Best Baby Capsules

As a new parent, you will need a baby capsule when you leave the hospital. Lifting your baby in and out of the car without disturbing them can be a challenge, but a car baby capsule solves the problem so everyone can rest easy.

A Convertible Car Seat for Baby

Some car seats are complex and difficult to use. A poor-quality car seat capsule that doesn’t meet Australian standards is a danger to your child and is likely to be used incorrectly. Make sure to purchase a capsule child restraint that can grow with your baby. Choose a car seat, baby pram capsule that work together in harmony to get best value for your spending dollar.

Our top picks for best baby capsules

As Australia’s favourite online store for all baby gear and accessories, Metro Baby sets the standard when it comes to baby capsules. Here are some top picks!


Cloud Q by Cybex

The ergonomic design and features make the innovative Cybex Cloud Q rear-facing capsule an exciting prospect for Australian parents. The Cloud Q can be converted to a near-flat recline position outside of the car, allowing your child to comfortably travel in it for longer. This baby capsule gives phenomenal protection and a new kind of safe travel system.

The Cloud Q comes with telescopic linear side-impact to protect baby in a collision. It also has a height-adjustable headrest, ergonomic carry handle and large UPF50+ retractable canopy. Features include:

  • Unique recline function when using the capsule outside the car
  • Removable newborn inlay for very small babies
  • 11-position height-adjustable headrest and harness
  • Shock absorbing shell
  • 5-position carry handle for multi-functionality



Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna

This is a comfortable and stylish solution for transporting your baby from day one. Bugaboo Turtle combines exquisite design and beautiful details, such as the 5-point no-rethread harness that ensures your little one remains secure and comfy at all times. Made using merino wool for optimal climate control, this smart capsule is washable and has a mesh peekaboo window so your curious baby can enjoy the view. Features include:

  • Super resilient outer shell
  • Adjustable head support with memory foam
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • 2-part removable insert for growing babies
  • Lightweight design and ergonomic carry handle



Maxi-Cosi Mico Plus

One of Australia’s most popular baby capsules is now even better. The Maxi-Cosi Mico Plus features include superior head protection Air Protect, an extendable sun canopy with a UPF 50+ rating, and a water-resistant hood with rear and side mesh inserts for continuous air flow. Additional features include:

  • Unique wicking fabric to keep baby cool and dry
  • Innovative magnetic harness holders
  • Easy-out harness pads
  • Side mesh inserts for constant airflow
  • Extendable sun canopy



Britax Unity

The Unity is suitable for newborns and up to 12 months (approx), allowing for longer use and rear facing protection for longer. Integrated with click& go adaptors, this carrier is an invaluable travel companion that allows you to comfortably transfer your sleeping baby from car to stroller or into the house. The addition of Thermo5 high-performance fabric lets your baby travel in comfort and style.

  • Integrated stabilising bar in the event of an accident
  • Rotating carry handle
  • Aircraft compatible
  • High side EPS foam walls for maximum protection
  • Compact design for smaller cars
  • Insert, shoulder pads and crotch pad for additional support


Factors to consider when buying a baby capsule and pram

So, you have decided to purchase a capsule and pram for convenience. How do you choose which ones? Here are some key factors to consider:


Your safety checklist is a top priority when it comes to capsules, prams and car seats. Australian safety standards are among the most stringent in the world. All capsules sold in Australia must meet the requirements, and there are extra safety features to consider as well, such as:

  • Strong shell capsule build and extra layers of protection
  • Side impact support and protection
  • Extra layers of head support and protection
  • Increments for strap adjustments that perfectly suit your child
  • Secure Isofix fitting system

Can the harness straps be easily adjusted? Is the headrest easy to adjust? Do both the capsule and pram fit in your vehicle for multi-tasking times with your little one? If so, consider the great options at Metro Baby.


Does the capsule recline when it is on the pram or the floor? Can the baby lie flat and comfortably? Is the seat fabric warm and comforting? Then there’s sun protection, preferably a UPF50+ canopy with shade/sun adaptability.


There are various types of baby carriers, car capsules, prams, backpacks, bassinets, and even double prams for newborns to toddlers a couple of years old. Check for capsule age and weight limits before purchasing. Capsule or pram, or both, the choices are yours for a growing family.


Purchase from a highly regarded retailer such as Metro Baby to ensure the capsule and pram you buy are compatible. Make sure it all fits in your car. Choose specialist pram brands such as the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna or Baby Jogger City models.


Capsules suitable for 6 month old babies will be smaller and lighter than capsules suitable for little ones at age 12 months. However, capsules are part of the bigger pram/car picture and can be used strolling in the park or out on the open road. In time, your little one will grow out of their capsule but who knows, another baby may come along, and then your travel system will include another baby car seat plus all-in-one double pram with forward and rearward facing pram seats, and more.


If you have a nice looking pram, you will also want your capsule to match with the beautiful design and premium fabrics. It makes sense, as the best capsules and prams are all-in-one combinations. These prams are high-end products worth owning, and there are lots of benefits to save you time and hassle for a stress-free look.


When looking at capsule or pram cost, apart from additional functions make sure to look for extra layers of safety protection and quality of the materials. Naturally, larger capsules for older children will be more expensive.

How long you need a capsule for?

A capsule is useful when you need it most during the first 6-12 months of a child’s life. Multiply the usefulness for every baby you have. Capsules are all part of growing up for some babies who don’t want to be disrupted during rest time. There will be other days for cots, high -chairs bouncers, rockers and child booster seats.

A capsule and pram bundle makes perfect sense. The pram can do anything a regular pram can do and more. It’s certainly worth looking at capsule and pram bundles at Metro Baby as part of your search for the perfect baby travel system.


Best capsules for parents who are out and about

You will be wanting a capsule and pram combination that can handle all-terrain action. The capsule should be easy and convenient to fit into the pram. The pram should have a sturdy rain cover and sunshade, and then you are on your way with your little one dressed in a jumpsuit with hand warmers or wrapped in a swaddle.


Accessories you will also need to consider

A capsule that is interchangeable between the car and pram will be perfect for the first few months, depending on the growth rate of your child. After this time, you may choose a convertible car seat child restraint. Check that your new pram has the accessories you are looking for and room for nappy bags, liners, beanies, footmuffs, devices and adapters.

Keep baby safe when you are travelling

The safety of your baby is our number one priority at Metro Baby. Every product we sell has been hand chosen to meet highest standards of quality and materials. Every component of the capsules we showcase has been safety tested and approved by leading Australian regulatory experts.


Brands to look out for

Without the need to blow our own trumpet, Metro Baby is home to the best Australian and international baby product brands. Cybex, Britax, Uppababy, Joolz and Baby Bjorn are just a few of our well-known partners. We have the purchasing power to deliver the latest and best products from leading brands at best available prices.

Can a capsule fit in a pram?

Many capsules are purpose-designed and built to fit in a pram and car. Let your newborn or young one have a peaceful nap even while on the move. Simply transfer the capsule from car to the pram for the next stage of your journey without fuss.

Is it worth buying a baby capsule?

It’s certainly safer than using a second-hand or budget baby carrier. Quality does matter when handling your new baby, and all Metro Baby capsules meet strict Australian health and safety standards. A baby capsule is useful for little ones until 12 months of age or more.

At Metro Baby, your product is covered by a comprehensive warranty, plus returns and exchanges policy. We are proud of our ranges of capsules, prams, bassinets, cots, strollers, baby car seats and a whole lot more for Aussie families.

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