of mind

Safe sleeping is a right for every newborn. The sleeping space travel cot you choose for your baby is value for money if it frees you up for easy transportation and safe set-up when away from home.

Portable cots are designed for babies that need somewhere to sleep when their regular cot isn’t available. They’re made of fabric or mesh sides plus a removable mattress. Travel cots fold up for transportation.

Best Baby Travel Cots for 2024

When looking for travel cots, parents are particularly interested to know if the cot is lightweight, easy to fold, and compact for storage and transportation. A portable travel cot is a small folding shelter with mattress that keeps your baby safe and comfortable while sleeping. Travel cots are handy on a picnic, while camping, or when visiting away from home. Travel Cot ideas at Metro Baby include:



The AeroMoov Air Layer is specifically has been designed to keep your child fresh and dry in the car seat, pushchair, or travel cot.  Air circulation is regulated under your baby to stop heat from accumulating. Advantages of the AeroMoov include:

  • Constant air circulation around your child’s back, head and legs
  • Reduced sweating
  • Reduced the risk of overheating
  • Machine washable, soft and comfortable



Bugaboo Stardust

Sleeping is an essential part of a child’s development. The Bugaboo Stardust makes naptime easier and more fun for you and your baby. Bugaboo Stardust uses aerospace technology and smart design to create an ultra-comfortable play yard that you can use at home or on the go.




With SlumberPod, the days of inconvenient set-up for a cozy night’s sleep are long gone. SlumberPod is a portable, affordable solution for family room-sharing and getting a good night’s sleep in a different environment.



Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Easy Go

The Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Easy Go is an instant assembly lightweight travel cot. Weighing just 6kg, the Travel Cot Easy Go makes travelling stress-free for parents. The cot can be carried around the house, placed in the car, or carried through an airport. The Easy Go is a good investment in your little one’s upbringing.


What to look for when buying a travel cot

All new parents like to investigate convenient baby-care ideas such as bassinets, playpens, travel bags, carry bags, and pop-up baby sleep travel cots. There’s a lot to look for, including padded mattresses, fitted sheets, cocoon-style travel packs, breathable mesh mosquito nets and a whole lot more.

At Metro Baby, we are inspired by our baby product partners who focus on specially designed baby gear of the highest standard. Here are a few considerations when looking for the best travel cot available.


Look for a travel cot with compact design and sturdy base that stands firmly and doesn’t wobble. The best cots have see-through mesh panels on the sides to allow parents and their little ones to see through and keep an eye on things. The best travel cots meet Australian & NZ portocot safety standards.


The mattress should be both cosy and roomy. A comfortable mattress will create a restful environment for your child wherever they happen to be. The mattress should come with a removable, waterproof cover to protect against leaks.


Assembly of your new travel cot should be an easy task. After a long day of travel it’s good to know you have a cot that takes only a few seconds to erect or dismantle. The best travel cots have legs that automatically set and lock in place. Your travel cot should be small enough to fold up and stow in the boot of your car. Many travel cots fold into a small enough parcel to pack in a suitcase and carry on a plane.


The fabric and materials used in your new travel cot should be certified safe and free of any harmful substances. The mattress cover and fabric should be removable, machine washable, and smooth on your child’s skin.


The best travel cots are designed to provide optimum ventilation while still keeping your baby warm and snug. Look for new Air Layer technology the promotes airflow, reduces moisture, and creates a more comfortable environment.


Some travel cots are extremely light yet surprisingly durable, such as the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Easy Go, weighing only 6kg. A slightly heavier and sturdier product alternative is the SlumberPod, a sleeping system that gives your toddler their own private luxury space for the night.


Every parent is different, and so are their little ones. The sleeping solution you choose should suit your lifestyle and needs. Look for special design features that will make the job of parenting just that little bit easier.


Before purchasing a travel cot, consider how you intend to use it. Will the cot be an all rounder used in lots of different situations? Do you want a travel cot that’s easy to set up? Is a compact and lightweight travel cot on your wishlist? Your search can include:


Safety checklist

There is a lot to look out for when searching for the best travel cot or travel crib for your family. These include:

  • Good ventilation: Each side should be made from a breathable mesh material that extends to the floor of the cot.
  • Well designed: Surfaces should be free of protruding parts so children can’t hit their heads, get snagged or create footholds to climb out of the cot.
  • No gaps: The travel cot portable crib mattress should be firm, fit snugly without gaps, and not be easily moved or lifted out of place by the child.
  • Sturdy: The rails of your portacot should have locking mechanisms to prevent accidental collapse of the cot. Look for a cot that has a sturdy base that doesn’t sag.
  • Not too heavy: Some portable travel cots are still quite weighty, so make sure to check how heavy the cot is prior to purchase. You should be able to lift and carry a travel cot comfortably.

Accessories you will also need to consider

You will be needing an assortment of accessories to go with your travel cot. Fortunately, Metro Baby has everything you are looking for in one place. Explore our extensive baby product collections that include:

  • Foldable Changing Tables
  • Prams
  • Nappy Bags
  • Baby Carriers
  • Carry Case
  • Sunshade

Whether you are looking for a cot mattress and changing unit for bub or hand luggage for yourself, you’ve come to the right place at Metro Baby.


Keep baby safe when you are travelling

The best lightweight travel cots are designed for the commuter comfort of both caregiver and baby. Some travel cots include a shoulder strap for carry-assistance, and the best travel cots are easy to assemble and disassemble. A travel cot should be a safe place for newborns and little ones, even your one or two year old.

Brands to look out for

Metro Baby is proud to work with leading baby product brands from around the world. Every product we select has been chosen for safety, quality, durability, and price. Our buying power means that you get high quality baby products for the best available price.

Our brands are leaders in the field whose products have won numerous industry awards. Metro Baby brands and products include the Baby Bjorn Go Travel Cot, Bugaboo products designed for ease of use, and some of the lightest baby carriers and bassinets available.

How to make a cot comfortable?

You will need to strike the balance between comfort and safety. As long as your baby is dressed in warm layers and your cot has a fitted mattress and soft sheet, your little one should be comfortable. Here are some tips to keep baby warm and safe in their cot.

  • Dress your baby in layers that can be easily added or removed
  • Use a swaddle-style sleeping bag
  • Remove hats, hooded clothing and loose bedding
  • Always lie your baby on his or her back to sleep
  • Make sure there are no loose toys or materials in the cot
  • Choose a cot that meets Australian & NZ safety standards

If your baby is comfortable and happy, the travels can be enjoyed by everyone, so it’s worth investing in the best travel cot available at Metro Baby for happiness, harmony, and peace of mind.

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